Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Have you heard of Nul Hajika?

I’m sorry if you feel offended when I say…


But that’s the fact isn’t it?

Seria kolomee, fried kueh tiau, french toast with cheese…. Not only nyaman, CHEAP some more.

It’s true that there’s a lot of hidden treasures which outsiders (those not from Belait) are not aware of and so today, let me introduce you our (as in my colleagues and I) new found favorite.

It looks like what most Malay restaurants look like but the menu is definitely has something different.


Their mee gulung is one of the popular dish but I’m going to feature another dish here… something you’ve not heard of….


Yup, roti john – biasa lah… everywhere also got…
But Hongkong style wor… you heard? And… Hongkong got roti john meh?
Then then… got CHEESE SAUCE!

Cannot imagine leh?

There, roti john HK style with cheese~

Basically, it’s roti john with 2 sunny side ups drowned in cheese sauce. But I really think it’s genius!
Simple, but genius.

Hungry already?

Anyways, guess how much it costs.

B$ 3.50 and ladies, mind you… order one and share with your friend because based on my dining experience, ladies normally can’t finish the whole thing to themselves.


Oh, also available in black pepper sauce.

Sarcastic smile


Nul Hajika facebook page here.

It’s located in Pandan 5, Wisma Yakin Building and you first heard if from kisich.blogspot.com wtf… if you’re not from KB. Hahhahahhahaaa.

No, I wasn’t paid to blog about this.. I just thought it will be nice to share good things with kawan-kawan.


MizArWeN said...

LOL...I finished d Hong Kong Roti John all up lst tym. Its reli cheap. D roti John plus tea o coffee (optional)... treat me nxt tym f u go der ^^ kidding!

Nonnie King said...

Steady also you, can finished everything up by yourself!

I treat you roti john + tea, you treat me kitaro thank you

Thanis said...

w0w!! Too bad I am so far away -- or else I would had straight away driven there to makan! Looks yummeh!

Thanis said...

Oh Btw -- Would you mind if I post the information on my friend's mobile phone app as a food update?

Thanis said...

Oh Btw -- Would you mind if I post the information on my friend's mobile phone app as a food update?

Nonnie King said...

No problem Thanis.

Next time go KB must go try ya.