Thursday, August 28, 2008

Tummies / My cooking utensils in hostel / Way to remove ugly stains on wall

Honestly... this is what I feel like now..

The above picture was taken yesterday morning when I woke up at 7am and couldn't sleep anymore WHEN THERE'S NO CLASS!!! Gah.

Atul, Tina and I went for step aerobics yesterday. Tina was so good at it (she has been doing it for months... or years?), she could follow every single steps and Atul just gave up, walked around the place and asked "Bila tah cooling down nie?" when there's 30 minutes more to go. HAHAHHAHAHA.

As for me, I simply hantam jumped here and there, walked up and down the steps and followed the instructor "Wu!" and "Wow!" there. Really, I think I'm done for aerobics. I just too slow to get the instructor and I have really really bad hand-foot-eye coordination. Imma try yoga out tomorrow, maybe... if Fussy doesn't fly aeroplane this time.

Anyway, Bobby and I have gained some weight (especially Bobby, he's back to his old weight before he has his braces) and we're trying to lose some of it. So he decided to hang around the town and skipped dinner and as for me.. I tried my best not to eat anything after the aerobics too.

Se-ka-li hor, both of us ended up eating dinner/supper at 9.30pm at Excapade Gadong. You say die or not. Didn't lose an ounce of fats but gained more.

o_O !!!

Damn fail.

And yesterday was payday. You can imagine how pack was Excapade (I bet today too since tomorrow is Friday and I have couple of classmates who can't wait to eat sushis) and take a look at the orders they had!

Super kua-cheong!

Oh btw, Excapade has new menu!
I love their cucumber salmon sushi. Thick chunks of salmon with avocado, bits of ebiko (fish roes) and mayonaise roll with long stripe of cucumber.

* * *

And stupid Bobby named his tummy "Little Nonnie" and kept making fun of it.

Me: Eh Pui, you better start losing some weight leh...

Bobby: But I love my Nonnie very much, I wanna keep it... *points tummy*

Me: .... KANASAI! Why you go name your tummy as NONNIE! You #!$@!@$%@!

Bobby: Cos its cute mah..... and round.... and fat..... like *cough*.... hehehhehe

Me: Damn you. Then I go name my tummy "Bobby" too!

Bobby: Oh, okay. Nonnie (Bobby's tummy) is fatter than Bobby (Nonnie's tummy). HAHHAHA! This is fun!

So people, Bobby might look quiet and harmless (or even dumb?) to you.. please, looks can be deceiving. He's actually very very kanasai , just that he hide it well. Its a miracle that I'm still alive and haven't puke blood till I die. *touchwood*

* * * * *

Today, I spent almost 20minutes in preparing my breakfast. Most of the time I could finish cooking a packet of Mee Pok or Har Mee in just 5 - 7 mins time, with a cup of Milo but this morning, I was feeling a little greedy.

Bobby brought me to Supa Save yesterday asked me to get myself food to cook, ensuring I will never get hungry. (silly bf) Actually I saw a frozen pack of baked macaroni but I doubt the oven in the kitchen is working and safe for use. So I bought a packet of cheese sausages and vegetable dumplings which is easier to cook.

I cooked sausages, mee pok and dumplings using them

I make sure I have enough oil this time

And my mee pok turned out fine!
Not too hard, not too soggy.

I just boiled water using my kettle, put the dry pack mee pok into an empty bowl and poured the hot water over it and used my plate as a cap and "hip" it like cup noodles.

hip (adjective, verb) - weird Seria Chinese slang that means keep something warm/ hot in something?
Example 1 : Today weather very hot, stay inside the car feel very "hip".
Example 2 : The meat is not done yet. Leave it in the wok and "hip" longer.

LOL! I was shocked the other day Soly used the word "Ojipala" and she told me she picked it from my blog. HAHHAHHHAAA. So yeah, I might as well teach you peeps more of the slangs I use all the time.

I bet most of you will think that I will fry the sausages but you're wrong.
I did this instead.

After pouring the hot water out to hip the noodles, I just popped the sausages in my kettle and boiled it. Smart leh? This is what I call multitasking. =D

But then.. the dumplings turned out really bad.

It sticked to my rice cooker and I had a hard time scrapping them off and hence resulted in the "lubang" dumplings.... Sigh. I couldn't leave them in any longer.. if not even more chao-da (burnt) okay.

The sausages were fully cooked in case you want to know.

* * *

So I was starring at the wall in my room and sulking how ugly it is again, then I went online and google "How to remove ugly stains on wall?" and I did found couple of solutions.

