Monday, April 28, 2008

"Everytime" and "Always"

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Btw.. I received my invitation card for the launching ceremony of DSTGroup roadshow.. Problem now is, what to wear? Smart casual... I don't have anything smart & casual.. Its either super casual or wedding-dinner-ish.

Suggestions anyone?
Its going to be hot there though.


No no no.. this post is not Britney nor Bon Jovi-related.

Haven't you heard of,
"Don't judge a post from its title."

I'm pretty sure most of you (girls) came across this situation, well.. I got to admit it always happened to be when involved in a mini-fight with the fat guy.

(We don't yell or throw things, just give each other the "silence treatment" or me shoving his hands from my shoulder. So if you see us not talking to each other, meaning we're having a disagreement.)


Me: EEEEEE!!! Why you always like that one? Everytime also late one wor!

Him: Where got "always" and "everytime" oh?

Me: Got lah! Last time like that, last last time like that also can.

Him: Tell me the precise date and time lah, if you say everytime.

Me: @^&&$#^&*#$*^!@#^!!!!!

... Bugger.

(He's so going to protest after reading this and try to be innocent again. You see lah.

But before I proceed, Bobby has pretty much quit that stupid habit of being late liao.. Even though, most of the time it is still me arriving earlier! Bloody hell! He should be the one waiting for me and not the other way round laaaaaaa...)

I know us women tend to over-used the word "Everytime" and "Always", even if it only happened twice. It is just a way of us expressing okay dear men. Haven't you heard of the word "Drama Queen"?

And men, just because we used the word "everytime" that doesn't mean we're poor in Maths. We can count okay. You don't have to, in your terms, remind us. For us women, whatever your feedback was, is equivalent to "talking back".

Aiyooo... you just need to diam diam when women are talking. Have you not learn your lessons all this year man? Once woman realized they have no idea what they're talking about already.. they'll stop and go do their housework bah.

Never reason with a woman when they're mad. If you dare to fight back, mati tia.. They will repeat from the top of their complain list, dig out all your past sins and nag from A - Z again.


I have no idea why am I talking about this when Bobby and I are not in cold war or fighting.. So don't you guys out there make assumptions ya.

Its just funny to see how different men and women react to certain matters and "words"!


JaMiLLa said...


Its true wat you said. Men and women speak in different language although they are using the same wordsss ....they received different signal ....!!

People who read Men from Mars, Women from Venus will understand this. If you are reading it, for sure you will laugh in some point of "Yeaaa it's talking about my darrlingggg!!"

uglyfatchick (Chicky) said...

Yeah! So, I'm not the only one. :P