Friday, November 3, 2006

My advance Bday gifts + Hari Raya Celebration in SRPSJPAM

Today is the second last day of me being 22 years old. No, I'm not whinning and complaining of my age. I think women looks more attractive and charming as they grow older (If they rajin keep their look and body lah)

This is my first birthday gift I received this year.

I saw it in a boutique and like it a lot.. Hehe, crown what, for "King" mah~

I didn't buy it, instead I turn my head to my lousy good friends and say, "Hey, my birthday coming wor. You girls buy for me lah~"

Hahaha. I know, I'm so bloody thick-skin demanding presents like that. I got two other gifts coming from them soon. Eventhough it's suppose to be a secret, but I know what I'll be getting already. Hahahaha.

* * * * *

And yes! I finally received my gifts from Iwan.

Iwan, my blogmate whom I've only know for... 2months plus I think? It's really sweet abd generous of him in wanting to send me something lah. When he emailed and asked for my address, I was already very shocked.

We always say, "It's the thought that counts".

(Hey, even friends whom I've know for 5yrs and above, stay in the same area with me also won't do the same thing lah.. buy one $1.80 gift also don't have leh.. Well, cannot blame.. Cos I didn't get them anything too *bleh*)

Opening the box, first thing first, my birthday card.

This card, a bit "hamsap" hor? Want me to think dirty is it?

No Iwan, your handwriting is not ugly lah. At least I still can read them mah.

And my gift? *Ta Da*

Hehe. Ever since my Baby-G watch which I bought in Form3, I'd never bought any watch exceed $20! Karitness~

And this watch, *ai* Sure more expensive than $20. Hehehehe. I scare I'll scratch it later lah.. I'm damn clumsy.

As per Iwan, this is a last minute gift, and not the first original he get for me, but because the delivery company says that the item cannot be send over because it's inflammable.. So boh-pien lor.

(Translation: Boh-Pien. Hokkien. Meaning- No Choice)


* * * * *

The "short" form of the school I work at is SRPSJPAM...

Long or not the name of my school? It took me, erm.. days to remember it. And even until today, I can't say it quickly, else my tongue twisted.

Sekolah Rendah Pengiran Setia Jaya Pengiran Abdul Momin.
(Even when I type it out, also very slow, murmuring word by word)

* * * * *

As mentioned previously in my last entry, we had Raya celebration in our school. Damn syok can. The Pra students putting up a fashion show, the primary kids all sing and dance. And games for the teacher.

Here, random pics with captions later.

That's Vicky, Rohanna and me. We had to wait till 12 baru can eat the lunch prepared by the school, so we think it's better if we had some breakfast first.

Cool or not? Our school canteen even served cereals with milk. :p

* * *

Walking in to the hall, and saw.. wah lao eh, so colorful.. (the tudongs and baju rayas) Some of the kids even put up some make-up, so cute~

I like this particular Primary 1 girl
So cute! Like dolly~
For the whole morning, I was walking here and there, talking pictures and dunno-doing-what.

There were a few games planned. The first few one, I think it's.. not challenging enough and boring, no fun. So I didn't join... What's the game? Ermm..Guess the name of drinks and make Kueh Moh.

Then ah, my colleague told me, the next game is the last one already. Then I ask also didn't ask and terus say, "I wanna join!"

Sekali... see for yourself what is it..

Yeap! Pineapples! We have to cut the pineapple nicely.. I forgot the malay word they used already, I just know they want the pineapple cut nya...

I.... never cut open a pineapple before. *malu*

Gah.. How oh?
Blame it on myself lah, seldom help out in the kitchen.

Nah, the end result!

Obviously, I didn't win. How the hell I know I have to keep the shape wor?

Should have give me some credits cutting it small like that so it's ready to eat what~

Not fair. Humph!

And everyone was laughing at me when they saw the video.. when.. I terus cut the pineapple into halves.. Aiyah.. I already say I never cut pineapple liao lor.

p/s: Bobby, will you still marry me even if I don't know how to cut a pineapple? We can always buy it from cut-fruit hawker kan?

* * * * *

After everything habis in the hall, teachers go back to their own respective class for "Open Class". (People open house, we open school)

And as for orphan-teachers like us, the special teachers I mean, Art teacher, P.E. teacher, and me.. ICT teacher.. we're like orphans having no place to go to, except stay in the staffroom.

But my colleagues were really nice, I got invited to a lot of class parties. From one room to another, thus having the chance to eat more.. Nyek nyek nyek. Fat oh!

You can only see me in Primary 4A class photo,
cos their class teacher wasn't around

I laughed when I saw this pic everytime..

* * * * * * * *
p/p/s: Can see that I'm rushing this post ah?


Iwan Sanchez said...


Paisei nya!!! Lolz!!!!

Its the tot that counts!!

I seriously hiope u like the gift lor...

Maybe next yr (if we still in contact) come to singapore lah and choose ur bithday gift ok...

I mean it!!!!

Last but not least,
I wish you a HAPPY 23RD birthday!!!

May all your dreams and wishes come true in many many years to come!!

And may u always be happy with your loved ones!!!

Kelly said...

too unfair la, look at the other kids when u took the photo with the dolly! macam jealous oh...all the eyes looking from the back right??

-___-''' your pineapple really looks like cut ready for ppl in the restaurant to eat o..hehehe, but i think it's not surprising that you cut it like that la, since they didnt mention must still be a *whole*...

bah! ngam la, wear the belt with a matching jeans/watsoever on your birthday...

LuUeE said...

hahaha.. Iwan, Wow, you are a cool guy, Really sent Nonnie a present.. I respect you man.

