Monday, June 26, 2006

Countdown : 1 more week to our KL / Thailand Trip

Note: My previous post is in Chinese. For those who can't read.. too bad. It's my inner feelings that I don't usually say. So I prefer in a language that I'm more used to. Plus, I don't want everyone to know what I wrote =p


One more week and I'm off to my long-awaited trip.

We booked the ticket last year. "Eh, how come last year book ticket now baru go", you may asked. Well, what to do, we all "muk" (waited long) the free tickets in AirAsia mah. And it's not easy to allocate the time when everyone's free. It's cheap tho, we're going to fly
Miri - KL - Bangkok - KL - Miri and it cost us B$102.00 only! Phew~

(The rest of the money can be save for mega-shopping later)

Initially, there were 8 of us...

And now.. left 4 of us.. Pathetic ey.

My dear SukChin get my name spelled wrongly.. Kanasai

The reason why they can't go already is mostly.. "Have to work", "Cannot take leave". And got one special case, which is.. "Bf don't like/allow"... Two words.. Ci-Bai Up-Set.

We planned to get local agent to help us arranged the trip and book hotels for us. Then we realised.. they're charging f-king expensive. B$550 (each person) for everything! My goodness.. Airticket we already buy ourselves liao leh. Just entrance fee and hotel booking need so expensive meh? I checked the rates from internet and book online.. it cost less than half of it lagi. (Really chop-head one).

Okay..Let me check,

- Passport (done) Just make a new one.. the stupid photo turn out so bad.. Sai!

- Visa (done) Damn.. being stateless is just so kanasai! Go where also need visa, pay somemore.. KL visa $9, Thailand visa $50

- Hotel Booking (done) Choosing hotel is damn tiring..Lucky SukChin helped out, and SoonLung and ChaiHsia don't have much comment. My Visa card is crying...

- Money (pending). Still haven't withdraw my money out to pay the credit card bills and to exchange the currency. Cry again... looking at my bank balance.. I'm super "kiam" you know..

- Language (???). I only know "Sawadika" now lah.. Gotta go online and learn more useful Thai language like "How much?", "Cheaper lah", "Got discount?", "Hi handsome","Where is the toilet?"
The last one is very Important!

- Packing (Still got time). This one can wait lah. I just hope I won't forget bringing anything (which I usually for sure will!)

-Transport to/from airport (Ok already?). Bobby Lim, please make yourself available ok~

p/s: Mr. Chong & Mr.Chea. I hope you guys can make yourself available when we go KL ah.


@lex said...

Bah .. bah .. just enjoy urself lo ... what can i do if kena buang kerja ler ... bring some souvenir balik ah .. :P

Nonnie King said...

What souvenir you want? One Ah-kua or tom yam paste? Just Kidding~

Sigh.. really wish that you'll be going with us lah. Such disappointment..

Skyler said...


Can meet me

Blueheeler said...

hv a great trip! i'm going 2 bangkok too (11-15 july). Bring an umbrella; it's reainy season!

beekham said...

special guest: ah bee
(yi...dint invite me)

Nonnie King said...

o Skyler: Meet up? Tee hee. You sure I'm not too old for this? And I'm scare of awkward scenes. Later you see me, I see you, then so quiet and the crow fly by.. So cold...

To Blueheeler: Such spoiler.. Hope it wont spoil my Pattaya trip la. And you bring rain coat yah.

To Bee: You eat sai lah. Dunno who's the one not free to go leh..

Anonymous said...

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