Friday, August 15, 2008

4 more days to WIB 2008

It was the second time (first time for this event) in my life that I received a big white envelope inked with my blog title instead of my residential address. And yet I couldn't stop feeling all hyped.

I got invited to attend WomenInBusiness 2008 and the first thing that came into my mind when Hadi contacted me was, "Eh... Did I just complain a little too much about being poor and mentioned too much about my mission king-possible?".

And I know it's going to be a fruitful day for me because I get to hear experiences and practices those successful businesswomen and I'm so going to be inspired by them.

You know, its not easy to be a woman.
What's more to say when we have a job and family to take care of?
How to juggle among them? Can be it a fair share?

I'd seen too many working women in my life and sometimes I really wonder how they did it?

Take one of my classmate for example.

Prepare breakfast, waking up the kids and husband, sending the kids to school, she herself has classes to attend in UBD as well. After classes finished, rushed back home to breastfeed her 3 months old baby and if possible, squeeze extra milk in case she couldn't be home on time to feed her baby. Pick up the kids from school, lunch, then send them off to ugama school again. She herself later then attend the afternoon classes.

That, is only during the day time.
And how long would this routine continue?

Enough side talk.
Here's the revised copy of the flyer again.
There's a minor change in the speaker line up.

Click here to register online and here to view the programme.

For further information or assistance prior to the conference, please call Nanette Ramos or Hadi Mohd Shafie at 2226555 or email

Attire - The dress code for the forum is business suit.
Crap... All I have now is baju kurung!
Well.. at least I get to wear my skirt and white shirt that I had not worn for.... almost 2 years.

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Jamy said...

Wah that's pretty cool ah king.

Prepare a notebook to write everything that come to your mind and inspired you the most.

Sometimes you wont understand what they are saying on the spot but you can take note of it and slowly refer back after a while and you will get it. I used to write alot of things while attending the courses. Either in words or by drawings too. Its fun when I read again what I wrote before.

Who knows you can be the OUTSTANDING FEMALE BLOGGER in Brunei earning $5000 a month after few years. No one knows what the future gonna be. You have the potential, thats why you received the big white envelop addressing your blog title. Proud of you!

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