Sunday, April 13, 2008

I can blog!

Espeed has been acting up again.

Funny. I can log in to my MSN but I can't surf.
And later to my surprise, I only can surf with IE, and not Mozilla or Safari.

Then later I realized I can check my mails but not log in to blogs...

After that, I found out that I can surf Rano's blog... then Maurina's, and Tina's!
Even kennysia, cheesie's and pinkpau's!

But not mine, Xiaxue's and all other blogspotters.

Well, at least, I can blog now.
I guess I'll just read 'em from my Google reader.

Just got back from the Pjyama Movie Night.
Will blog about it later.

As for now, I need to get some rest.

Chao Chao.


Abby said...

i heard abt the espeed being a ^@R@&^!!! ahaha.

Tina said...

Can you send the pictures you took to my GMail address? Hehe. Thanks, Nonnie!! :)