Sunday, April 20, 2008

Awkward Moments

You know, sometimes its really inevitable to have awkward moments during my interactions with my little bosses... My students that is.

Just like last few days.

My students was busy preparing their PowerPoint slide shows and wanted to search for picture of a man walking. Note.. sideway angle.

So she requested for my help and I asked her to search it online using Google Images. She typed the keyword "man", and came out a lot of irrelevant pictures that she's not interested in. And the mindless me said to her, "Try having the keyword "sideway"...

Wrong move.

Sekali most of the pictures that popped up were, yes you guess right, obscenity! Naked men lying on the side showing their sideway...

"OMG!", quickly pressed alt + F4 and gave her an awkward smile.

"Wrong word.. Sorry."


And the other one happened on the same day too.

I noticed one particular girl isn't quite popular in class and doesn't get along with the rest of the girls. So I asked her classmates,

Me: I noticed you all don't really interact much with her. What's wrong?

Student: Ntah ah Cher.... Ia macam lain waaa..

Me: As in?

Student: Abang ku panggil ia slut. Apakan "Slut" tu kan?

Me: Errrr..... Urmm.... It's just not a very nice word to be used on girls.

Student: Ia kah? Abangku panggil girlpren nya slut jua..

Me: o_O!!!

And now I'm wondering... how to answer my kids next time when they asked,
"Ma, where do babies come from?"

How would you answer that?


Anonymous said...

Hahaha. Freaking hilarious. But did you explained the meaning in the end?

Nonnie King said...

Effy : No I didn't. I just gave what every adults will answer...

"You'll know when you grow up."

Abby said...

talk abt dolphins :P

Hungryduo said...

omg! kids nowadays!
moh ngan tai~ (no eyes to see)

but why would that boy's brother calls his gf slut? bad example.

tsk tsk tsk~

- Hunnie <3

teddY said...

Hmmm about embarrassing moments, I have a fair share of it with Google. I was searching for some images for a project and my groupmate (which happens to be a female and is an ultra-talkative one) saw a rather sexually suggestive thumbnail in the list of results and screamed that I was surfing, you know, p0rn. Geez. Then I had to force myself to explain myself in front of everyone :(

I remembered asking my mom about the babies question in kindergarten, and she told me that she will have a baby when daddy and mommy kisses. Lol!

P.S. I find it extremely offensive for someone to use the word slut on his girlfriend or sister or any female friends or relatives. It speaks volume of how childish and immature that person is. Boohoo.

Nonnie King said...

Abby : What if kana asked again, where do babies dophin comes from?

Hunnie : If like that moh-ngan-tai, I early early already blind liao lor.

I know.. where got bf call gf slut one.. If "ex" I understand lah.

Teddy : But.. you're a young man. Its normal what. Hahhahaa

Bobby surfed for that back in our school days and sent the link to me lagi!

I asked how old is her brother. Guess what, only 15.

That explains.

War186 said...

OMG! So funny! And humiliating for you hahaha. Sorry Nonnie! Kenapa nada filter kah the computer haha.

De Pianist said...

use the story about the baby delivery of a seagull(actually i don't know what that bird is,that one you see in the cartoon,big mouth,carrying the baby d.hahaha..)

Nonnie King said...

Wardah : Malu you know... I hope she won't remembers that.

Pau Lene : It's stork darling.

But, I don't see that bird in Asia wor. Perhaps we use pigeons or burung kakak?

Anonymous said...

Is it too late to comment on this.

i remember few years ago, my fren told this to her niece

Your father is the key,
your mother is the lock

Theres where babies came from HAHAHAHA!