Nonnie, yes, the king's crown.. is cool. FIt for d king. Hmm.. Hai, make me paiseh, i treat you when you come over to miri.. mwhahaha..

I think Bobby is a great guy, he will still marry you even if you don know how to cut pineapples.. mwhahaha..

Nonnie King said...

Iwan : Wah seh, can let me choose my gift lagi ah. So nice!
I'm pretty sure we'll be still in contact next year one friend.

Kelly : I got take also, but this picture looks very nice must post mah.
Sigh, blame me for not understanding Malay well lor, how would I know they want the whole fruit.
And yes, I'm thinking what to wear with the belt liao..

Luuee : You think Iwan is just kidding ah? Hahhaa.
You treat me what first? I don't want Mc'D oh, got phobia at the place there liao. Hehehe.

Ya lor, I can just train Bobby in to the guy who know how to cut pineapple nya kan, good idea!

Blueheeler - the dog that sniffs out fishy news said...

Ms King, do you know that your b/day is a 'celebrated' day in England? It's Guy Fawkes day, and from him, we have the saying "Remember remember the 5th of November". Watch "V for Vendatta" for a good summary of who he is...
Happee Birthday!

lunaticgal said...

eppi bday nonnie :D

rebelandaliberator said...

your b'day is on sunday ya? hehehe.. i'll send myself to kb, haha, i'll probably get lost in tutong country..

the little girl is so cute.. really pretty ah, so fair again her skin.. ya ah kelly's right.. i bet the kids are like "cher, she's not the only cute kid around.. got us meh" hehe..

oh man, that kid sitting on the chair.. i think one day he'll be in show business..

Nonnie King said...

Danny / Blueheeler : I Know! Only after I watch V for Vendetta. Not bad what, I have a nursery rhyme mentioning my Birthday.
Feel proud oh.

Lunaticgal : Thanks oh. And Good Luck to your exam.

Rebbe : Hahaha. There's only one straight road to KB, like that you'll also get lost? Die lor..

To avoid students saying me pilih-kasih, I actually took a lot of pics with them, but this really looks nice so I post it lah.

Bah Rebbe, you want his autograph, who knows 10yrs later he's our local Mr.bean leh?

LuUeE said...

Luuee : You think Iwan is just kidding ah? Hahhaa.
You treat me what first? I don't want Mc'D oh, got phobia at the place there liao. Hehehe.

Ya lor, I can just train Bobby in to the guy who know how to cut pineapple nya kan, good idea!

My reply.. HAHAHAHA.. Nonnie, Yes, Iwan, you are cool..

hmm.. After d exams. I am thinking of somewhere special but cannot tell you yet. KAKAKA..

And Bobby, hehhe.. Bobby later become expert then he cut the pineapple become like a love shape which write "Nonnie, You the d best"


Ness said...

Awwwwwwww...Iwan, you're so nice!!! All the way from Singapore lagi.

i don't buy watches either. I just take second-hand from my mother. LOL. Cheaper that way.

Eh, your pineapple-skinning contest remind me of this contest my mum once got herself into. It was held by the officers' wife association and she had to arrange flowers. Lol. My mother end up cutting the stems too short making her arrangement look cacat.

SHe was against those who arrange flowers for a living!! Not fair lah like that! Lol.

I remember back in MS, when we had Hari-Raya celebration, my friends and I would go from class to class..kira raya-ing laah. but at school. keng or what? :D

dee said...

awwww so nice the pressie that u got...hehehe im afraid to cut pineapples coz takut kana the thorn..eeeiii...but good on u for chopping it up into bite size pieces..hehee..yummy...

Nonnie King said...

Luuee : So secretive ah? But have to tell me whether I should wear nice baju or not oh, ig not later I malu.

Hehehe. I'll make sure Bobby can cut pineapple like that one day then baru marry him.

And.. I don't want Mc'D lah.....

Ness : A wah.. Not fair kan. All the other contestant are professional "housewives" kali. I'm the stupid bujang.
Haha, class raya-ing much more fun than open house, cos can skip here and there.

Dee : That's why I say they should at least give me a consolation prize for cutting it ready to eat kan. If only you're the judges. Hehehe. Then I can win the hamper home.

Ness said...

King Siaw-Jie! If I greet you at midnight here, which is still 10pm in Brunei, can right?

LuUeE said...

hahha.. yea lo.. Must keep secret. Only i know and my brain know. But is something other than MC D. Need to keep some bling first. mwhahah..

Yes, Bobby, romantic boy, surely will cut the pineapple very cute one. =p

Chau said...

Pineapple = Nenas ah...

cindy said...

Happy Birthday Mizz King! :D

Many, many, many to come!

dee said...

Miss King...Happy Birthday yyaaahh..

lizzie said...

is it me or is everyone's birthday around this time of the year? anyway, happy birthday, dear ;)

Shea Speare said...

Miss King! Happy Birthday!

War186 said...

Happy belated birthday Nonnie! Sorry yesterday I can't leave a comment I don't know why heh. Looks like you had a big birthday bash huh? Haven't heard from you a couple of days now. Bah just tell us all about it. ;)

Bobby said...

:)Happy 23yrs 1 day Birthday. Not to worry, if u cant cut the pineapple properly, i'l buy u many pineapple for u to practise till u get it right. Nothing is too good for u King, so i will stay all nite if i have to just to make sure u cut the pineapple right.

Nonnie King said...

Thanks all of you!

To Bobby, can't we just buy the ready-cut one?

uglyfatchick said...

hahas.. You cut for him = more love mah. :p