Some said use a hot teaspoon and there's one which suggested the hair dryer.

I have yet to try out the teaspoon method but I did tried the second one while I was using the hair dryer to blow-dry my hair.

Well, I must say it worked for some tapes but there's still some pretty stuborn one.

Anyway I gave up trying because 10 minutes after holding the hair dryer, I suddenly remembered I was suppose to make a notice board to cover up that ooglie wall.

Stupid me go and do so many things for what?

But don't worry the tenant who lives in my room after me, I'm not going to leave you much ugly stains as I'm a very considerate person. Hahhahaa.


Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Nonnie King said...

Anonniemous : Aiyerr.. Don't say like that ler. No one is ever too old for internet/ facebook/ friendster.

Just that I didn't have internet connections for so many days that I already boh-sim to reply the comments liao.

Actually its easy to register yourself a facebook or friendster account. All you need is a valid email address and I'm pretty sure you can read English (unlike my mum) and I think you can slowly venture from there.

Not too sure if my comment is helpful cos its quite general.

LOL! Migrate to BSB, I got a feeling its going to happen to me too. Kahwin to BSB.

Too much Ajinomoto is it? (The lao-pan-niang of Excapade read my blog too so I think she'll be seeing this, if she reads the comments lah)

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Nonnie King said...

Anonniemous : I think they will accept honest comments and appreciate them lah. But I do think that sometimes its plain useless to ask restaurants to "less salt, less oil". It always turn out the same.

Hahaha. Yeah, pick up Hokkien from Bobby and I can speak pretty cacat hokkien. Mai hiam eh sai lah.

I do wana go hiking or just jalan-jalan at tasek but then Bobby always work till very late and no one is eng enough to company me.

I actually prefer doing sports like badminton and netball. Don't really like machines too. So sien keep running on the treadmill.

Era said...

ee! i cant wait to eat at escapade! Haha. and what a nice way to cook sausage :b

Tina said...

Hahaha, I swear, you just need a month or so to master the basics. I started my aerobics February-March this year wah. :P

Regarding Anonymous' comment, yea, it's true, you gain a lot more if you stop. Which, if you really look at it, you shouldn't be doing in the first place anyway.

My mom's friend, who's a doctor, said this off the record: If you do aerobics until you lose a significant amount of weight (read: more than 15kg), then you can reduce the times you exercise per week. Can, but not must. Kalau boleh tah continue the regime until BMI becomes normal.

It happened to me at first, because I wasn't as determined, because I wasn't as focused. Yes, I ate more after my aerobics the first time I tried it years ago. (Didn't even lost much, and didn't try step aerobics.) But that's supposed to happen. Now, I'm much more berakal and think that I shouldn't throw away the very tiring hour to a few minutes of satisfying my hunger late in the middle of the night.

And I lost a few, even I could fit back into a few pants, hahaha. But I want to lose more of my weight until my BMI is normal. And if I want to be serious, I have to do aerobics and make use of all my muscles so they lose at a proportionate rate.

I think if I just main-main with sports, I don't feel tired, thus I will just throw the exercise away with a good bowl of soto. Mmm. Haha.

If I want to eat at night (before eight, if I can help it!), I won't exercise that day.

Eh apakan my comment panjang ani.

But yes, JOIN LAGI. Hahaha. It was fun having you girls there! ;)

Anonymous said...

Actually, nowadays most restaurants go commercialize liao la. Like predeep fried (which v hate), preseason. So they have no alternative for boil or steam version and they might tell u its free of MSG but they do add d kaifan (Chix powder). So i try 2 cook Sunday dinner instead of outings nowadays very sien liao, somemore malam2 hujan lagi. Will try out Villa Mauri on of these days la (like very highly recommended by most bloggers).
So Tina, is there any chance for my legs to slim bak? I used to a taiwanese top model (in Ladies First show Chnl 317) sharing her work out regime experience, she said everytime after workout she will apply d slimming oil to massage n loosen her leg muscles to avoid gettin footaller legs. I can hardly squeeze in my usual size 26 superskinny jeans liao(bought in different colours lagi, somemore got my Topshop n Mango one very shintia). Now gotta wear 27 or 28. Is that mean i shall stop or reduced d walk (esp d going uphill part) n let the muscles loosen liao den apply slimming product again?? My hubby actually complaint his very tight n get cramps easily. But very reluctant 2 stop cos d early morning air is awesome n FOC somemore. As i prefer a work out which is easy, without commitment (folow schedule 1) n with many movement or skills with banyak kaki staring at. Hope will bump into nonnie 1 day la but i start very early u might still ZZZzz in hostel. N, v initially started at d bukit next 2 Sheraton (4got d name beta den Tasik in terms of parking n toilet facility haha, d Sheraton staff very biasa c us tukar baju dere liao), but d hill more steep, den v realised our legs got bigger after bout 2+ months, v change to masuk hutan inside. Actually i prefer jungle walk esp when u naik/turun d lil hill inside, sweat more. But only dis month v change to Tasik walk for the sake of Chinese calender 7th month, u know pantam ba.

