Tuesday, August 12, 2008


I can't publish my post in Windows Live Writer.
Tried for hours and I give up now.
Having to walk all the way to ICTC fishing for wireless is not fun but that's my only way to get internet access.

.... provided the Chinese guy beside me doesn't go reset the router like what he did this morning.
3 to 4 times you know! Everytime my page load half way, then putus tia.
And he did it without acknowledging.

Sure its free and public and all, but shouldn't he at least you know.. show some courtesy instead of having us (other users) puzzled why the error notices in our tabs and msn blinking. Then when we turned around, there we saw him standing next to the switch.

Anyway, this is my second week here.

And when asked how's UBD, I find it pretty hard to answer because... I can't exactly describe my feelings. Sometimes I answered "Great", else I'll just said... "Err.. sucks. Because yadda yadda yadda... (proceed telling stories on how "kasian" I am hoping for some pity points or free meals. LOL. Only to people I'm comfortable and close with that is)

I cooked instant noodles with rice cooker this morning. The noodles turned out a bit soggy and I had a hard time taking the noodles out without a strainer. And I'm going to try to fry an egg in it tomorrow. Oh wait, there's no thermostat there, how am I going to control the temperature? I hope it won't chao-da.

For the moment I still have difficulties sleeping in my room. I kept waking up in the middle of the night. Sigh....

And hor, some of my kanasai friends love to scare me.

Them: Which block you stay?

Me: F4

Them: Wah.... so far. Near the hutan. Eh, you ever see or hear anything kah?

Me: Monkeys got lah. What else?

Them: You know..... its near to the forest....

Me: And....?

Them: Ntah eh, you don't hear got stories there kan?

Me: What kan?

Them: Nevermind. Don't wanna tell you.

What the heck! See! Now whenever I brushed my teeth and washed my face at night I don't dare to look into the mirror in the washroom liao! And it does feel scary to walk back alone from the parking lot to my block at night....

Can't wait to go back Seria on Thursday.


De Pianist said...

my friend have used the rice cooker to cook vege before..lol..i think won't be a problem bah if you watch it carefully.hehe..

i think if stay in hostel,sure got ppl tell all this sort of stories d lah..many ppl also say these things too about my current place..try think about other things bah while you're looking at the mirror.hehe.:)

Nonnie King said...

Pau Lene : I only keep starring at the water tap when brushing teeth one.

I tried frying egg today and the egg stick on the rice cooker. Very cacat.