Friday, May 9, 2008


I'm very tired now...

Tad disappointed because I didn't get to see Bobby going on stage receiving his certificate due to the reason I had to rush back Brunei crossing borders before 10pm.

Driving alone at night is no fun, what's more to say when it's in MIRI.

You want pictures?


You're not leaving until you see faces of humans?

Haiyooo.. you guys are getting more and more demanding leh.

What? Faces of people what?
I give you more than just one face leh...

Okay okay.
I know I was being mean keep teasing you guys.

You know lar, when someone gets really tired, they tend to be a little cuckoo.

picture of cheh-cheh Lim, Bobby and me..

Happy now?

Can I go sleep now?

I'll try to edit those pictures tomorrow and blog them up in time.
A lot bah!


Kelly said...

Not use to seeing you in such dress! hahahaha....

Jewelle Tan said...

Congrats to Bobby!

And you look fabulous :-) More pictures!

I'm Choonie. said...

Hey.. I just realised that Bobby might be my ex-colleague's son's classmate, if Bobby is in Engineering field. Congratulation to Bobby and I like the Teddy Bear. I actually wnat to get one like that for hubby during his convocation but I can't find a nice one that time. End up buying the teddy bear which comes with the bouquet of fake blue roses. Bad memory.

JaMiLLa said...

How to make the dress of teddy bear same with the graduation robe?

I also want to have it for my graduation this month. If make myself, I don't know how to sew!

@lex said...

Well, :'( i got a graduation dog ! a teddy would be nice wouldn't it .. ^^