Saturday, November 11, 2006

Happy is an Attitude.

Please allow me to say a little nonsense before I blog about my "topic" (See the title for this post). I just feel like I need to babble a little.

On last Thursday, I cancelled my class for Primary 1A due to the reason that GCE O'level exam was helding at the lab next to my class. I know that my "uncontrollable" kids were sure to make (a lot of) noise since they're still very very young, marah also no use.

So I walked into their classroom and handed them each a piece of paper and asked them to draw freely with no topics. The way my students will put it is "suka-hati".

The next photo that you'll be seeing is my favorite piece!

A ship dropped an anchor and break a submarine into half! Not bad huh? Well.. I don't know what is the shark and chopper for thou. Maybe the chopper for rescue and the shark waiting for it's meal.

(Primary 1 only wei, when I was primary 1, I think I can only draw matchstick man!)

When the rest of the class were drawing Naruto, cars, (for boys) Princess, house, butterflies (for girls), this is really a rare piece. While drawing, he was giggling and making all those funny noises like, "He He He", "Thiuuuuuuuuu", "Boink!", "Ka Boom"!

It is just so simple for a kid to feel happy.

* * *

Oh, and I baked Pizza today!
In my new oven! (My birthday gift remember?)

With nothing but button mushrooms, pepperonis and mozilla firefox, oops.. I mean Mozarella cheese "kau-kau"!

(Translation: "kau" here means "thick")

Seriously, not to pujuk-sendiri, it really tasted nice. Well, maybe not for Kelly 'cos she came late and ants in my house had an earlier taste of it.

* * *

Oh, another thing. I'm very very very VERY,
extremely happy today!

While I was munching my pizza (as above) in front of my (soon-to-die) monitor and checking my mails. Guess what, I received an email from Mr. BR, he asked for my permission to link my blog!
OMG! My blog link at BruneiResources (dot) blogspot (dot) com!

So happy that I think I nearly pengsan. Is it true? I read the email twice to confirm I didn't get the meaning wrong. Then I replied Mr.BR (in a stupid manner.. I clicked "Send" too fast and realised I can't "Back" anymore..) Log out and log in my email account again to see whether the mail is still in my inbox just to comfirm.

(By this time some of you might be thinking..
"Gila kah orang ni?"

Hehehe. My link is up in BruneiResources!

I'm happy not because my link is up there... No, correction. I do feel happy about my link up there, but I felt happier because Mr.BR is reading my (stupid) blog.

My blog, the blog with no deep thought, no meaningful quote, sometimes boring and meaningless. Oh, I forgot to mention, poor grammar and vocabulary.

* * * * *

Okie, now.. back to the topic. Happy is an attitude.

Nisah's free-range eggs. I like the smiley.

Honestly speaking, I wasn't feeling happy lately. Nope, nothing happens. Just that I'd been thinking a lot, especially after reading Nisah's *entry* about her relationship.

I talked a little to Bobby and he asked/adviced/comment whether I should take a break in blogging because I can't seem to organise my thoughts and I think I blogged "crappily". <- If there's such word

And I felt even worst hearing that my friend is having some sickness.

I felt that, life is short..and fragile.

She's very strong. If I was her, I'll probably complain about God not being fair to me and sobbed whole day long. But she's different, she choose to face it bravely, accepting what God has arranged for her.

We choose to think it this way.

If something bad happened to us,
that means God thinks we're strong enough to handle it.

Pray for her my dear readers if you're seeing this.

And today when I was chatting with a friend,

Friend: From where you get those weird things to write in your blog?
Me: Huh? You think I blog weird weird things?
Friend: Weird weird idea lar...
Me: Like blogging about a roundabout?
Friend: The coffin car.. The Poki Pig..
Me: So you think my life is interesting?
Friend: At least not boring, you can always find activities to do.
Me: My life is boring too, just tat I choose to think it's interesting, so I can be happier.

It's true. I'm having a routined-life too like everyone else. Wake up, go to work, come back from work and stay at home the whole day if no one ask me to go out.

Just that I choose to live my life in a happy "angle".

I feel happy remembering my students said I look "lawa" and my student remember what I taught previously.

I feel happy if I found a nice parking.

I feel happy if I get a bigger portion of food from the restaurant.

I feel happy if I saw rainbow(s).

I feel happy if there's no big trucks/ lorries in the highway when I'm going to work.

I feel happy when it rains.

I feel happy when strangers smile to me.

I feel happy for the littlest things happening around me, even for the traffic light turning green when I was reaching the junction.

Maybe you'll think that I'm stupid for feeling happy for these small matters. But if I have a choice, to feel grumpy the whole day or keep a happy mood, I'll choose the latter.

