Friday, August 29, 2008

Blink! Win yourself something!

Okay, I missed the iCentre Open Day this afternoon because I chose coming back to Seria over staying in hostel and attend this function.

But I appreciate the thought of Hadi and Badli inviting me over, especially my dear Badd-Badd, when he called just to tell me about it and I scolded him for wasting my 20cents (Morever, I hate talking on the phone) . LOL. I'm such a bad friend I know.

So to compensate my rudeness, I'm helping him in posting this up.

I think I'm going to join the slogan competition and Badd kept encouraging me too because he said I'm witty, smart and can easily come up with a dozen of this thingies.

See me so high ah? But $0.50 per entry....
*pull out imaginary pockets*

Anyway, presentation is tomorrow.

I know we'll do fine since both of us (Batwoman and Wonderwoman!) love talking and the phrase "stage fright" kinda never existed in our dictionaries. We're only concern if we over-talk nia.

My dear classmates who is reading this, tolong tolong tomorrow okay.
Give face ya.

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