Thursday, November 23, 2006

Theen's 24th Birthday Celebration

Firstly, this entry is going to be so-damn-boring because:

1. You don't really care what happened that night.
2. You don't know anyone inside.
3. No photos of sexy ladies partying or handsome hunks smiling.

33 photos ahead. Not so sure where to start.. But I guess I'll just start my story-telling according to the pictures lah.


Theen celebrated her 24th Birthday in the same restaurant as me because the KBBC (KB Boat Club) was reserved by some rich ang-moh who's going to party whole night. Two nights in a row somemore.

Nevermind, Buccaneer not that bad too lar.

A bun (together with butter) was given to everyone of us. Maybe because they know they served very slow like snails and scared we du-lan and just leave the restaurant kua.

Ivan, Mabel's brother was joking, "Hey King, you got a new oven for your birthday kan? Take this butter back and bake something for us lah."


Excuse me people, as per Chloe, if I'll like to bake a cake out from this little tiny butter, I'll need at least hundreds of them. Open the wrappers also open till my hand "galeh".

Ah... skip it.

Talk about the main character now. Miss Yong Pig Theen.

That's her boyfriend, soon-to-be-fiancee and husband.

Stop starring at my stupid-ugly-teddy-bear shirt!

No introduction needed for this if you all had been reading my blog for awhile. You know they're my besties.

What we got for her

You know, the box is not cheap leh. But sibeh nice.
For Theen, it's worth it.

Opening the box, this is what she saw first.

Please lah..You think I, I mean "We" so karit only give candies meh? Of course there's more inside.

She wanted handbags..but, it is hard for us to get it because:
1. Difficult to look for one nice one
2. Don't know if she'll like it or not

(Everytime I show her something I like, she'll say "Not bad ar.. But not my taste lor". Mafan or not this lady)

So instead of getting something that she might not like, I thought of this.

A gift certificate (voucher)

Words inside:

Instruction: Please bring this certificate along with your damn-cute-and-sweet-friends upon redemption.

And also these...

Earlier on before her birthday, I told her that I'll make a card for her and guess what she said,
"Har... Card ah? Eh.. You know I'm not into this stuffs one lah. No need to make it lah"

Potong-Stim man!

What kind of friend is that? I got-heart want to make something for her she said no need.

So nevermind, I make another thing that she'll like it more. A doll.

Don't believe I made that? Remember my "Piggie King Siaw Chu"?
See.. I still can stitch what!

Lucky her chinese name is damn easy to write. 9 strokes only. I'll die if I need to make my own name...

After drafting it out, trace it onto the cloth and cut it out.

Then stitched it lah of course.

See? I bring it everyway I go just in case I can't finish it on time. The place in No.4 is actually NBT Service Center (KB), I sent my car for service and rather than wasting hours there doing nothing, I brought all the ojipala stuffs to finish the doll.

By the way, the Cellniques Sebum Gel is out of stock. So we used a temporary paper one first lah. "yi-shi" "yi-shi" mah..

Don't you think the doll looks like a robot? The face is suppose to be square but my DoraMabel made a round one. Nevermind, same same lah.

After eating, each of us were served a glass of red wine. And someone brought this out too..

From this picture onwards, you're going to see a lot of people drinking photos.

Sorry, still no hot babes partying.. We're in a RESTAURANT, not a pub lah!
Anyway, no pub in Brunei also lah.

The guys actually had a evil plot of making all the ladies there drunk. Of course, the one most-kana is the birthday girl lah.

After n-glasses of Chivas... She claimed she's not drunk!

And who dare to say she's DRUNK?

(Actually there's a lot of pictures but I malas edit and scare it will bored you all bah. So I only picked some lor)

And Bobby too.
My face turns red really fast everytime I drink. Even a sip. But this time nada, because my glass of drink was really diluted.

Ice + Coke + Chivas = Nothing.

Finally, singing birthday song and cutting cake session.

I kana warned by Theen not to post that pic (The bottom-right one). But I already edit it.. So, what I did was just replaced their head with smooching lips with cartoon one lor.

Chew.... Everytime already hug and kiss infront of us liao lar, scare what malu. Hahaha,

Seriously, don't you think it looks more like an "ENGAGEMENT PARTY"?

Saw the bouquet of roses? Actually James planned to propose infront of everyone that night but that evil plot of him kana discovered by Theen earlier. So no jadi lor.

If not we all more syok got "free show" to see leh.

Anyway, the guys tried to make Theen drunk so it'll speed things up.

Speed what up? Their kahwin-day lor.

Nyek nyek nyek. His friends were all saying, "Bah, make her drunk then next month you can kahwin liao. Then Chinese New Year we all can get angpao from you. Then 9 months later become father lagi."

Some kind of friends huh~

Random photos ahead

Lovey Dovey Robert & Lung
Awww.. Aren't they sweet?

Of course, not forgetting a pic of
Bobby & Nonnie
1/3 of my time during the dinner I spent was eating.
1/3 talking and gossiping.
1/3 taking pictures..

Man, die liao.. I think I got "Serious-blogging-addict".

