Wednesday, November 8, 2006

Rojak Post

Named this post "Rojak" because it's really going to be a bit here and there. I'm just being greedy, once I think what I want to blog, I'll try to blog it terus, if not I'll never will anymore.

* * * * * *

First of all, thanks for all the comments you kind people has left me. Eventhough most of you are praising Bobby more, and asked about the Eastwood Golf & Country Club & Cellnique Sebum Gel thingie.

I actually SMS Bobby this,
"Bi ah, you took all my focus liao lor. Everyone say you're sweet & romantic. My card kalah already. And why you didn't comment one?"

He replied,

Haha. I know he's just saying that to make me feel better.

Most of your comments were saying that I'm so lucky to get a boyfriend like him, but... Do you all know that this "luck" didn't come easily?

We work hard for it.
For growing the passion, and "maintaining" our relationship.

(okie, don't want to say so much here karang got people thinks that I'm showing off)

* * * * *

I kana tagged by Kenny. Post up six mindless but colour coordinated pictures. I searched high and low in my folders.. Hard to find eh, because all the photos I took has "face" in it one.

I looked left and right, thinking.. "Hmm.. I'll just cheat and take some pictures now then, but what colour?"

"No Pink, everyone loves "Pink" nowadays.. too common.."
(No offense to those who loves Pink kay)

Then I saw my love journal. Ok! Red, passion!

Here, the pictures.. along with captions.

Cherry tomatoes
My mum planted them. But no one in the family appreciate it. So she always ended up giving it away (to Pingko). And now, she malas to plant them anymore..

Love Journal
With all our memories inside

My (Stupid) Phone
See, Bobby said he'll get me a new house phone. Nada pun? Hahaha

(Previous entry blogged about this stupiak phone *HERE*)

My Blood Donation Booklet
Anyone need B+ blood, let me know. I even donate my Blood Platelets k.

My Door Hanger
Not in used anymore ever since I moved back to Seria

My name card holder
Not in used anymore too.
Because government don't print business cards for TEACHERS!

* * * * *

Ever feel frustrated sending files one by one to your friends over the internet?

Here, let me introduce you, HAMACHI!


It's an idiot proof software to establish a VPN ( Virtual Private Network) having a LAN connection with other party remotely.

(God, so long I didn't used terms like those ever since I quitted CFK)


You just need to download, set it up and register a nick. That's it.

Then create a network, invite your friend to join and you can access his/her shared folders now, and vice versa.

Easy right? I'm not going to teach step by step how to do it because in their website, it's already been stated. As long as you know how to read English, there shouldn't be any reason why you can't understand it.

* * * * *

A little joke to share with you all. (Theen, I'm sorry, it's really funny bah)

Yesterday Theen came to my place. I was surfing on my own blog and she said,

Theen: Eee. You surfing your blog ah? I think your current skin doesn't look nice, very hard to see bah.

Then she went nearer to my monitor and looked at my screen.

Theen: Eh? How come it looks different when I viewed it in my PC?
Me: Because, you're using Microsoft IE, my blog is best view in Firefox mah.

Oh ya hor.. No wonder. But nevermind, today I download the "Mozarella" already.

Me: Huh? Cheese ah? Muahhahahaahaha. Mozilla Firefox lah. You gila cheese till like that meh?

* * *

Theen, repeat after me.MO.ZIL.LA- FIRE.FOX !

One more time, MO.ZIL.LA - FIRE.FOX.

Good, very good. Cikgu Nonnie give you candy.

* * *

p/s: Spiritual Garden is best viewed using Mozarella Cheese. Oops. It's Mozilla Firefox.


Iwan Sanchez said...

Don say like that lah... All attention is on you lah on your birthday..

Maybe they never see Bobby for so long and was shocked by his awesome transformation..


LuUeE said...

Hhahaha.. IWan, owez number one here.. hmm... Nonnie, wait till i steal your love journal and dedicated to publishing Nonnie's love life.. Mwhahaa.. Then i will gain number one spot..

Experts from say better mix mezerolla chesse with Ie 7.. Ie 7 means Nose tahi.. THne it will make your internet experience more better.

Atul said...

Haha. I had almost the exact same conversation.

Friend: Eh you know me lah.. I don't know how to use all this.. what you call mozarella?
Atul: Mozilla lahhhh.. Hahaha..Mozarella atu Cheese tu!
Friend 2: Iatahwah.. I was like, kenapa macam nyaman disebutnya ani ah.


Kenny Ng said...

well done for the tag... bravo!!!

lunaticgal said...

i love the cherry tomatoes pics..
it looks nice :)

and tu hamachi..
i curi curi tell u all..
it can use to play DOTA!~!!~~~! as LAN game! syok nya~~~

uglyfatchick said...

I just send you your present. Must wait 1 week then reach. lols. never knew it'll take so long.. :P

Anneesa said...


Mozarella! That's hilarious as!!!

Miss King, any form of relationships, may it be between a mother and a daughter, between bestfriends, between girlfriends and between lovers, it takes a lot of effort to maintain it.

