Sunday, April 27, 2008

Vote for...


Only two days left for voting! It was just about two weeks ago that we're all having fun in the Kristal Studio with Jenny.M and I announced to the whole of Brunei cheaply saying that "I need money! Vote for me!".

I kinda regretted that particular gesture of mine.

Nonetheless, today I'm going to do what the rest had been doing,


Oh come on, what makes you think that we're rivals? True that we have not known each other for a very long period of time, but the numbers of time we clicked each other's blog url definitely makes us felt that we have this, erm... unknown bonding?

We decided about this during our lunch session at DST canteen and we thought it's going to be fun. Like Rano wearing Kurapak's shirt, Alin posing Reeda's signature thumbs-up pose, and I just realized, I have no signature what-so-ever.

(Everyone seems to appear casual about winning, but I think hor.. we all die to win in our heart! Hahhahahaa. Must act nonchalant in front of people mah, if lose also don't feel that throw face kali. If not, can someone please explain to me about those animated banners, printed flyers and real printed banner?)

Okay Nonnie, will you stop yapping?


(Blogs mentioned in alphabetical order, no hidden meaning)

Now now, who in Brunei doesn't know this friendly giant?

Always carrying his big kiasu camera around, snapping pictures with a very DJ-ish manly voice. Appearing in almost every events happening around in town. Superb photos, humourous with wide vocabulary. Impressed me a lot because he can speaks Foochow better than me (calling myself a 100% pure Foochow) and I tend to learn new words from him everytime I saw him like.. Chimping.

(which I thought means "monkeying" in the first place)

Arab Families

A very generous man who sponsored the First KB Bloggers Gathering. Totally change my perception of middle-age business man. I mean, I can never imagine if my father knows how to blog or even simpler, using the computer mouse. Mr. BinKhalid is hip with a dose of solemnity. Conclusion, you'll never get to feel hungry when he's around.

Brunei Fishing

This is tough. I have never meet the guys and.. I seldom visit their blog (I doubt they read mine too) because, I'm not into fishing. Maybe too early to say because I have never tried fishing in my entire life. Wanna bring me out guys? I promise I''ll talk and ask less, if you're still not happy.. I'll provide masking tape for you to seal my mouth.

But then, I thought men who love fishing must be someone whose quiet and patient and maybe a little boring? I don't know peeps. I once dated a guy who loves to fish, all he talked is bait, rod and good spot to fish. Other than that... our conversations lead to nowhere. Good husband material. No?

The only blogger among the six of us who needs not take picture with his camera, but simply just google and re-edit it into some jokes related pictures. How easy. Also the only blog that which makes me scratch my head because of my poor Malay. A very popular blog loves by public when a stress-free moment is needed.

Alin was my ex-classmate back in the ITB days for only 3 months. He was already a very funny and chirpy person that made us laughed like orang gila. Kudos to his creativity in story telling to perk up those jokes that we might have heard it hundreds of time.

He brings sexy funny back.

Another big shot whom you can see almost in any events you heard of or not. Carrying his big ass camera wearing his Ranoadidas tee. Everyone loves to pose for him, and later check out his website if he had put it up or not. Else, keep pestering him by spamming his Cbox.

I love reading his Cbox, its way interesting that HYS because everyone is using it as a source for advertising, complaints and even expressed hatred. Damn dramatic. I remember it was on December 1st when I first saw him, in Shabby Chic when he was there for work. To my surprise, he was able to mention my name despite of how small potato I was back in my early blogging days.

He's definitely going to be in the top 3 since he's loved by many and all his votes will be donated to the charity. Kind, funky and friendly, what's not to love about him?


Aiyooo..... must campaign for myself also mah. What you think?
Okay. You guys are so going to puke reading this. You can exit though if you want.

When I saw my blog mentioned by others, the top 3 keywords are:

1. Funny
2. Creative
3. Detailed

Meaning, I'm super long-winded when blogging because I tend to include what so ever ojipala details and information in it. Spent a lot of time editing my photos to make them look prettier because of its low quality.

I knew nothing about photoshop 2 years ago, but in order to make them look nice like other blogs, I read up tutorials and try and error experiencing with all the buttons in it. I realized that a lot of newbies love to ask me questions through emails or via my tagboard such as... how did I do that? how to make this? how to make that? I knew exactly how it feels because I was someone like that, full of question marks in my head wondering how did those bloggers make those animated pictures. Thus I tried my best to answer all questions to help them.

Never in my life I thought I'll go this far with my blog. It was initially meant for me to rant out all my complaints, swear all I could and share all my emotions. But as you can see, you don't see much vulgarities nowadays because I intend to keep it safe for children... As I know some of my students will be reading it.

Now, why should you vote for me?

Erm.. if you're a female.. please be sexist and vote for me because I'm the only girl in this competition. Girl Power!

If you're a Chinese, then again.. I'm the only Chinese too.. Show them some colour see see!

And, if you neither of the above, vote for me because your mother is a woman.

I'm not greedy. I know the chances of me winning is rather slim compare to the guys. Being the 2nd runner up is already a big achievement for me as, I can finally own a camcorder and try out scalp massage and spa treatment... which I never experience.

Some more.. I'm on a shopping-diet. I have not buy any shirt, shoes, bags, not even earrings or pirated CDs for 2 months plus. Winning something will definitely mean a lot to me.

Xie Xie Ni.

See you guys on May 2nd!
For all our blog readers and supporters... come to the,

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Erm, we support. Not Booos.


nureen said...

go nonnie GO!! Best of luck girl... said...

Hahaha this is by far the coolest cross promo post! I just knew you'd come up with something awesome! Well done! Good luck and see you on Friday chickenwing!

Nonnie King said...

Nureen : Thanks!

Reeds : I thought its the lamest and the suckiest.. I had no idea what was I talking and just continue writing silly stuffs and.. there you go..

One bloody post long as usual.

See you on Friday the-one-who-named-my-blog-chickenwing