Friday, August 15, 2008

Better person

That *points above - the title* was what I thought off when showering justnow, at 8.30pm!

I think I'm a better person with good habits when I stay in the hostel,


- I wake up punctually when the alarm of my phone went-off, without mumbling senselessly to my mum, "Wait. 5 mins. Sleep...." *snores*.

- I eat my meals punctually. Because there's no readily available snacks in my hostel room and I only cook when super-duper hungry because it's so troublesome!

I had to take my rice cooker out, fill water in the jug kettle and boil it, pour it into the rice cooker, put the instant noodles in, stir stir stir stir, test the noodle... and spend another 5 mins taking them out.

Oh well, still better than cooking with the stove in the kitchen!

And I need to take them all out my room to wash it.

(I already had a deal with Bobby. I cook, he washes. He cooks, he washes too.. unless he wants to spend money stocking up plates and bowls because I will "accidentally" break some. Men, you're no match to women because we're queens of excuses!)

- I appreciate home-cook meals more.

"Ma...... what you cook for dinner later? Har...... Fried fish again..... sien eh. I don't wanna eat fried fish can or not? You fry me an egg can liao lah. " - So mafan that sometimes my mum yelled back, "You so lihai you cook lah!".

I don't know but I just hate to eat fried fish. Please exclude fish fingers, fillets and keropok lekor. I just dislike home-cook fried fish. Looking back at what I'd eaten for dinner for the past weeks in hostel, its either Myojo Mee Pok, Penang Har Mee, instant soup, apples or orange.

So most of the time, I will try my best getting Bobby to take me out for dinner. Else I'll keep texting him telling him how kasian I am being alone in my room eating biscuits.

And know what he did the next day? He brought me to Hua Ho and asked me to stock up some fattening snacks. 0_O??? Caring, sweet, or kanasai?

- I shower before 6pm.

Because after walking from the campus back to the my block... which happens to be the furthest block from the hostel entrance and no trees shading like other blocks, I feel like I'm a Walking Xiao-Long-Bao!

Steamy and hot outside, tender (because FATS is my best friend, they love sticking with me to warm me up) and juicy (sweaty!!! Especially the inner thighs and armpits! Come smell me!) inside.

And because I don't have Internet and Astro keeping me glued to the screen, my mother there urging me to shower and me answering perfunctorily... "Oh.... I know liao... Wait..."

In Mandarin, "Ohh.... Zhi dao liao... Deng xia sian...." then continue channel surfing or reading blogs.

- I sleep early. Because I have nothing better to do in my 2m x 3m room.

- I tend to look/check the mirror first (my hair is a total disaster) before stepping out from my room and make sure I smile at everyone upon having any eye contacts. You think I'll bo-tai-bo-chi (without a reason) smile at my parents or Bobby at home? Sure they think I ki-siao (gone crazy) one.

Hmmm... I think my mum had been secretly wishing that I can show more appreciation towards her. Hahhahaa. Just kidding lah.


uglyfatchick (Chicky) said...

Seems like staying in hostel is good! :P I dislike washing too!

Bobby said...

Ahem...since when i say if i cook i washed ah? If like that then we can eat from plastic container hehe which is not possible to break if drop.