Sunday, March 13, 2011

Shashaki Sushi and Shabu-Shabu Buffet, Miri

The chalie chubbies going to Miri *blows trumpet wtfish*

Anyways, that’s the only picture of us you’re going to see.

We’re wondering where to have lunch and Bobby suggested the 2 months old restaurant located next to KFC, which used to be Pizza Hut and so we went to check out the place.

The entrance.

Walking in, I was actually surprised by how spacious is the restaurant. I mean, we’d all been there when it was still Pizza Hut but this one, I guess the interior designer fully utilized each and every cm of the area.


Here’s the deal.

RM24.90 all you can eat sushi and shabu-shabu for 1 hour and 15 minutes.
Wastage of food and exceeding the time will be charged accordingly.

(1 hour 15 minutes is really more than enough imo)

Most Miri forums showed really negative reviews of this place and I’m just going to honestly blog about our dining experience there.

The fried food stand.

The fried calamari, sweet potatoes were nice for me. (No need to say those assorted seafood balls kua? That one required no skill in cooking one wor)
Bobby actually thought the tempura sauce is just plain water because it looked really “clear” and he claimed that the chicken wing was flavorful but still a little bloody inside.

Sushi…. Hmm.. Please don’t have high expectation on this ya.
After all, it’s a RM24.90 all you can eat. Tak kan they serve fresh sashimis. Even unagi also no have. And yes, they were tad too dry for my liking.

Fried rice, red bean, sauces and beverages.

Bobby said, “This is so sad… the best thing in this restaurant is actually their lemon tea..” … which was kind of true. I opted for 7-up but the soft drink machine was down.. or out of supply I don’t know.

But still, free flow of drinks was something I didn’t expect because most of the time, they have ala carte menu for drinks.

Chose a mix pot. The chicken soup base was… plain, and the tomyam (or spicy I don’t know).. Can I say Knorr’s tom yam cube has more flavor?

Without the sauce, I really don’t know how to enjoy the food.

The shabu-shabu ingredients on the belt.

Cabbage, chicken fillet, fish fillet, beef slices, assorted balls, mushrooms, baby corn and so on.
Pretty standard frozen food. We like the beef balls though.

Mm… Compare to Ice Café Shabu Shabu (Brunei), I still prefer Brunei one better, though it may be a little pricier but Bobby said he prefers Shashaki. I guess it’s all very subjective one so there’s no need to judge base on this single post.

But, if you ask me if I’ll go back there again… probably no.

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Vikki said...

I dont like the idea of the prawn and meat on the belt... The last time i went, i saw a housefly standing on the prawn... I won't go back.. Icebar in Brunei is way so much better