Monday, March 21, 2011


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I just have to blog about this when it’s still fresh in my head!

Okay… so, I was on my way back from BSB after dining out with the girls (and that’s a good story for another day!) and I received a call from this unknown number… as in, there’s no number at all.

Me: Hello?
Man: Is this King Siaw Chin?
Me: Yes…
Man: This is calling from HSBC, *something something* Fraud Department.
Me: Sorry? Where again?
Man: HSBC, *something something* Fraud Department.

(Sorry.. I really didn’t get what was he saying cos it was raining and I had to pay more attention on the road)

Me: Ya….
Man: Did you make any purchase from *something that sounds like*
Me: Err.. no. (My last “purchase” was donating to RedCross for Japan Tsunami and Earthquake, have you donate yet?)
Man: Oh, because we found something suspicious with the transaction and would like to confirm with you.
Me: *sense something fishy* Oh… is it?
Man: Yes, and we’re going to freeze your credit card.
Me: Oh… okay, I’ll check it with my internet banking later.
Man: Oh, sure. No problem. Can I confirm with you your birthday and *something something* number
Me: Nevermind, it’s okay, I’ll just go visit one of your branch tomorrow to get it all done.

*hangs up*

So there, I logged in to my internet banking and there’s no message or anything unordinary about my account.

Erm.. I’ve never heard of HSBC having a fraud department, maybe there is but… since I do have quite a number of friends working in the world’s local bank… I think I never come across that department lor. And, wah….. 10 something at night you still working ah, so rajin~ Not call-center and IT department only got people working 24/7 one meh? Lucky got rajin kepoh… I mean read news and see TV so a bit alert lah. Just that I never expect this kind of calls reach Brunei already… But kanasai lah, wasted my 20cents answering the phone.

He sounds really handsome though, case-assuming-from-his-voice.

p/s: The last time I received a fraud call was from a China-man (as in speaking in super China punya accent) and all I did was, answered the phone, and left it unattended, let the man kept talking until he “hello hello hello” and realized no one’s listening. Good also, wasting his credit.


I received another phone call this morning and this time, I could hear the guy much better. He told me his name and repeated the same thing as the guy last night. So I thought it might be true and called up Pingko. She suggested try to call the hotline and ask. And I called… but without phone banking, payah..

Hence I went to HSBC Seria, and told the personal finance officer (I think?) about it and she said she’s going to help me set up the phone banking so I can talk to the people there personally. And while I was put on hold by the hotline people, HSBC Brunei called me up and talked to me about it and asked if there’s such transaction. I said no, and I’m going to skip the rest of the details of what happened later. Conclusion, I was being skeptic and I’m waiting for my new credit card. The end.

Story of a keh-kiang person~


@lex said...

Yup .. got those call before ...
wonder if i should just switch cards???
twice already..!

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