Love comes easily, but to keep it there, to keep it blooming will take hard-work.

It's like planting a plant. You have to give it water, feed it, give it warmth and sunlight in order for it to grow. ;)

BaBy JeE said...

Nyek nyek nyek... I'll write my comment for u're previous entry HERE~! ehhehe coz' I know u you're not gonna read it if i post it there (the comment column in the last entry) hehehe...

Nonnie , I tot Febuary got Valentine's day, so that's why got many November babies?? and that's when the guys do all the romantic stuff to cheat girls?

Hmm... *prediction* Nonnnie gonna have babies of every month... coz' bobby is sweet every day?? heheheh.. Jk... Don Ki... Don Ki...

rebelandaliberator said...

thats a real phone?

De Pianist said...

Mozarella?lol..i normally say Firefox to my friends ger..cuz they sure reply.."har?what gorilla?gozilla ar?" (=="!) so..from that moment on,i won't say that word anymore d..heh..

Nonnie King said...

Iwan : Hahaha. Awesome transformation? Better or worst?

* * *

Luuee : As if people are interested in my love life. Maybe people read half way wanna puke liao lor.

Where you get those info one ah? So gali one.

* * *

Atul : Yeap. Sometimes I say "Mozarella" too instead of Mozilla. Malu lah, IT people somemore.

* * *

Kenny : Thanks for complimenting. But your shadown collection is much nicer and more presentable than mine leh.

Nonnie King said...

Lunatic Gal : Thanks oh. That's the only pretty photo actually.

Wah lao, you play Dota too?

* * *

Christina : Thanks Thanks Thanks! I'll let you know when I get it.

* * *

Nisah : I just adore and love your comment. And always look forward for it.
Great minds Nisah, great minds!

Nonnie King said...

Lu Jee : Who says I don't read comments from my previous post? Got email notification one mah.

According to survey, most people lost their virginity on important days like Valentine's and Christmas. And I wonder if there's still people who actually "save their V for their husband/wife" only.

Hahaha. Babies everymonth? Every year kua? Bobby's evil plot is to have one football team initially, then I complain and now he reduces to "Basketball team". But, I only want a "badminton team" lah..

* * *

Rebbe : Yes Rebbe! It's real! And it's stupid because I have to shout because the receiver is too short! My mum bought it because it looks cute.. Duh.. But not practical bah.

* * *

Pauline : Gozilla? Gorilla? Well, at least it makes more sense than "Mozarella" kan?

Horny Ang Moh said...


lunaticgal said...

yaya luna play dota but noob..
who gonna play w me? hamachi? :D

Nonnie King said...


* * *

Lunatic Gal: Heh, I'm an idiot when it comes to game. But I'm sure girls playing game like this sure can easily fish guy one.

lunaticgal said...

i dint fish guy o.O!!!! grr grrr grrrrrrr

LuUeE said...

hahahha.. Nonnie, yes, who says, i 've done a market research, many people wanna know your love life..
Hmm, i can make money..

lunaticgal said...

nonnie, mail me thx i mau your email.

<:)><:)>Jason<:)><:)> said...

ah... ah... who said find bf must find like bobby one ah?? Roar! haha~ how can blame us leh? u just have to blame yourself for having the ability to find such a bf.

i compliment ur ability leh!! aren't i good? haha~ I want present! hahahahahahaha~

u can always print your own name card wah. n sophisticatedly say 'Good Morning, I'm Nonnie King, the blogger. Here's my card.'

Kelly said...

Since i already knew this joke at ur house, but i came back to read the whole post, sekali still laughing stupidly!!

what la? y blog also got *repost* thing one o.....

Wah..your last post still bring comments till here wor...not bad huh?! wonder got anyone jealous or not eh...? *wink wink* who else? la! *ahem ahem*

Wangs said...

Those cherry tomatoes looks yummy

rebelandaliberator said...

it looks cute though.. haha.. but ya it doesnt look practical..

what does it say on its tummy?

dee said...

Nonnie, *hint* Bobby again for A NEW PHONE. Make it another part of your birthday pressie. So funny lah the people commenting on your blog.

Nonnie King said...

Lunatic Gal : Ai yah.. sayang. I always think that it's easier to fish guy when it is possible to share common interest mah.

p/s: I emailed you already. ^(oo)^

* * *

Luuee : Then they should pay me and call both Bobby and I sifu(s). You want to be our manager or not?

* * *

Jason : Thanks for your compliment then. I can only say that my "radar" is working well.

Lai, Cikgu Nonnie give you stickers and three-stars on your exercise book ok? Enough?

Ah? Is blogger a profession? I'm not XX wor. Blogging doesn't earn me any money.

But blogging gives me friendship.

Nonnie King said...

Kelly : You know I know lah ah-moi.

* * *

Wangee : I don't know cos I don't eat them. Sad hor, no one appreciate them in the family. My mum planted them because they look pretty only.

* * *

Rebbe : Some Japanese words which I don't understand too.

* * *

Dee : But..but.. getting me a phone seems so un-romantic lah..

lunaticgal said...

i dint recieve any pun -.-