Nonnie King said...

Eraa :

Should be "What a lazy way to cook sausage".

Tina :

But I like. Hhahahaa

I feel really cranky if I'm hungry so I really don't know how to stop myself from eating after exercising, especially SWIMMING!

Can do something else but not Step aerobics again? Too fast for me to catch up!

Nonnie King said...

Anonniemous :

Yeah, Villa Mauri looks nice but I think its a bit pricey, unless kana belanja lah. Even Fratini I also go there only when they have the 50% discount. Sigh.. Its pathetic to be me sometimes.

27, 28" is so much thinner/smaller than me! Humphhh! I don't want to talk to you liao.

LOL. Its almost impossible for me to wake up early to work out because I try my best to sleep till the very last minute, Hhahahaa.

Actually I have never try the jungle walk in BSB, not even Shahbandar. Sg Liang got lah last time, even once in Labi. I tried hash twice but that's scary.

And the exercise that I'm best in now is finger exercise, i.e... typing a keyboard.

Anonymous said...

Wow, so quick reply i suppose u no class ya.
Aiyah, nvrmind lah, dining out in Brunei rest. once in a while won't blow out ur pocket ba funzen bobby's d one who pay what!
Honestly maybe i'm abit weight conscious la.. But i can shrink & chung (esp u know PMS) very fast 1. But d legs no chance 2 shrink liao even i stop work out a few days, Sigh. The bigger sizes 1 reserve 4 d 'chung' days n another trip work, juz put on a waisted belted over ur top or dress will help. U definitely won't overeat liao.I do tat if i thk i put on a little.
Why not u steam or boil ur dumpling instead? I thk will be more tasty, less fattening somemore won't sampai chaoda.
I thk Shahbandar 2 hardcore liao strictly 4 d expert only, before married benar wif fren dere gave up once before masuk u turn balik. SgLiang oso once wif colleagues joined d angmos hash kaki, pengsang once enough redi. Good thing 4 d sheraton is if u ngaleh want balik anytime u won't get lost whereas hashing u just have to folow d rest n must complete d journey or else u kenal trap in hutan.
Btw, u link Xiaxue rite? So i suppose u r at her side instead of Dawn Yang la. Beta don't comment as ur blog ban sensitive issue.
PS: pls delete my earlier comment on tat rest. She's quite a nice lady not nice 2 hurt her la. Sometimes bump into her in hutan n her rest lagi. Dnt thk my comment will help to improve standard anywhere.
Hope u won't mind my panjang comment. Lau liao so longwinded,haha

Tina said...

If you have big thighs, avoid exercises that focus on your legs.

I don't like hiking because I'm not an outdoor person. One mosquito bite can make me whine and moan for long periods of time until the itch goes away. Haha, so I prefer indoors. However, I don't like places that provide heavy gym equipment.

I like going to places that are for women only.

I'm not an expert in exercise regimes especially since I'm always sticking to step aerobics and the occasional hi-lo routine.

About the cramps, I've never had them, except for this one time, and I blame it on not warming up properly. So, whatever you do, warm up properly. Not necessarily do as many as you can, just make sure you don't 'shock' your muscles when you hike.

As for Nonnie, there is hi-lo, yoga, pilates, and probably some dance. For the last one, I think you have to have a group of friends to have a class because if you're the only one (or two people) there, nada tu.

I used to eat at night a lot, but I make myself get used to it. Heehee.

Anonymous said...

Tks tina 4 ur advice. U r rite, we r thking of either run/walk around d park saja or masuk hutan but skip d up/down hill part. Initially, i hate outdoor activities cos i hate d sun n insect bites. Used to be those who hardly sweat n work out hence causing my body to low immunity n got sick easily n lagi teruk developed into sinusitis. There4 was initially forcing myself to get some fresh air thru o/d exercises. Just pile up tooonns of SPF50++ sunscreen n mosq repellent la..

Anonymous said...

