Friday, March 11, 2011

100 Days Project: Day 02 – A picture of you and the person you have been close with for the longest

Excluding my mom, I guess it has to be her.

If you have read my blog long enough, there’s no need for introduction to the missy standing next to me.

She is my best friend, as in really the bestest bestest ultimate super best friend. And I don’t know why I have to emphasize on that.

She’s often known as “48” in my blog, a nick given to her by me 14, 15 years ago and is stuck ever since. She’s the smartest person I know in my life (always taking the #1 place throughout the 5 secondary years without fail and she’s now a dentist), gorgeous and super click with me (meaning she gets my humour and silliness and super layan me).

People thought things won’t remain the same since the day she flew to Kangarooland and our friendship will become stale. But we kept in touch via emails, during the peak period, we exchanged emails everyday and kept each other updated with the latest news and info. So even we have not met each other for the longest period of time, we don’t feel awkward or like strangers. (Except when she speaks English with that Aussie slang and I had to make fun of it. RRRAAAS-berry. Hahhaahaa)

She knows me best and sometimes, there’s just no need to explain much to her because she gets it all. I guess she is really the only person, the only friend who never judge me no matter how absurd I am, or my decisions. She’s always very supportive in things I do and decisions I make.

We often choose the same clothes from racks and racks of clothing, and we have similar taste most of the time. Hence I often feel safe when she’s getting me something. Guarantee suka.

I see myself really lucky to have this bestie. Like my mom said, the friend you choose during the teenage years is very crucial. I wonder if it is going to be the same for my life if without her.

And, gotta thank her for not being picky. Look at me… so ugly, dark, not so smart and no money also. Ah, I know liao lah, without me there’s no comparison mah. Hahhahaaa. Just kidding. I love you Wen~

You can read here too, a post dedicated to 48 written almost 3 years ago.


48 said...

hee hee so give face one..
ya a few days no contact liao.
i just got back ba...
love u too..

48 said...

and ya, u r the most beautiful person I know too, on all aspects

Nonnie King said...


Anonymous said...

What a sweet dedication. I'm sure 48 means a lot to you and vice versa. 48 seems to be a genuine and sincere person. Reminds me of my own clique of high school friends.

All the best to your friendship :)


Nonnie King said...

Thank you LW.

Cheers to friendship that lasts!