Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Ah....Ah... Alasan

Teachers tend to do that I noticed. Primary teachers especially.
The "Ah.. Ah...Ah..." thingie waiting for student's answer.

Students, what day is today?
Today is Saaaaaaaa...Saaaaaaaa.... Saaaaaaa..... Saaaaaaa-tur-day.

Starts the word from a high pitch then end with a super draggy low tone.

Anyway, have you guys heard of the "Lazy Bug" kids song?


Goes like this in English...
(loosely translated)

You're a lazy bug,
You're a lazy bug,
You feel pain everywhere in your body,
Your eyes hurt,
Then your tummy hurts,
You feel pain everywhere in your body.

Sarcastic right?
This song is dedicated to those kids out there who can come up with all sorts of excuses to skip work. Used to sing it a lot innocently when I was a kid not knowing the real meaning behind it.

I even created my own lyrics into it with all the places of our body.

Your eyes hurt,
Then your hands hurt,
And your legs hurt too,
And your stupid brain as well!

Very fun loving song. Okay, maybe not so loving.
But definitely fun.

Still one of my favorite song to sing entertaining myself when I get annoyed by irresponsible and/or lazy bums pushing their work to me. Of course, only if they don't understand then baru I dare to sing.

And last last Sunday, we had a mini coloring contest for the FT kids. Those aunties and uncles brought them to KB's Jubilee Park and I was asked to be one of the judges.

The contest was divided into 12 below and 12 above.

12 below just colour the below drawing..

And 12 above free drawing...

Sekali, a boy returned us his master piece just minutes later.

We saw the drawing and asked, "Do you think you want to colour more?", and he answered swiftly "No. It's done."

His Masterpiece

"How about the building? Don't you wanna colour them?"

"Nope, the building is white in colour."

"The ambulance?"


"The Police cars?"

"White also."


"It's one fine day. Got sun and cloud liao mah."


You say lah, puke blood or not?


De Pianist said...

LMAO...gosh..that excuse really..hahahahaha...like that also can think out..really creative in giving excuse..hahahaha..

@lex said...

kids nowadays are 'too clever' for their own good if u ask me ... *blood chocking out non-stop*

@lex said...

Oh btw .. ARE u sure this kid is above 12 ! LOL

nureen said...

my student...mcm atu jua...huhu...

jessie said...


Last time my younger brother told that he was too young to do any homework...
Coz he was just 3/4 yrs old... when my mum sent him to kindergarten...

The other kids were 4/5 yrs old..
N can look at the teacher innocently and play the pity game some more~ :p


Nonnie King said...

Pau Lene : I dare you pass up a blank piece of paper to your lecturer and tell him the excuse like the kid.


Alex : Unfortunately, he IS 12 yo. My Primary 2 kids can draw better that.

Nonnie King said...

Nureen : Have fun.

Jessie : Too young to do homework? First time I hear excuse like this! Steady your brother.

De Pianist said...

if i am to do that..i'll be out from class in no time..hahahahaha...

Nonnie King said...

Pau Lene : So do that when you feel like skipping class. Good idea no?

Bobby said...

I really think that kid is really creative and bright. It does makes sense that white colour no need to colour haha.

At least it's fun reading something funny in your blog once in a while. I'm beginning to lose my smile whenever I read documents and stressing out understanding or memorizing it behind a pc. Think i'm suffering from nervous breakdown.

Bah Nonnie, make me some ice cream or any goodies. This will go into your good-deeds-towards-gigibesibobby-record book for the year to see whether you've been nice to me or not ;p

Nonnie King said...

Gigi Besi : Knowing you so long, I think that's something you'll say for your laziness too. Hahahaha.

Sad lah, my own boyfriend only reads my blog "Once In A While"... Yet dare to demand ice cream from me. And, excuse me... I always treat you good okay. Some nerves you got there asking lagi.

You're the one who has not been cooking for me.

Kelly said...

LOL - i really think the kid is clever, indeed the background is white, the ambulance ang mo country also white with red stripe over and the police car also white oh....hahahaha,
sigh..now i baru knew i was so stupid to colour everything when i was in class!

@lex said...

kelly, now u mention it .. u made me feel like i am silly also...

I'm Choonie. said...

Wow... can really puke blood while listen to that little boy's answers. Sometimes, I think I am really lucky to teach the Form 6 students who are more mature and hardworking (only more... not all... and sometimes they do make me puke blood too)! LOL

Amilyn said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH so cute lah that boy! smart also! should have given him a special prize or something! haha