Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Flowers that will never wilt

Today is already the last day of April. Time flies isn't it? And in less than two weeks time we're all going to celebrate Mama's day, which will falls on May 11th this year.

Some may say "Everyday is Mother's Day" - I know its a cliché - making it as an excuse if ter-lupa to get something for mom or couldn't bother about it. But, don't you feel like making it a little more special for your mom on that particular day just to make her feels extra.. important?

(You know lar, all mothers like that one.. keh-keh (pretend) say "No need lah, no need buy things for me lah. You kuai (obedient) a bit don't kek me (make me angry) I already very happy liao lor..." But if they received something from their kids, I'm sure they can't hide their gleeful smile and also can't wait to show off to her friends and sister, and even strangers who just happened to queue behind her when paying at the cashier counter!

And goes like...
"This one my daughter/son buy for me one...I ask them don't waste money but they don't listen. Hai~" )

So, what will buy for your mom this year?

Jewelries? Osim massage chair? (For those with much bigger budget or just kana 4D) Subscribe Astro On Demand maybe? I dare you go buy her a new vacuum cleaner or a mop because you heard her complaining about her back aching, see how many days she doesn't layan you! Hahhahahaa.

Or, you planning to get her carnations?
- Emblem of Mother's Day, I'll never forget you, woman's love.

Forget about buying from the florist. IMO, flowers are usually over-priced and over-commercialized during important days.. take Valentine's day for example. If guys don't buy and give to their lovers, like too karit and heartless. If ladies didn't received enough, no face.

(If that's the way it is.. My face has long hancur already. I had not received any flowers from the fat guy since.... since.... since.... Valentine's Day of 2005!)

(There, my last bouquet of Tulips.. which mati the next day and made my room sibeh smelly.

Bobby Lim - this is a friendly reminder from your girlfriend. If you gain some more weight, you're going to look like that again... which doesn't really matters to me actually. Just don't come to me and complain you're fat and don't want to eat this and that can already. And, I prefer a bouquet of cash-flowers. Thank you.

Why don't we try something new this year?

My friend Jamilla is making origami roses and carnations for sale this year! A wide varieties of colours to choose and also way cheaper than what you get from florist.

You can either buy a stalk, which cost only B$3.00, or a bouquet with 11 roses which only cost B$28.00 (which means, its only B$2.54 per stalk!).

You can also customize yourself by deciding the number and the colours of flowers in a bouquet. Not only it looks stunning, it can also stay "fresh" through out the year, or even longer if you take care of it properly and your roof doesn't leak.

Don't wait till its too late.

You can order now from Jamilla (or Jamy) @ 8781538 or check out her blog for more details and photos now!


@lex said...

OMGosh! have to figure something out before it's too late. Then again, "Every day IS Mother's Day" !!! ^0^

What's this? you're advertising?? LOL
Got charge or not? ^^

0.0 you know i actually think bobby's face look so much better in this picture (not thin not fat)! :D

** not that he's not good now mind u ! **

Nonnie King said...

Because you cook, do laundry and iron everyday is it?

Apalah.... something wrong with your eyes I think. SO chubby you say not thin not fat.

JaMiLLa said...

To Alex:

Of cos got charge la...cant do it for free mahhh...anyway its a good starting for King to enter "Get Paid To Blog" business.

Ah King,

Bobby bought you a bouquet of TULIPS last time? Oh mai siao tulip is so expensive one here ....hav to order awal. One stalk costs $8 above if not mistaken. I ever asked before.

I received tulips bouquet twice. Its true that it mati the next day and it doesnt look nice when layu. Kinda not worth for it. So sayang ah, buy so mahal and it jus lasts for one day.

One of my friends make a booking to me if I know how to do paper tulips, she will buy from me. Wah thats good. If I can figure out the making, then it can last long enough than the real one. GOod Good!

*Thumbs up* for ah king great job!

saifulrizan said...

dont know what to give this year, like last year, like last last year, like last last last year..

I guess my mom always happy to nag at me everyday. That will keeps her busy looking at her son growing. No need to buy her a gift, I am already her gift maa... A gift that she can say about anything, despite my willingness to listen or not.

48 said...

The flowers look reli good.. but i too far away..

Wonder if any good friends of mine might volunteer to pay first AND deliver to my house? *hint*

Agree that Bobby looks quite good in the photo.. and u too..:P

Nonnie King said...

Jamilla : I was thinking if you'll find this post a bit irrelevant to the main theme of "Mother's Day" lagi.

Glad that you like both the posters and the post lah. And thank you for being my first customer. LOL.

SaifulRizan : HAHHAHAHA!

You forgot to add, "A gift who will buy her more gifts, gives her plenty of money and keep her happy by lettng her nag and complain whenever she wants."

48 : *cough*

Your hint.. very obvious oh hor?

SL and Theen, Wen asking you to deliver flowers for Wen Mama. Or maybe I ask your father to read my blog, then show your mum yi-si-yi-si can already.

You really want it ah? If want I can deliver one.. Then the SG trip you have pandai pandai sikit lah.

Agree that Bobby looks quite good in the photo.. and u too..:P <--- I can feel you just soon-pien tumpang say I look good nya. Insincere leh your compliment.