Of course, if I can dine-in in Empire everyday and driving a Lexus RX350 I'll be much more happier, but I'm fine with eating Nasi Katok and driving my Corolla.

Some people see me as the "happy-go-lucky" and optimistic person and asked for my secret.
The key? Contentment!

I do complained about life, complained about people, complained about everything. But my mum always remind me of the less fortunate and says I should treasure what I have, whether it's good or bad.

I don't look attractive? Then I put a smile on my face to draw people closer to me, thus earning me a number of good friends (and blogmates too!).

My house is small and looks crappy? At least I have air-con in my room, Astro and PC with internet connection.

My boyfriend is not good looking? But he's a cute, good and romantic, a man that every girls dream to marry. (At least I think so)

I'm fat? That's because I'm being well-fed and never starve from hunger. Lucky aren't I?

My eyes are so small? Hey, I think they're special and at least they function well giving me the ability to see.

See? That's how I brain-washed or talked to myself sometimes when I'm feeling down over things.

Happy is an attitude, the way you see your life, the way you choose to think.

Some people own the biggest house, drive the fastest car and marry the prettiest wife (or handsome husband) but still feel unhappy.

Where as there are people who lives in a small house, eats the cheapest rice and are still driving the 20 years old Toyota are feel that their lives are meaningful and happy.

Good or bad, happy or sad,
you decide.

p/s: All the photos of flowers above are all my mum's lovely flowers. I was bored one day and so brought my camera out and snapped pictures. And if you want to know, I'm not using a SLR camera, just my Lumix FX8.


Atul said...

Saya sokong!

The key is in fact contentment, and to seeing the situation from another angle. It's funny how the simple and little things in life play a big role in keeping us happy.. ain't it? hehe.. I don't know if I'm making any sense at the moment but whatever. Haha.

By the way.. the kid who drew that.. Imaginative and funny! Haha. Coooool!

Nonnie King said...

Atul : Hard to put them in words kan? And I do agree on what you say about simple and little things sometimes can make us really happy.

Till now I still find the drawing fascinating!

Maurina said...

I'm content too!!! *hi5 Nonnie* It's not like we're happy all the time, it is just that we don't take things we already have for granted, right? Like.. aircond! Or... curtains! See, we so lucky Nonniekins! Huggg!

This is a very well written one!

jason said...

u make me so jealous of popular blogs! ahhh~~~~

makes me wanna go to my email inbox n check whether i have an email too... tho i noe that its impossible n i didn't publicize my email in my blog anyway...

can i kill u because i'm jealous???

congrats... (unwillingly)(haha)

but it's all about attitude right? more good bloggers more stuff for me to read!!!
so keep up the good work...

(very hard to smile lah!!)
jk~ =P

LuUeE said...

hahaha... Nonnie, hai.. To yo friend. Weird weird idea only interesting to read ma..

hahaa.. What a good idea.. Nonnie, breaking the submarine into half.. this way, Sharks have free food to eat.. and it becomes bigger due to eating human meat.. esp the fat ones who do less excercise.. who can swim.. N skin to d bottom..

YOU!!!! PIZZA.. not givin me to eat.. hehehe.. =p

LuUeE said...

BTW, WHERE'S IWAN.. i thought he be here always first.. then .. me.. always last..

Anneesa said...

King Siaw-Jie, you make me smile =)

Im thankful that our paths cross (even though its online..still maaa..wire cross here there).

Im thankful that we became friends.

Im thankful that we are so 'ngam' =)

Thank you Miss King. =)

dee said...

your friend is right nonnie. your blog always seem to talk about weird things in a happy way. But that's creativity and is a bonus. You posts always makes me happy and laugh outloud sorang2 in my room (kana ucap gila inda lagi lama). Always looking forward to your post (hehe puji labih2 one..kidding!!)

Sha said...

Happy belated Birthday Nonnie!! hehehe.. I LOVE Ness' happy eggs :)
Let's all be happy people!! haha.

de pianist said...

honestly,your blog won't bores anyone..okay,sometimes it's weird or strange or whatever,but i like the way you present it out.your post will always be filled with fun and humour.i salute you for that.^^!

you're the same as my friend,always that happy.his motto is "happy is the way of leading my life" or some sort like that,i can't remember.i like the possitive attitude you have here.i'm trying to be one too,especially in facing problems in my life.well,i hope you can continue with your happy attitude and bring more smiles to everyone..hehe..=)!

Nonnie King said...

