Sunday, May 4, 2008

Enlighten me please..

Finally I made up my mind and wanted to go dotcom after several chats with friends. Pingko said I should have done it donkey years ago and Kelly asked why should I, since famous blogger like Xiaxue is still using free blogspot.

So I asked Pingko to check for me how much does registering a domain cost and also check the availability of

Sadly, it was already taken. Even dotnet too.

I'm in a dilemma now. I ran out of idea for my domain name!

I thought seems a little funny and lame. Or its only me who thinks that using my own name as my blog url sounds funny. I'm not Kennysia! Or Jeffooi.

But, its the cheapest.

Then I mentioned
SL later said, "Errr... won't later Foochows thought that its a website selling chicken wings?"

Thank you very much. You're such a nice friend.. not!

How about
But its such a hastle having to type ctrl + dash just to get the underscore.
And.. I have no idea why anything with spiritualgarden cost U$3,288.00!!!
Tak sanggup laaaaa.

I bet none of you like or or right?

Hence I'd put up the poll (point below) for you all to decide for me. Afterall, it is you friends and readers out there who has to remember the blog url. Choose something you think is easy to remember, or unique... or just because.

If you have other suggestions, just drop me a comment.

Thanks a lot.

p/s: Blogger finally have the schedule publishing post function! Now I don't have to worry if I'm going to be away. I'll just write up several posts in one go and relax.


iwan said...

u know i hv been wondering all this while. ur blog is spiritual garden but the url was kisch...

so pls get ur own domain ok... but hor kns one,, y must pay one..


teddY said...

I think is nice, since you're using this URL for blogger, so it's advisable that you use the same URL to cause less confusion and hassle. Anyway, it's your domain name and you're paying for it, so just go with your heart and instincts and pick the one you adore the most.

Just a question - are you going to purchase the domain name only, or are you migrating the whole blog to a self-hosted Blogging platform (which means you'll need to purchase some webhosting plan)?

Anonymous said...

king is kinda your trademark, but then i'm still loving the kisich. teddy's right, cause less confusion and hassle. something about kisich is unique.

Zimin said...

You know, is quite okay :D

Hungryduo said...

i dun mind typing '-' though..
though i voted but i still think spiritual-garden sounds nicer

- Hunnie <3

Anonymous said...

your name is so unique i love it, use nonnieking! very catchy!!

hdm said... has a nice ring to it. u famous what? (in brunei,in local blogging scene, in KB , among ur student) ... and its so much easier to remember. go NONNIEKING go

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

i would suggest too.

the 'kennysia' of brunei =P =P

Anonymous said...

haiii.. nonnie.. 1st I would liked to say nice blog you had there... btw can you just Criticize others.. You making enemies instead of friends ... The way you said about it make the owner so unhappy. Well you just take care then...

Haih. Thank God the boyfriend knows “nothing about cars”... He can't even differentiate CX7 and CRV! <-------kasihan eh, is he dumb?? I guess you need to teach your “boyfriend” about it... Instead of criticizes others...

Well, “I don't know anything about cars” except it can bring me around... --- No wonder all you know is criticizes.

Emm nonnie... why don’t you write something about your boyfriend...since~ “he can even write you a 10k words essay” I guess it should be interesting….