Sunday, August 24, 2008


I was half way blogging and... I feel lazy now.
Sorry if you keep coming here to refresh ah.
Its Sunday and I just wanna laze around....

Blog will be updated tomorrow.
But I will still come here to check on comments and messages and reply.

Mum wanted to watch her weekly "horror flick" in HuaHeeDai and but snoozed out everytime after demanding me change the channel back.


I wanna watch "Taste with Jason" baaaaaaaaaaaa
Sigh, why are they showing "makan show" at night kan?
Fussy just commented that my face is bigger and I blamed it on PMS

Olympics Closing Ceremony?
Err... I saw DeeJay got sell the Opening Ceremony DVD and I think Closing also will have one lah.

I want a Greenan.

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