Saturday, May 24, 2008

Wasted Friday

Short Note:
Lookie! New poll.
Made specially for my dear friend who complains a lot for not having *cough*.


Had a crazy night on last Thursday with friends. Went down to Miri at 5pm just for Michael's Steamboat and BBQ and drove back to Brunei again. Felt like a mini getaway for all of us. Talked, ranted and laughed a lot.

So.. you can imagine how tired I was when I hit the sack.

Yet, I woke up at 6.30am the next morning because of some minor renovation work for my house, changing all the window panels. If I may add, it's free. (For those who knows where I stay will know why its free)

Sounds good to you? But none of us (my neighbors and my family) like it.

Nevermind all the work for pushing the furnitures away, getting all dusty and dirty, wood planks and glasses shattered everywhere... it is the new sliding windows that we don't like.


Sigh... Okay, for my house, there's a no-aircon policy before 8pm because that's the least I can do for our dearest Earth. I always try to spend the minimal amount of resources and it has been months since I left my PC on for overnight downloads. Thus a lot of my friends know how hot and stuffy my house is, which of course if it's not too early, I'll switch on the air-conditioner just for them.

And you thought with the new sliding windows I'll be happier... NOT!

The advantage of my old Jalousie windows is that they allows ventilation, with iron rod in between so no way burglars can climb in from there. Oh-oh, also with nettings to prevent mosquitoes and bugs.

*sobs* I love my old-fashioned windows... *sobs*

Now with the sliding windows, I feel that my room now has no privacy because those from the opposite can clearly see what's inside if I leave the windows open, not to mention the insects will be sleeping with me. And if it's close... I'll be suffocated!


And now we have to spend extras to buy a split unit for the living room which now feels like an oven and my dad is very uncomfortable with the big opening space when the windows are open. He keeps feeling that burglars may break in anytime since the houses in our area are so accessible now.

And ventilator for the kitchen... and my mum was thinking to have a ventilator in my room too. How hideous will that be?

If that's not the worst, here... another piece of news.

Our block will be painted with bluish gray. My mum asked me not to whine about it because there are other blocks which are now orange and brown colour. And my area is going to look like a big nursery.

... Why can't they stick it to white?
Whoever suggested such odd colours must have hated people in our area a lot.

Okay okay.
Shaddap Nonnie. Its free, so stop complaining!
Go save your money and buy your own house and you can even paint rainbow colours and have as many whatsoever windows you want!

So yeah. That was how I spent my Friday yesterday. No internet as they have to plug out the cables and no proper place for me to pee even. Had to go to my neighbor's house when nature calls. Couldn't even take a nap because the house was so dirty that we had to clean up until almost 8pm! And had Penang Har-Mee (instant noodles) for dinner.

I might post up the photos later.

Oh, I went for my dress fitting yesterday. Ya, tailor-made a cocktail dress for Theen's wedding and there's still a lot of alteration to be made.

"Shallow" down the deep V because it exposed too much of my cleavage. *Hush now!* Thiner strapes because the thicker one made me looked plump. Shorten the dress to knee length and snips the extra away to fit well.

Can't wait for the second fitting. Yeah.

Theen, lucky you didn't follow us because our friend took a long time in deciding what she want worrying about the size of her cawan.

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Bobby said...

This sounds like extremely makeover from the tv. But can't wait for the split unit in the living room hehehe.