Thursday, March 17, 2011

100 Days Project: Day 08 – A picture that makes you laugh

This… one in a million photo.

Whenever I thought of what happened that afternoon… with all the “adventures” and “brainstorming” session in the car, I want to laugh loud loud lah. Just say that.. I have two friends who are very good in lying and coming up with excuses, yet one of them is super forgetful and wu-long.

RASSSSS-Berry~ Laaaaaaa-mi ~

And, the funny thing about this photo… erm, cannot say, have to protect his manliness (though sometimes, there’s not much left.. Smile with tongue out).

There, I laugh the most when I’m with my best girl friend and best guy friend in the world. No matter how stress the day, how tiring, I always feel fully charged (except when I want to sleep…) with stupid things going on in my mind and wu-liao thoughts. I can be the little kid when I’m with them (since, I AM the youngest among too.. I know, cannot tell mah).


48 said...

it's Raaaasp berry not Raespberry ok..
What manliness?
All those effort yet no touch in the end...

Nonnie King said...

what no touch in the end? deep also you

a la, a la

RASPberry not RESPberry~