Wednesday, June 21, 2006

ASUS S6 *Phewit*

Ojipala Fei-Hua
Just a day without Internet in my office, we all feel handicapped (The sorrows of I.T. personnels).

When E-speed is up again, this is what Badli says :"See, now we don't communicate again."

Badd, we communicate.. but tru MSN & email ma~

It's here!

Asus S6 !

Picture taken at Technical, don't mind the boxes behind.

is a very kiasu unique notebook. The moment we opened up the box, WaH Seh! Not ordinary Kiasu, it's super Kiasu man. The box is so exquisite (Erm..normally the adapter, battery, software and so on are just ching-chai place beneath it. Look at the picture below), the notebook bag is very nice, even the mouse also got leather! The feel, the touch of it.. sure is EXPENSIVE !

(But I don't like this colour)

(License, batteries, adapter, nicely placed)

More specification here .

My colleague gave me this link .

Pink Asus S6, anyone?

I showed this to my boss and this is what he says to me, "I know. I've seen it already. But this pink totally turns me off". Hehe. Boss, a lot of girls LOVE pink lah. Though I personally prefer the creamy white on.

Maybe you didn't click to see the enlarge copy of the above pic..
Here.. I highlighted it~

Yes, this notebook is not cheap! But I think it's worth the value (kua?)


Bobbylkw said... kingiee r u goin to get me one of those for my birthday?

Nonnie King said...

Get ur head la. You're the one who's suppose to buy it for me leh~ It's my 23rd Birthday so I want 23 gifts oh. =p

Just like me making 21 birthday cards and 22 I-O-U cards for you.

Sigh.. I miss you la..