Sunday, March 6, 2011

Bikini tops

Been wanting to post this photo up and thanks to my procrastination, you only get to see it now.


Last Wednesday, after having a series of unfortunate news and experience… my colleagues and I decided to drop by McD to have lunch.. Lunch, at that time.. was at 3.30pm for me.

While waiting for a parking, there’s was this bunch of kids who caught our attention.. in fact, everyone’s attention I believe. The two boys were playing with balloons in the middle of the road, the little girl running around in her bikini top which I wished I could stop her and help her adjust because… it senget to a side till already “lari-cahaya”…

Then the most interesting part should be the eldest sister, in her hot black bikini top… red like a lobster wearing boots. I couldn’t help checking them out every 5 minutes because they were such entertainment to watch in this busy town.

Oh, before they left.. the girls did put on their shirts back. I wish I have the courage to just take off my shirt when I feel hot like them. Hot as in panas, not sexy. Of course, a hot bod won’t kill.

*look down on my 3 layer fats…*

Fat hope.

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