Friday, March 18, 2011

100 Day Project: Day 09 – A picture of the person who has gotten you through the most

Excluding my mom again… since, there are things that I don’t think I am going to tell her honestly, Bobby, a person whom I’ve known for 10 years, my boyfriend of coming 7 years (yes! that long), he is definitely the one who has gotten me through the most.

He has patience level that I will never exceed, he listens to my words carefully with full attention (though, I think there are times he just zone-out but with his poker face, he can get away with it) and he knows the all words at the time that I needed it most.

Especially, during the period my father passed away when we’re still in KK. I can’t imagine how am I going to make it back to Brunei if it’s without him. There were so many “whys” I had and I just kept questioning him. I remember asking him if my father knew I love him and whether my father loved me too. He answered, “Your father loved you of course, just that it’s in a funny way”. That was the first smile I had on my face with all the tears. I knew exactly what he meant and it did comfort me really well.



Drifting Cloud said...

Are you proposing to bobby? hehehee

Nonnie King said...


*wink wink*