Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Spoon on the nose trick

It all started from Sheepy, then it somehow became a “trend”…
Yes, I am talking about the “Spoon on the nose” trick!

There, let me introduce to you… the Nose Guru, Baa Baa Najib’s Sheep.

Seriously, she’s like the master of that stupid skill! As you can see from the photo, even a fork she also can hang! Talking nonchalantly and sometimes swinging it and the fork is still there! I think she had a rhinoplasty and she installed a magnet inside thank you very much.

Hence…. everyone took it as a challenge wanting to beat her non-existent “high score”.


06 07 08

Oh… I can *wink wink*
For the first time, my strawberry nose can do me something proud and laugh at those with gorgeous nose.


Anyways, that was when we’re all having a de-stress session pigging out after staff development and those *points above*, are my gorgeous colleagues.

Before staff development.. And say hello to Ju-On the photobomb.
(btw.. iz me, da bomb)

02 03

Anyways… me, on my “becoming a vainpot day 2”.

Didn’t apply any BB cream or foundation because I was having some evil PMS zits but… but…I had a nice headband on… still vain kan? *voice fade out because guilty*

Oh, we having a staff development on “Read Write Inc”, having practical on phonics and… kanasai also so ngam I was taking that word.



p/s: Here a wikihow on hanging spoon from nose

p/p/s: I’m joining the 100 projects and this blog is so going to be un-dead. Woohoo~

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