Thursday, March 10, 2011

100 Days Project: Day 01 – A picture of yourself with fifteen facts



  1. King is my surname and in Chinese, it’s 龔 (gong). And I like how my Chinese name sounds normal and average but it is not a common character, it’s 嶔 not 琴,青,清 or 卿! I often explain to people that my 嶔 is… 有山,有金,有家,有人。 So far I have not come across anyone who has the same name (word, not the pronunciation) as me.
  2. I’m a Foochow and I guess that explains why I talk so loud and I have to try hard to whisper.
  3. I dislike talking on the phone because I find it awkward and will want to end the conversation asap.
  4. I don’t drink coffee and I don’t eat durian too. Oh, I’m not into sweet stuffs and spicy food too. I feel very un-woman-ish when rejecting chocolates or cheese cakes and I like to call Bobby pussy sissy when he orders fancy cakes and I’m munching on meat pies.
  5. I don’t sleep with pillow because it gives me neck pain the next morning and I really cannot fall asleep if there’s something underneath my neck.
  6. I like rubbing the corners of towels or any clothes and I like the smell of floor cleaner.
  7. I can’t raise my eyebrow on the right and I can’t roll my tongue. I guess my whole left facial muscle is stronger (which kind of explain why my right face is thinner *cough* less muscular) because if I smile without showing my teeth, my left cheeks is way obvious and I look as if I’m smirking.. Hence, I always smile with my teeth when posing for the camera.
    This is what I mean… that unknowing smirk. I swear I was smiling at my very best in this photo!
  8. I will not let people cut my queue, except those when queuing at the borders because I will not leave my line and cut them back. But I will curse those queue-cutters really really REALLY bad. Come on lah, you think you’re the only one who needs to get to the destination and the rest of the people’s time is not important and can be wasted lah? Selfish bastards. (But if there’s a valid reason, I forgive you)
  9. I enjoy being the only child but I’m definitely not spoilt.
  10. I started working since I was 17 and my first job, ceng ceng ceng, secretary in a workshop. I used to make car number plates (before the JPD aluminium’s one) and I’m really good at it, I was able to speak “mechanic” language referring cars according to their chassis number. I called my ex-bosses “Uncles” and “Aunties”, because they are my friend’s parents.
  11. After that, I had quite a lot of odd jobs… waitressing, exhibition sales, door-to-door surveyor and the coolest of all, secret shopper.
  12. I don’t watch horror movies because I hate how paranoid would I be after watching especially going to the washroom or walking in an empty parking lot or I don’t know. I have crazy imaginations.
  13. I like cute cartoon giraffe’s anything but not giraffe’s print.
  14. I have no poker face and I don’t know how to hide my emotions.
  15. I was never in good terms with my father and I’d always thought that my father is not very important to me until the day he left. And up till now, I’ve still not gotten over it. When I drive back home alone from work, I will think of the day he left and replay the whole scene over and over again in my head and cry alone in the car.


Tina said...

Big hugs for your last fact. I know how you feel. I still have that all the time. Still feels like yesterday.

Nonnie King said...

And it's just so hard to voice it out loud...

MayClover said...

Nice facts!
I also did (sometimes still do) secret shopper ^^ I love it.

Nonnie King said...

I did it for a bank, you?

uglyfatchick (Chicky) said...

100 Day project looks really cool!

Nonnie King said...

Yes Chicky, at least got something to blog kan~

Thanis said...

I also wanna do a 100 days project~~ where do you get information on this?

Nonnie King said...

Find it from Mau's blog. I always follow her list