Saturday, August 16, 2008

Ain't got no .....

Here I am.

had my shower and dinner
nothing interesting showing on teley
switch on the computer hoping to get a little attention from people
26 online but ain't chatting with anyone
0 comment
1 presentation to prepare, 1 essay to write and 1 blog to create
imma google "classroom management" and "children psychology"

know what?
my weekend sucks.

and no one is free to layan me till Monday morning
when everyone's back to work sobbing in front of their monitors
hoping that this blog is going to make their day more cheerful

can't wait for Monday
no such thing as monday blues as its the only day i get to see the kids in school
chat with my colleague while sipping on my hot teh tarik
and can at least forget about school work for a day...

oh. happy too soon
i left out one
lesson plan

my weekend sucks

1 comment:

Bobby said...

Mine too king. But since English Premier League football starts tonite, my weekend suddenly fill with football again. kekeke