Sunday, April 6, 2008

Hippidy-Hop Sunday

I just talked to SL yesterday that it has been quite some time I blogged my (boring) routine. You know, the whole "Woo! I'm eating this! Must take picture and blog!" and the "I did that today and I'm blogging it and letting everyone knows now."

Hope you fellows won't get bored over reading this silly post, that was suppose to be title
"How Miss Spiritual Garden spent her 6th April 2008"

Here goes.

So, I woke up at 8am feeling all excited. Looking out my window every time I heard a car passing by waiting for Bobby anxiously.

Even though we'd dated for coming 4 years, I still have butterflies in my stomach everytime.... okay, most of the time when I see him.

(Why not every time? Because that kanasai either drove too slow or took the wrong turn and ended up showing late. Grrrrr)

I waited.... and waited.... tick tock tick tock.

"Hmm.... Shall I brush my teeth and eat breakfast first? Or save my smelly breathe and give him a sweet "surprise" him upon his arrival? But then, he drives so slow... don't know what time arrive leh....Aiyoooo. Sien.... Decision decision decision..."

In the end, tummy won.
Smelly breathe wasted. Damn.

But it was the right choice though. Mr. T (Turtle, safe and slow) text me that he's on his way at 9.30am, and arrived at almost 11am.

Tell me who on earth still takes 1 and half hour to travel from BSB to Seria or the other way round ever since the highway was built and some more the Telisai road was expanded into double lanes?

Reason is simple, he drives with an ah-pek speed of 80km/hr, max... 100km/hr.

Says save fuel and also tyres.


Which reminds me of don't when, I asked him if he'll get any of those sport cars and drive fast when he starts working and has the money? Still he said no, reasons again were tyre and fuel. Seriously, don't be surprise if one day you saw him riding bicycle to work. Save him time finding a parking too isn't it?


While waiting for Mr. T, I planned to surprise him by making him some green tea ice cream.

B$ 4.90 for one packet

It was pretty easy to make.
Beat yolk with milk. Add powder and beat again. Off to freezer for 3 hours.
The instructions was in Japanese and I was just making assumptions guessing what the heck its trying to say by reading some Chinese words and looking at the drawing.

Didn't follow the exact amount of milk to be added because it was too sweet for me when I tasted the batter. So I added more milk, to make it less sweet and also, more volume for my ice cream later.

Still, I was a little disappointed when I poured the batter into the container.

Because I was expecting a full tub of ice cream that's enough to last us watching "The Bucket List" till the end.

So after pouring it into the container, next was the tough phase.

Putting into the fridge

I kid you not. Putting my ice cream container in my mum's "vegetarian corner" is just like playing Tetris level 9! I was risking my foot, expecting avalanche anytime while taking some of those frozen food out.

I have no idea how she did it in the first place.
Maybe all housewives have that super power? Or they're just great in puzzles.

So Bobby arrived and I bugged him to take me to drop by Chicken King and meet Liza but we arrived late. Instead I met GorgeousTheBodyshopLover , Ms. Tyyra and IskandarTheGlutton. It was a pure coincidence. Everyone look forward to bump into Liza but she left early.

We sat together and chit chatted a little.

I asked Iskandar about the Pajamas Movie Night and the conversation became classic! Hahhahaa.

Me: So are you going for the Pajama Movie Night?

Iskandar: Are you?

Me: Ya, I think I'll be going.

Iskandar: What movie is it?

Me: Definitely, Maybe.

Iskandar: Ya, I'm asking what movie?

Me: Defintiely, Maybe!

And everyone was laughing like gila! Good pun.

Yeap I'm going. It's gonna be fun.
Problem now is... I don't know what to wear.

Bobby was a little concerned when I told him that I wanted to wear that black satin nightie but of course, it was a N-O-No for him. He even thought it was a belated April Fool joke when I mentioned that to him.

Because he's afraid that I'll received unwanted and unfriendly comments and I do understand from where's that coming from.

But.. But.. I don't have any pajamas!
What I wear to sleep every night are worn out tees and baggy short pants!

I nearly talked Bobby round wearing that teddy bear boxer I got him last last last last Valentine's day. And Qamaruz told us that he'll be wearing casual and so Bobby knows...


Ah, nevermind. I'll figure it out when the day comes.

* * * * *

Bobby and I went to Bucaneer for lunch, one of my favorite dine-in restaurant despite of the slow service.

We ordered two set lunches.

B$6.00 each which consists of:

A glass of soft drink (your choice)

Soup of the day

Main course
(Mine: Spaghetti Bolognese)

Grilled Fish Fillet with Chips


And lastly, dessert~

Strawberry Ice Cream w/ whip cream!

Tell me where to find? B$6.00 for all these!
(Eh, actually there's 3 restaurants that serves set lunch like that daily. KB-ians are lucky people don't you think?)

The Chubbies

Take a look at my shirt. Those are the hands of Mr. Tickle. It was quite distracting to most people because of where the hands are reaching. And Bobby loves that shirt.

* * * * *

So, are you ready for my Macha ice cream?

*Drum rolls*
Served with cocktail

Not bad leh? Like what you get from Excapade leh.
Bobby said it's sweeter and less bitter compare to E and of course, whatever I make he also (HAVE TO!) say nice one lah.

Anyway, this ice cream was made for him to wish him good luck on his first day of work tomorrow, 7th April.

All the best big boy. I belanja you ice cream, you belanja me abalone ya.
For now, let me think where to eat when you get your first pay check.

Bird nest? Shark fin? Lobster?


Lee said...

I think i'm gonna look around every corner of this office for "Bobby". Scubabum and I will try not to give him a hard time. Hee hee hee..

Nonnie King said...

Just give him as many "hard times" as you can to brush him up. I feel so happy that he's working with you all since there'll be so many eyes checking on him for me.


Bobby said...

Please to meet you lee. There is already a "Bobby" in the office but I haven't met him yet. Will be looking for him too.

Too many eyes....closing in on me...the pressure....those starring at me...they are closing in on me. You have nice eyes Nonnie :)=) Nice and small.

uglyfatchick (Chicky) said...

6dollars lunch sets? WOW!!!!!

Scubabum said...

Nonnie, bobby is so good ar... quiet quiet reading in his little corner. Sometimes when I turned ard, I'll be shocked that there was actually someone sitting in the desk behind me! haha...

Well, looking forward to meeting you this saturday nite! Wear the black satin pj la... i will want to wear my pj too.. tapi too cute la.. garfield one..! wahahahha...