Sunday, March 6, 2011

How to be a vainpot?


There’s much much much lesser photos of myself in this blog comparing to.. I don’t know, n years ago, is because…. most of the time I just feel fat and ugly. Okay, scrap that, I AM fat and ugly. period.

For the past months, I’d been refraining myself in clicking fashion sites because I’m trying to quit, I mean.. kill the desire of purchasing something expensive that costs a big fraction of my paycheck. I want to own that classy bag that I’ve been drooling for years, I want to buy that gorgeous dress, and I don’t know why impulse purchase just don’t happen to me! Is that a good thing or bad? I’ve been wearing the same clothes over and over again. I’ve transformed into this freaking boring person that is not inspired by anything, at all!

DIY projects, meh…. lazy.

Dress up for work…. Are you crazy? How to run walk fast in those heels you tell me? I work in a primary school okay.

Dress up for no reason... My friends will just look at me and say, “Wah.. you go wedding ah?”
(Which reminds me why I always enjoy my time with my girly bloggers because everyone looks so gorgeous and I feel really motivated to put on make up and wear something nice when I’m with them)

Dress up for Bobby? He’s going to say.. “Why you wear so nice? I wear so ugly.. I feel so bad standing next to you”… or “You already look pretty. There’s no need for make up.”


Okay, how about put on some facial mask? But.. but… it’s going to drip all over and I’m too busy visiting my neighbours (in CityVille btw).

Gosh.. I got no life!


Hence boys and girls, I announce officially to you now that… my resolution for 2011 is –
Becoming a VAINPOT!!!

And I hope I can be serious about this.

For a start, I’d applied body moisturizer after shower, and some leave-on conditioner for my hair.

Next, going to wash my face (which I do twice a day btw, I’m not that carefree) and use those facial masks!

Tomorrow morning, I am going to wake up 5 minutes earlier just to use that freaking BB cream or at least some foundation.

And, I want to start losing those excess weight I gained from not exercising enough!





There, you better stick to what you wrote here woman or else your only-showers-you-with-negativity-friends will take this post as a weapon to hurt you.. (which they give a nice name to it wrapping it up in candy coat to make it sound angelic, “Reverse Psychology”)


Anyways, to all those vainpots out there, any tips for me?


Anonymous said...

Keep yourself un-shiny by blotting every now and then. Or keep powder in your bag. :) And when u don't dress up, wear a nice perfume.

WaterBased said...

You have stayed in Belait for too long and have become complacent (EEEK!!! Slap you x 10000000!!! Wake up wake up you have been drugged)

Think about it. You want to appear in photos looking like o-pa-san? Do you want to be remembered looking like that? Please remember hor, you are not age qualified to be one.

I am not blessed with adobe photoshop perfect face so I make up everyday. Already don't have natural born beauty still don't want to make up? God will be telling me, "eh, cha boh, I already sent you so many experts like MAC, BOBBI BROWN, DOLLY WINK, etc to help you, you yourself don't want to help yourself boh..." How leh like that? I die jor also very difficult to explain myself. Correct or not?

Nonnie King said...

Mau: Yes! I should keep in mind to blot my face every hour. So oily can fry egg.

Max: Wake up liao wake up liao. I think I'm just getting a little too comfortable with myself and that's why I totally let loose.

Seriously, it will be perfect if I can transfer some of my fats to you

Kelly said...

You know me, I can help you with that LOL!!

Tina said...

Hehe, I don't wear makeup, but I try to make it up with dressing nicely. I stress on the word "try". LOL!

uglyfatchick (Chicky) said...

I'm super lazy so mu also "lazy people's way".

Keep simple mu in bag. My main 3 items are pressed powder, eyeliner and lip gloss.

Best is to get eyebrows neaten! Neat eyebrows makes one look a lot sharper. :D

Nonnie King said...

Kelly: Bu yao!

Tina: LOL!

Chicky: Speaking of which.. I got to get my brows done soon. Like messy lawn now.

-dee- said...

(Which reminds me why I always enjoy my time with my girly bloggers because everyone looks so gorgeous and I feel really motivated to put on make up and wear something nice when I’m with them) <--- awwwwwww *hugs

uglyfatchick (Chicky) said...

hahas. I'm also going to be more hardworking and remember to double cleanse at night! :D

Nonnie King said...

Dee: Hug Hug

Chicky: No make up, no need double cleanse... that's my thought (cos I'm lazier than you)