Monday, March 28, 2011

100 Day Project - Day 19 A Picture of you when you were little


Coconut hair – check.
Round bamboo chair – check.
Green floral curtain – check.
Panty up-skirt (for the perv/pedo) –

See how 80s is this photo!

That’s how I looked in most of my kid-photos. Gloomy and always PMS-ing.

p/s: My mom still keeps that tutu-princess dress because that was my favorite.
Will sure force my daughter to wear it next time!


-dee- said...

marung jua nonnie? hehehe..

Nonnie King said...

LOL! I was a grumpy kid.

Bobby said...

Sooo cute. Totally opposite of me when I was that age hohoho.

Nonnie King said...

Yes you cheerful baby.
Gotta put more smiles on your poker face