Thursday, August 7, 2008

Life in Hostel (Week 1)

  • Saw a used panty liner with *cough* STAIN! *cough* lying beautifully wide open and it was too late for me to notice because I already had bubbles on my head. I hope it won't bring me any suayness. Amitabha.
  • It took me 20 minutes just to cook instant noodles because the electrical stove very lambat to get heated up.
  • I can see monkeys roaming around at the other side from my window and I guess I should start hiding my fruits somewhere else.
  • Current Hostel-Mate count = ZERO
    Most of the time I just lock myself in my room or out dating with Bobby.
    Maybe its now time for me to socialize a bit.
  • The smell in my room is not going away.... I think I need to bring my air-purifier from my school lab soon.
  • Need to bring more hangers and pegs.
    Current hangers count = 4.
    Current pegs count = 0
  • I'm going home today! Yay!
    Internet, Astro and Air-Con! I MISS YOOOOOUUUUUUUUUUUU!
  • My homework today is creating a blog and my project will be develop contents for the blog. *chuckles* If I get low score for this.... surely no face already. Can throw my trophy away.


Jewelle said...

Your hostel mates don't know that they're sharing the block with the famous you?! Maybe they're avoiding you, takut suddenly kena feature especially those with questionable habits etc :-)

Bah open your eyes and let us hear the juicy news of life in a hostel - seen from the eyes of an adult.

cc said...

Can try the Detol sanitizing spray. Can spray on all surfaces to deodorize and sanitize, especially the stain mattress!

Hungryduo said...

haha i agree with Jewelle. you're so popular in local blogosphere, sure you can meet lotsa friendly people in hostel hehe and yea, i wanna hear more stories bout living in hostel hahaha

don't worry, i'll assure you that you will definitely be the top scorer in class! i have confident in you ;)

hope to see you around in campus~

- Hunnie <3

Anonymous said...

aiyo.. panty liner with stain. thats so sick!! eeuwwww.. kesian u..

Anonymous said...

Get an electric kettle for your cup noodles, plus febreeze, air out your room often, don't ever leave your windows open when you are out (cases of monkeys creeping to rooms are common).
=( I hate hostel life there, it sucks really badly cos wave cards are expensive + unrealiable (no network sometimes).
I used to download loads of e-books, songs, movies before heading to hostel. OH yeah, do you know your hostel gates are closed at 11pm? Or did they change that rule? Best of luck surviving there..=P

Nonnie King said...

Jewelle : In UBD, aku siapa pun bukan, saya seorang pelajar saja.

I'd bumped into several girls who live in the same floor with me and its just a smile-nod-and-hi thing.

My eyes open liao, scare too small nya.

CC : LOL! I got myself a mattress comforter already. As for the sanitizing spray, ya... good idea.

Bobby Lim, you reading this?

Hunnie : Blogosphere and real life tak sama mah. And maybe no one wanna friend me already cos like what Jewelle said, scare I expose them. Hahahhaa.

You see me then say hi ya. Don't hide hide smile smile nya. I don't know how you look like. =(

Anonniemous @5.20pm : Sigh... My friend say cannot play cards for now. Memang soi.

Anonniemous @8.32pm : Yes! Those Wave card bloody expensive man! I only surf for 9minutes to send an email then $0.50 gone.

I'm not sure what time the gate close actually... because I miss all the orientation. But to be safe, I'm always back before 11pm.

My mum is going to buy me a ... sort of mini electrical stove so I can cook in my own room.

Tasha said...

Get a new mattress.. looks gross.. and paint your room.. I would think it will be tough living in a dorm.. but i guess you'll get use to it.

Sorry.. no help there.

AJ said...

hey nonnie. i saw you two times this week in hostel. you are famous, who doesn't recognize you? lol.

I was going to say hello to you but I'm pemalu also. :P

And the panty liners things always happen to us last semester. i dont know who put it in the shower room. disgusting.

Nonnie King said...

Tasha : Ya, getting used to it actually and I don't feel like spending more money on the room since it won't be long.

AJ : Really? But no one ever tegur me in hostel. Say Hi lah, I'm desperate for friends in hostel. LOL. Kasian you know. Like one man gang walking alone all the time.

And no one to ask question.

(I just know where the laundry room and TV room are. Always exploring alone)

Don't malu lah.
I will smile back one, provided the sun doesn't make me squint ugly.