Thursday, May 1, 2008

Now you know...

I know it sounds silly but, having happy thought such as thinking "what's for breakfast later?" while I drive to work is how I kick start my day. (Does it explain to you why I'm tad overweight now?) I'm a morning person. Prefer dawn rather than sun set because it feels like a brand new start with full of surprises ahead.

And I have super best colleagues. Colleagues who can cook so well and colleagues who can't cook but are generous enough to belanja.

I had stop buying food from the canteen because my mum is now preparing breakfast for me to bring to school... (like a school kid) knowing that I'm saving. And on random days, my colleagues will suddenly brought along large food containers and made us all starve like hungry ghost waiting for the dapur makciks to bring the plates and spoons.

Today, was just too exaggerating...

Just you look at the amount of food!!!

Maybe because it was just right after pay-day, I have different colleagues bringing different foods to school today. Not janji one okay!

As you can see, we had:

  • Laksa
  • Begedil
  • Sour mango?
  • Kuihs and Cakes


Why 4 bags? Because one colleague bought two.. and the other one bought another two without knowing what will happen today...

Kweng Kweng Kweng!

And today one of my beeyoches bought us packet food too.
(Us, which means only for certain people..)

So summing up, today I had...

Gila or not you say!

I only manage to finish the laksa, then half of mum's porridge and heat up the fried noodle justnow for lunch.

Now you know... why most some teachers tend to be slightly overweight.
I've heard even kua-chiong (lebih) stories for some other schools. Everyday "party" - makan like that in staffroom.

I heart my school, and my colleagues.


<:)><:)>Jason<:)><:)> said...

that's really nice you now? free food. free. lol. being greedy. free!!!

but well, variety is the spice of life and you get a big range of food to choose for lunch. compare that with schools with lousy canteens and most people eat one food almost every lunch. so eat more is healthy. well, just exercise a bit more to make up loh.

iwan said...


home cooked food is always the best mah!


fret not, once u r here, i belanja u makan to a nice place ok? hehehe!

Anonymous said...

I should quit med school and go back Brunei become teacher :D
I miss panggang *sad*

Larry said...

Hahahaha i kept eating till 12.30 and there's still some food left, man that was good stuff

Nonnie King said...

Jason : Ya. FREE is the keyword!

I love Chung Hwa's canteen. Seriously, it should be voted Brunei best canteen ever. What ojipala food also got sell there.

Iwan : *cough* Don't get shocked when you see how I eat ah.

Anonymous : LOL! I wanted to say that you can try making panggang yourself, but.. I seriously have no idea how to make the "udang" inside.

Larry : Eh? I thought you say you don't read blog one?

What wind oh?

De Pianist said...

weiii...syok lehhh!!you're so xing fu to get to taste so many food..muahaha..let's go to your school and be teachers!then we can share share the food..haha..=p

larry said...

just dropping by to read what u wrote about the big makan loh- u urself said gonna blog it so my interest is aroused mah

Anonymous said...

wah you've one lucky tummy hehe. my office also have something like that sometimes, four plastic bags of cucur pisang. i can't complain more hehe. by the way, i've realised i don't worry much of my grammar writing on your comment.

Bobby said...

Oh my, just let me pinch your tummy more hehe. Well, as they say breakfast is the most important meal of the day follow by lunch and dinner. Chung Hwa definitely have the best canteen with many food choices.

Ahem...will you pack breakfast for me too in the morning to work? I want your office food hahaha ;p j/k

I'm Choonie. said...

I don't have nice colleagues like yours but I have a few kaki for morning breakfast. We will drive to the nearest food stalls to take our morning break. Going out from school for a few minutes is so really destress but nevertheless, I keep on putting more weight.

Nonnie King said...

Pau Lene : Come lah. You can teach art.

Larry : Good, I turn someone who doesn't read blog into some who does.

The power of BLOG!

Anonymous : Eh.. you saying I have poor grammar is it? I just thought that blogging should be relaxing, so.. I tend to use rojak words and care less about grammar.

Nonnie King said...

Bobby : Pinch your head. You yourself have a big tummy liao why pinch mine?

Next time everymorning you eat koko crunch + milk or pop mee. I wanna sleep.

Choonie : LOL! We can't simply go minum mah.. So we minum in staffroom lor.