Maurina : Yeap. We can't be happy all the time, but at least we try to be happy most the time.
Thanks for the compliment Maw~

(If I call you "Maukinss", it sounds like towel, tuala in Chinese. So I can't call you maukins! Hahaha)

* * *

Jason : It's not like from the first day I blog I terus got readers and comments. For the first 3mths my blog is close to non-existance. And I have no idea since when I start to have more readers and friends. Call it fate then.

NO! You can't kill me because you're jealous (of my blog)!

* * *

Lueee : Like your blog, weird weird one also. Hehe.

Come come, I MSN you my Pizza. Next time lah, tell me what toppings you want and I make for you.

I think Iwan is busy with his studies. Better don't kacau him.

Nonnie King said...

Nisah : *Awwww* So sweet~

I'm thankful to have a friend like you too, we "clicked"!

Can't wait to see you this December laa..

* * *

Dee : Weird things in a happy way? That's new.

My friends always marah me when she reads my blog because I make her look like orang-gila laughing in front of the monitor, somemore..she's at work that time and have to tahan not to laugh.

* * *

Sha : Finally you're back and reading my blog! I love Nisah's eggs too, so cute kan? I'll buy that just for the smileys!

* * *

Pauline : Thanks! I really need you all to tell me that my blog is not boring. Strange and weird I admit lah~

Like I say, happy is by choice. And I hope you'll lead a happy life in the future.

BaBy JeE said...

Nonnie, will u feel happy if I KISS u??

hehehhehe I know u will => and bobby will be wondering why... NONNIE, I WUV U... heheh JK

dee said...

hahaha therefore nonnie you might need to give a warning to your readers never to read your blog during work or read when there's nobody around hehhe...

lunaticgal said...

i like the pictures :D i think i would probably think of a house, and two moutain bhind and a sun in btw the gunung, few birds flying, cloud, and also some coconut tres bside the house!

u can imagine that?

well nonnie, congrates that u got into the dunno-wat link.. but cz ur getting famous!

don stop blogging else we will feel boring !

uglyfatchick said...

yeah. Being happy is something we can all choose. =)

BTW: this link can help you to determine your peronality. :)

Nonnie King said...

Lu Jee : o_O! , -___-"

* * *

Dee : Write something like,

Warning! Funny ahead.
Laugh at your own risk

* * *

Lu lu : Yeap. I can only draw that when I was in Primary 3.

Wah.. now I baru know my blog is for you people's entertainment and leisure.

* * *

Christina : Woohoo! Going to try it out after I come back from work later. Thanks for the link dear.

People, you can play it too, that link will tell you whether you're an extrovert or introvert!

IngSiang said...

Still remember "Huo zai Dang Xia"? That's the key to happiness, too. =)

Congratulation upon making yourself into the "better brunei bloggers" section of BR, I am sure you'll get an extra dozen visits a day from there. =D I wanted to be there one day too! =)

Erm, your blog is funny, not boring, really seems like Xiaxue of Brunei, haha. Refer to if you don't know what I mean. =)

And your 3rd last shot is brilliant, nice composition! =D

Iwan Sanchez said...

I see a different and softerside of Nonnie!!


Ya, i agree, in life, we have to be contented with what we have.
Some people have more than us and some people have lesser than us...
Just gotta be happy in life..

The pizza loks so yummY!!! I am drooling now!! Muahahahahaha!!
When can i get to taste ar?

And oh ya... Ur blog is DAMN good mah, thats y lor.. told u before that u area popular blogger yet u don beleieve me..


s@s said...

hey! only now i found you! hehehehe.... is it ok to link you up?

Bobby said...

King, teach me how to be happy. Here is a scenario, I just finish my exam n i didnt have time finish the paper. I left nearly one page blank while the other one i didn't even complete half at most. So my chance of getting a distinction is gone while getting a credit hangs in balance cos i rush the paper.

Oh teach me my Guru Sifu Nonnie of the happiness of Life.

Nonnie King said...

Ing Siang : Yeap~ "Huo Zai Dang Xia"

Me? XX of Brunei? Shall I feel happy? She is popular and famous, but I don't want people to hate me leaving me hate comments oh. Plus. my photoshop skills not as good as her's.

Hehe. I'm still a noob in Photography.

* * *

Iwan : You'll get to taste it if you come to Brunei, or scientist invent a new machine to deliver food thru MSN.

Eeeee... malu lah saying my blog good, *shy*. Have to be modest mah. I like to think I blog craps so it'll get me motivated to blog better next time, instead of whinning why no one visit and comment my blog.

* * *

s@s : Hhahah! Sure. I've seen your name for quite some time too.

Nonnie King said...

Bobby Love : Awww..It's ok dear. You tried already.

Guru Sifu Nonnie now want you to forget about your previous paper and now pay attention to the next paper!

Kambadeh hike hike p^_^q


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