Nonnie, w.e.f. 2day will just address myself as MY (my initial),k.
Oso 4 d benefit of ur other comment writers pls delete my llooong few comments earler as well. Must apologize 4 wasting so much space,cheers:-D

Nonnie King said...

MY : Today is Friday mah and normally I'll be back in Seria already if there's nothing special. Maybe I'll tell him about the Villa Mauri and see when to go. Hahaha.

My rice cooker (in hostel) is those super old type cannot steam one bah. But I think I'll figure a way out to steam it because like you say, healthier and more flavour.

Ya, I linked Xiaxue because I admire her fearless attitude which I think I 9 streets also cannot compare. Its like no one can bring this woman down. Unbeatable. As for DY, hehehe.. no comment.

I'd deleted your comment so no worries.

And its so much easier now because you're not using anonymous anymore. Sometimes too many anonymous I don't know who is who. Who knows 1 day we meet then you can terus tell me who you are.

Nonnie King said...

Tina :

LOL! Then I am definitely skipping step aerobics. My thighs are as huge as hippos.

Its fun to do with friends because there's always something to laugh or feel motivated kan. Bah, next week we try something else again.

I just need to cut down my food intake.

Anonymous said...

Eh,how come my previous comments still not deleted yet? (I mean all leh)

Aiyah, u r actually not far fr Xiaxue liao la (interms of gutsy), but su her interms of vulgar language la.. But as u say i admire her gutsiness but in Brunei no way la. Even if u fart in BSB, KB can smell or maybe hear,haha.

I thk tuna sandwich (homemade with tuna in mineral H20 and mix some minced big onion and tuna spread) or even roti kuning (kaya wif butter spread) even better. But i know d KB/Serian hardly eat bread 4 brekkie cos they r pampered wif choices.

Maybe will consider to register a friendster a/c and can 4ward u my pic.Anyway, if u happen to go mall,do let me know in advance den i will look around 4 u... U know now even my hubby and anak know u liao,haha


kelly said...

I'm sorry loh, i didnt purposely put you aeroplane, but recently got project and that's why hence the "OT"!!!! OT BUT NO EXTRA MONEY!!! !%!#$@#$@#$@#$ and that is also one reason why i hardly read & comment on your blog....

anyway, i wana tell you - NICE DUMPLING!!!! CAN I HAVE ONE AH NO? hahahaha/..

Nonnie King said...

MY :

I just delete the first two comments ya since I see the rest is okay.

Hahaha? Me not far from XX? You must be kidding me. Her hits for a day is like mine for 3 months! But true, we all just can't blog like her in Brunei... sure die. Sikit sikit people can't accept liao.

(I was just stating my honest experience that I had for visiting Kaizen on their opening day in Seria and I got bombarded with nasty comments! - But Kaizen (Seria) is improving and I'm happy with them now)

Hahha! I don't eat bread for b/fast. Like you say, pampered with choices. Kolomee, fried kueh tiao and so on just for $1.80. Park the car beside and just shout then they deliver to your car.

We need no drive through here! Hahhaaa

Bah, if one day/night I'm going out, I will leave it on my Plurk so everyone can stalk me. And hor, if you really see me must wave and talk to me.

Even in UBD I encounter strangers waving to me but they don't introduce themselves to me and make me feel so blur trying hard to think who are them...

(I think I kana cheh by you, I'm writing super long comment also!)

Nonnie King said...

My Fussyness :

Hai... wanna marah you also cannot lah. See you so cham. You want the dumpling hia? I give you my leftovers lah, not very nice pun.

Anonymous said...

ala u, pikirnya semua deleted. Just realized banyak typo (trick instead of trip la n used to c a taiwainese model.. not used to a taiwanese...).

When did u commented bout the Kaizen (Seria) as I haven't gone thru ur old blogs. In Brunei (so big) no point 2 comment something too daring, in terms of d small population as a whole (let alone KB/Seria ppl tend to know each other one).U have to take ur family, bobby into consideration oso. What if d fishmonger or mien stall auntie/bf's family or frens commented 2 ur mum or bf tat ur nonnie very daring ho. So forget it la, wear short pants oredy they c u like u r naked sometimes.Sien, kalau in abroad other countries of course berani liao.Noone will bother 2 miao u an eye. Btw, why din u meet Xx up during ur previous S'pore trip? Sayang!
Why is it ur got presentation to do on a Sunday??
Anyway,have a nice w/end in Seria ya.


Eddel29 said...

I couldn’t have asked for a better blog. I enjoyed staying here. hope to hear more from you with a subject like this. thanks for sharing. :)