Wednesday, May 14, 2008

My notebook organizer

Short note:
Hits dropped. Comments dropped.
So what's next? I guess it's just me losing my quirkiness.
Everything is so blah and normal now, and the exciting part of my life is forbidden to appear in my blog.


Woo-kay. I know it has been a long time since I last made something and shared it with with you all. But sorry to disappoint you again, I didn't make anything interesting or makeover any furniture.. Just going to show you my notebook organizer, that I customized myself.


So here, this is ...

Last December when I was out shopping for an organizer, I realized either they're too costly, too boring (either all black, all brown or all red) and I just don't like how the pages were divided and even their line spacing.

Me heart big line spacing.
Me no like narrow spacing.
Me handwriting small but me like to write like beanies floating in the air.

How about those free ones from insurance company or banks?
Erm... Those that I got for free that time was just too bulky and again, I don't like the contents.

I mean, I'm okay with the calendar, measurements, country codes and even world map. But I don't like to be preached or brain-washed by those company's plan and products plastered with advertisements and pictures of happy family portraits.

So I came up with an idea.
I'll just buy a normal notebook and customize the content myself.

I bought a notebook (picture above) from Popular Miri and it only cost me RM7.00. A notebook with cute cartoons and wonderful colours.

Flipping in
As you can see, I made a pocket and sticked them there and use it as my recycle bin. I cut those unwanted A4 papers (with only one side printed/ used) into halves and use them as scrap paper. Hello, Recycle, Reduce and Reuse are my best friends. I think most of the companies practice such fabulous habits too.

I tell you, those papers come in handy when you need to scribble someone's contacts or doodles when stuck in a something or somewhere, just to pass time. No need to tear any pages from your books or organizer. Sayang bah.

I just love that picture of mine.
Taken last year by my ex-colleague during the Hari Raya celebration.

My favorite page

I sticked the year planner in it so I can constantly refer to it whenever I need to plan ahead, either for work or leisure. Loved by my friends and colleagues too.

And I drew squares and boxes and made them into a calendar planner.

which is good, because you can judge yourself how you want it to be. I don't like those pre-printed calendar planner because their boxes are too small for me. I have no idea how people squeezed in their handwritings in such tiny squares, unless they're just jotting their friends and families birthday.

Allocate some pages for

and also my "account"

Yeap, I keep record of my expenses, whether its only a $0.50 parking ticket, $0.30 keropok or my monthly premium and installments. And you'll be surprise how much you tend to spend on silly things by the end of the month when you total it up.

Two words, FREAK OUT!

So there, my customized notebook organizer.
Hope you enjoy it.

p/s: I'm meeting the fat guy tomorrow to celebrate our belated anniversary. And now I still have not work on the card! Somemore.. I'm meeting up with friends tonight. Boh dui.... Mati.


Anonymous said...

That's an interesting idea

hdm said...

Creative aih, and what a great idea, i am so jealous of ppl yang good with their hands and creative - esp those artsy ppl (like u), with me, my hands are only good for putting food in my mouth,hehehe. thank you, you just give me an idea.

Nonnie King said...

Anonymous : Yea, got to think of all sort of way just to save money.

hdm : My hands are uncontrollable when it comes to food-popping to mouth, that explains the chubbiness in me. Evil..

De Pianist said...

i think if you see my notebook,you'll freak out cuz everything inside it is messy..scribbles,doodles,writings,ideas,what to say for presentations,research,lists,etc etc..anything you can think of as a notebook uses,i might have it inside mine..hahaha...

teddY said...

Don't worry too much about the fall in visitors and comments - that doesn't mean that you're losing regular readers or quality comments :) sometimes when I write something that happens to contain a hot searchword of the month, I get a lot of hits from Google, which is kind of misleading.

Anyway I do have a personal doodling book, exclusively for my random thoughts that occur to me from time to time. And I use it as a dream journal as well - everytime when I wake up from a dream, I'll just grab the book and a pen to write down as much details I can remember. It helps me keep track of my subconscious thoughts and inner dreams and desires (okay minus the sexual connotations from the 'desires' - this term is very ambiguous indeed). I'm glad that you're playing a part in environmental conservation! I've known of people who simply refuses to reuse papers because they think that used papers should be thrown, and blank new papers represent a fresh start or something - which I think is completely bollocks. I feel so proud of you :)

I can see that you're a really organised and responsible person (and teacher! Your students should really pick up your good habit) from the details calendars and notes you've jotted down in your book.

Atul said...

OH! I did that once dulu. Every cent matters. The expense record I mean. It's really an eye-opener lah. But I did mine arah excel. Hehehe.

By the way, neat! Making your own notebook. Hehe.Yeah, sometimes the management diaries sold are just not fit for some of us, so we have to improvise. I usually just take a notebook, and add anything I want to it. Be it notes, or plans. My plans, biasanya done in 3 lines for 2 weeks. Kalau masa ku banar-banar feel I need to be organized or when there's nothing else for me to do but plan. 3 lines - Morning, afternoon and night. Heehee. Just a draft.

But I still use those boxes from a management diary jua. I alternate kadang-kadang. It's just hard for me to stick to only one book. I only did that for a year masa form 6. LOL.

Ooh, macam panjang comment ku ani. Hahahahah. Oh well. =D