I carry my camera everywhere I go, thinking I might saw something worth to take picture. I take pictures of food and stupid stuffs. (Eventhough I didn't blogged it out). And I have a rough idea what to say while taking those pictures.



Okie, time for group photos.

The Banana Boys

The Lemon Girls

A little eye test for you all now. I'm going to post 3 (almost same) group photos here. Can you spot one hyper active guy who changed his position everytime a photo is snapped?

Really like a monkey~
(And I hope he won't be reading this! Or maybe he doesn't even know I'm saying him)

* * * * *
Just a little something else. Last Sunday, 19 Nov 2006.

There's actually 8 cars outside my door. Really like Chinese New year you know.

We have a habit of gather everyone at my place due to geographical reason. Each of us owns a car and thus.. like that lor..

We went up to BSB to catch a movie and meet up with Feli. The kasian girl who didn't get to celebrate her birthday with her loves one this year.

He's not a P.I.!
(Parking Idiot)
Just that the parking space was too small.

The girls on my left and my right share the same birthday!

Same month, same day, same year. Same school also. Hahaha. But, different personality.

The common thing I can spot in them is.. they two also stupid-stupid cute-cute one sometimes. Oh yah.. super blur also!


JaMie said...

the guy's name is Hao Chi? Yummy?

Nonnie King said...

Jamie : No no no. It's "Curious" not yummy.

Hahaha. You really look in to the photos eh!

Merv Kwok said...

the gay pic, that is soooooo goood! lol

rebelandaliberator said...


LuUeE said...

yes.. yes.. Iwan, has not arrived in the building yet... LuUeE is in da house.. Anyways, Nonnie, no need to say the least.. But around the next two years all your friends. will be going to get married and you and Bobby.. after that.. mwhaha.. But me, i love my Vivian.. and $$$

Nonnie King said...

Merv Kwok : Hehe. I was starring at the pic for so long because I felt weird.

* * *

Rebbe : Why? Wanna drink ah?

* * *

Luuee : Who is VIVIAN?? Ahhem!

De Pianist said...

looks like there're lots of november babies around

yellow shirts?so yellow leh the group pics..ever thought of calling banana in pyjamas to celebrate with you guys?lol..

Bobby said...

You look so good Nonnie. I Love You.

uglyfatchick said...

awww... so sweet...

Yeah, being a blogger is not easy. I bought a phone with camera function so that I can take photos everywhere I go. :P

rebelandaliberator said...

no la, i dont drink.. anymore haha..

Hazirah said...

Your stitched doll looks so.. professional! =D First thing I thought when I saw the picture was, "Wow, where you can buy things like that?" So lawa. Heheh. *inspired to make similar things*

Sha said...

Haha I love the DIY doll! I still havent tried it out! And the cake is super cute ;)

IngSiang said...

I once got drunk after gulping 7 glass of Chivas(and half coke) in a row, and 3 glass of red wine. =D I don't know, i never drink before(xept for a couple sips and a bit of beer) and when I went to that gathering of mom and her friends, they ask me to drink, and I don't know, i just one-go everything they gave me. And dang, I was zig-zag thru the way, and climb up the stage to sing n dance, and when I go home, I almost fall down frm da staircase, and erm, I was lying-dead in my car, laughing and smiling for no reason! LoL. And when I reach home, sis push me to the toilet and force me to puke. I puked, and become better. I can't sleep that nite, my neck is so hot, and it lasted for like, 2 days? LoL. Never really drink since then.

Nonnie King said...

De Pianist : What can I say? November is a good month!

Err.. Banana in Pyjamas can drink kah? I wonder how a drunken banana looks like.

* * *

Christina : Everytime he saw that not much people is commenting in my entry, he'll act like a super hero and comment.

And for this one, I was the one who typed it and he said OK. Muahaha. Sibeh thick skin kan?

* * *

Rebbe : Anymore.... for today only kali?

Nonnie King said...

Hazirah : Thanks! Hehehe. You should really see the one my "sifu" made then.

* * *

Sha : Thanks dear. It's simple but time consuming.. Good for practice my patience.

The cake cute kan? I thinka little gay bor. Ssshh... You didn't hear it from me.

* * *

Ing Siang : What an experience! First time already so ganas. Will you still want to drink in the future?

LuUeE said...

Nonnie. when you come to eat pizza at pizza hut.. you will know.. she's hot..she's sexy.. and woo.. i love her shape.. hmm.. I'm in love.. need to keep money.. to modify her.. VIvian.. I love you.. BTW, Vivian's me car.. My wife..

War186 said...

Not a boring post at all Nonnie. ;)

Really nice lah the box you guys gave Theen.

Does look like an engagement party hehe. Nice pictures of Theen and the fiancee.

Robert and Lung look so sweet together haha.

Same lah Nonnie we take pictures everywhere and anywhere hehe :)

Nonnie King said...

Luuee : Sigh.. Men.. Always calling their cars "Wife".

Ya right, ask your "wife" beranak for you lah.

* * *

Wardah : Hehe. A blogger's profession~