Monday, May 26, 2008

Desperate, or Gay

Had a random chat with a guy friend justnow and he was complaining to me that someone has been backstabbing him saying that he loves to stick around with girls, accusing him of being desperate and lewd.

LOL! I thought only girls do that. Calling each other names behind and yet acted so friendly and sweet in front of others. Rupanya guys also do that. =D

Okay, let me do a little bit of introduction to this particular guy friend of mine. He's in his late 20s, has a decent job and he himself is quite a nice guy. Charismatic, tall, well-built *quote- not fat*, nice skin and some more knows how to cook lagi.

Sigh.. why ah?
Good men are less "laku" than bad boys, somemore end up being a loner (for the time being lah)... Same goes to women I guess.

And because of being single at the his age, some people even question if he hides his sexuality "in the closet".


When he's seen with ladies, he'll be labeled as a womanizer or desperate.
And when he's not seeing anyone, people thinks that he's gay.


Difficult isn't it?
Don't tell me just ask him simply hantam find a girl and date her just to save him troubles.


I have another question suddenly.

If you know something bad about your best friend's girlfriend/ boyfriend, will you bring it up and tell him/her? Or you rather keep it to yourself because of some other reasons?

Life is all about decisions I guess.

Aiyooo.. why I sound so emo again?

p/s: I'm into making fruit juice lately! Bye bye constipation.


Hungryduo said...

it happened on me before.. and in the end, i decided to let my best buddy know what i heard from other ppl bout his gf.
but i did emphasize to him that it was all rumour and might not be true at all.
i just thought it would be better for him to be prepared if things come to worse.

- Hunnie <3

Effy said...

I don't know for sure. I'll have to see how stupid my friend is first then i'll decide if it is wise to say it out. Haha. Then put a stop to the 'rumor' by not discussing it with others. I mean it is a private matter. Best don't get involved la so MAFAN. Sudah atu! Hahaha

Nonnie King said...

Hunnie : What if your friend choose not to believe what you said and end up accusing you trying to ruin his relationship leh?

Effy : Yes! That really depends on how stupid the friend is. No point of saying if he/she is not going to buy it right. Also depends how close we are I guess.

Same la. If its not very important or serious, might as well keep quiet and stay out of it to save trouble.

Thanis said...

I won't say anything if it's just a rumour but if I find out that its true - I will definitely tell my friend with evidence and proof of course.

No point telling them when you can't prove it and end up looking like an idiot and losing your friend.

Hungryduo said...

hehe i know that friend of mine very well so when i told him what i learnt from others, he still have the mood to joke around with the rumour.
but seriously, what Effy and Thanis say are true, especially when you're not that close with ur friend.
In my case, i could predict what would happen next so i was daring to let him know.

Bobby said...

I think best is play dumb and dont say anything. Cos no matter what, you will get the blame in the end for bringing it up. As they say, silence is golden and dont play with fire cos one might get burn.

@lex said...

stay with the fren when the truth's out. time n company is all that's needed

Hungryduo said...

hey Bobby!
did u go to Manggis Hua Ho Mall on Sunday?
cause i think i saw you =P

- Hunnie <3

Bobby said...

hungryduo: I think so if i'm not wrong. Was with my mom. You both were there?

Hungryduo said...

haha no, i was with my parents ;)

- Hunnie <3