Saturday, May 20, 2006

Platelets Donation

Yesterday was the second time in my life that I went for a platelets donation. Well, the first time was during January 2005, at about.. 2am? And so, this time, I bring along my camera take pictures and asked a lot of question..

The "blood-sucking" machine. Neh.. The nurse also dunno what is it called, so.. yea... blood-sucking machine la. Anyway.. this thing here cost B$ 150,000.00! See.. Blood-sucking isn't it? Can buy a bungalow liao la..
The whole set of "Blood-sucking" tubes and packets and bla bla bla that cost B$ 500.00.

How my right hand looks like after 5 mins..

That is NOT urine! The packet on the left is my Plasma diffuse out from my blood.. and on the right hand side, that's the Platelets extract out from my Plasma.

Great.. When the machine tries to circulate my blood back into my body... my veins "bangkat" (swollen).. so the nurse poke another hole in my left hand to "cycle" back my blood in.

Here, my sizzling HOT platelets ready for the rescue!

I'm suppose to go for 4 cycles, but sadly.. I think my body had a protest. After circulating the blood back into my body, and start the second cycle.. my stuborn blood just don't wanna come out?! The nurse tried so many different methods. There's no clotting in the tube, she injected "seline" (I dunno wat is it so I dunno how to spell it) into my veins, it's ok. But the bloody blood just won't come out... So.. I pathetically donated 72ml of my platelets only... Sheesshh.. So Lauyah and malu.

And so.. *ta da*

And this is what I get

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