Tuesday, March 22, 2011

100 Day Project: Day 13 – A Picture of Your Favourite Band or Artist


Since their very first album in 1997! I used to be crazy over Take That (fan girl period) but gradually fallen out of love with them and went for talented singers who can write their own songs. No sissy good-looking male *so-called* singer for me who can’t sing. Then I was really really really crazy fond of 熊天平, but he’s married to a China woman and when I heard his latest songs, I did a mental roll-eyes because it’s just so lain from what I used to love from him. Sad.

So yeah, 动力火车 ftw! Their first album is totally shiznit even though most people loves their , or know them through 那就这样吧 from their 5th album. I would really really really really want to see them sing live because it’s so not going to be disappointing comparing to *cough* some singers who suck in live performance.


Anonymous said...

真巧!我以前也非常喜欢熊天平,花了不少钱买他的CDs :)

Anonymous said...

i cant believe u like take that fyl

Nonnie King said...

Anon: 对阿,想当年只有正版的CD, 还真花了不少钱来收集。 不过,都是值得的。

Maurina: I know! Don't mention it anymore! It was only a really short phase. Hahhaahaha. *peer pressure*