Saturday, August 2, 2008

One Head Smoke

  The above title is loosely translated by the Chinese slang 一头烟, meaning hectic. Best describing what I'm going through this few days.

Today is the last day of my work in school. Felt indifferent. Maybe because I knew that I'll be back there and I didn't even clear my desk! All my stuffs and files are still there. I'm sure my colleagues will have a good time utilizing it because they love to use my desk to eat, chit chat and surf (because the power socket is there).

Here, glimpse of the place I stayed 6 hours a day.

P1190081 P1190083

P1190085 P1190084




The Mischievous one


My student drew this!


So cool right?

My darlings
Minus Hjh Zu and Vicky.

Oh ya, Hjh Zu was so sweet that she left me a gift on my table before she left for Lumut. Damn sweet lah!


The thought of giving me a gift is already sweet enough, when I opened up the gift.... *melts*


I know the box itself doesn't look too appealing I know. And you might even think that its a purchase from B$1.80. But its not!!!


So pretty right!!! Yes, the photos look familiar because she extracted it from my blog. But its so so so so beautiful! No other drinks but h2o in it because I don't want to stain it.

Thanks Hjh Zu. Really appreciate the gift lah!


Up to now its still a happy entry. And I'm not going to spoil it with my rants, even though I felt really pek-cek (frustrated) this afternoon, rushing here and there and in the end, I didn't get to get things done.

Got good news though, I'm getting a room in the hostel! Yay!
Bad news, the finance was out of number and I had to settle the fees and get the keys tomorrow.
I'm so going to be pening later. Packing the hell outta me. Dustbin, mirror, blanket, bed sheet, printer.. maybe next week lah, can print at Ye's shop for the moment if I need it, shoes (heels, flats, sport shoes), baju kurungs for 5 days, casual wear, daily facial products and make up.

My lappie, whitie and what else ah? Oh ya, pots, plates, bowl, chopsticks, spoons and fork!

Sigh, like moving house again right?

And YC is still thinking to move to the hostel and complained that they rejected his application! Apalah... House near near got food to eat, aircon to sleep in still wanna try living in hostel.
Anyway, I bumped in to YC this afternoon and had a small talk. Later Maurina too, in the finance department! Hahahhha. That girl is too busy/ lazy to update her blog and girls, when are we going to have breakfast? Miss Mau is only free on Friday morning or Sunday.

I printed out my timetable and.... my classes damn full ah!!! I'm going to have class from 8am - 5pm/ 6pm everyday. I hope there's chance to amend it so I can have some time to go swimming with my boo and also, I WANNA TAKE UP PART TIME JOB LAH!!!

(Btw, any kang-tao peeps? )

I'm tired. Its good that Bobby is going to be the one driving tomorrow.

Anyone going to the Pusat Ehsan Charity Bazaar tomorrow?


Hungryduo said...

wah u know, i was considered quite lucky just now when queuing up to get the green form for on-line course registration.

i queued for half hour and finally when it was my turn, the person in charge stood up and told the other people behind me that she has to closed the counter. It was only 12 noon and the counters are suppose to close at 12.15pm and i believe within that 15 mins, she could still process few more forms.

I could heard complains from behind. But the lady insisted on closing the counter 15 mins earlier.

*tsk tsk tsk*

- Hunnie <3

Nonnie King said...

Hunnie : Biasa...

Good that you got to queue. I didn't attend the morning session because it's my last day at school and only went there in the afternoon.


The whole afternoon I really "chuo-mei-you-shi-qing" ah you know. Only walked here walked there and got myself all sweaty and smelly nya.

War186 said...

Yay you got a room! :D

Eh is that supposed to be you kah your student drew on the computer? Haha creative lah.

Enjoy your first day tomorrow Nonnie! :D

Noy said...

Hi Nonnie!

I'm one of ur readers :)

Emmm...usually the coordinators/ lecturers are on leave (having their holidays) right now and not only that, usually in the afternoon they are very hard to find (sometimes they have meetings).

Ur staying in the hostel? Which block? Have u seen the hostel room already? Hihihihih....

Anyway, best of luck!

Noy said...

Ooo...ya, talking about hostel; don't leave ur window wide open (and unattended) because sometimes monkeys could come in (in groups) messing up ur room (finding & stealing food)!

Jamy said...

Ah King oh,

are you there in Pusat Ehsan??

I only saw Bobby busy working. I was there at 10:30 to 11 something ....damn hot le...cannot tahan d weather day!

Nonnie King said...

Wardah : But.. I hate it. Its so smelly!

And ya, my student drew that. Cartoon character from Keroro.

Noy : F4. My room sucks. It stinks and the walls are damn ugly with the left-over ugly stains of stickers and tapes.

And your tip of the monkey bit, BIG HELP. But too late. I left a little of it open and I hope they wont come in.

God Bless.

Xiang : I went there after 11.30am. Very hot. Beh tahan.

Noy said...

Hehehe...yup...the rooms always like that. F4..thats my previous block. The standard rooms (I think a bit small, and I'm not sure how my friends fitted everything inside, e.g. small refrigerator, ironing board, etc. They must be good at tetris? hehehhe)

Its okey to open ur window provided that ur are inside your room. But now I think its not the monkey 'raiding' season...yet. But just be cautious.