Friday, October 27, 2006

It's a paint. It's a hump. It's ROUNDABOUT!

A little something:
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Ever since I started to blog, I had always, ALWAYS wanted to have a little say on this topic, i.e. Seria's Roundabout!

Few years ago, more than 10 I mean, can say that most of the road junctions in Seria have been "forcefully" added in a roundabout. Due to the reason of limited space, roundabout in our pathetic small town often looks like this...

Photo taken at the junction once you come out from highway.
Near the wet market there

p/s: I don't know most of the road name, I'll just agak-agak tell you the location nya. (If you're interested to know where is it, so next time you visit Seria then you can spot them easily)

Back to the photo, can you spot a white patch of paint on the ground?
If YES, good for you.. you can now drive safely in Seria. If NO.. please ensure you have a fellow friend sitting beside you guiding you when you're driving here.

Everytime when any of my friends from BSB came down and visit me, and saw the so-called roundabout..their reactions are..

The roundabout near Police station and Post office

Yea Yea. Pathetic roundabouts.... But, I consider them uniquely found only in Seria what~

The second scenario when first-time-drive-in-Seria-people will meet is...

Me: Eh, slow down. Got roundabout ahead.
Driver: Huh? Where? I don't see any.

Another20M to Supa Save rounadbout

Me: Got bah! You trust me and slow down now! (A bit panic already)
Driver: Where? I don't see any! You mean I have to slow down NOW?

Now you don't see.
Now you shocked!

(Idea copy from Chipsmore: Now you see, now you don't)

*Car run over the "hump"*

Me: -____-" Nevermind. You just "ran over" the roundabout anyway...
Driver: Is it? No feeling leh....
Me: Duh... *roll eyes*

Apalah... Seria is not only famous for it's kolomee, rice dumpling, oil and gas bla bla bla, nodding donkey and so on, now when you come to Seria, you got to see our roundabouts too! Fascinating isn't it? *Sense any sarcasm here?*

The roundabout that can turn into the "Billian Barrel Oil Monument"

Other than miniature roundabouts, we have some weird designs roundabout too..

Roundabout to Mumong road from Seria

Roundabout that you see coming out from highway,
and going to Pandan Lima

p/s: I just google it and to my surprise, the teapot monument (roundabout) in Kuala Belait symbolises the four districts of the Sultanate of Brunei

Ah.. this one normal a bit lah, but super small.. very hard to corner you know..

Roundabout in KB, near bus station, Police station and HSBC

Oh....... Now I remember.. I forgot to take pictures of the roundabout connecting Jalan Maulana & Panaga one.. That one more cool, got steel pigeons or some sort of cranes in the center.
(Weird huh?)

Not forgetting to mention, we have a big crystal arch for the Jerudong Park roundabout.

But, that's not located in Seria so doesn't count lah..

Well, we do have normal and ordinary looking around with nothing but cement and black & white paing tho.. like this.

Roundabout in KB, err.. near the black tangki there.

Lastly, show you people something you don't get to see in any other place, only in Belait ok!

Hahahaa. We got a signboard here "teaching" or "reminding" drivers how to use the roundabout in a proper way...

I remember before the signboard and policemen start to "saman" drivers who drive straight crossing the roundabout, my mum was one of them who either:
1. Run over the roundabout, or
2. Shortcut it, not turning at full circle around it.

Maybe you can't see clearly what's on the signboard.
Here, an enlarge copy.

Photo taken in KB. The roundabout near to the football field, near to petrol station


One thing, erm... irrelevant to the topic one. Just want to share with you dear friends and readers...

When I was still a baby, still drinking milk from the milk bottle, everytime when I threw tantrum refusing to finish the milk, my evil mum would threaten me this,

"If you don't finish your milk, later Aliens from the UFO will come and abdupt you!"

And the picture below is her so-called "UFO" 20years ago!

Damnit! I actually buy that! Blame it on my wild imagination.... Thinking that there are really some big head green Aliens inside who cut open children's bodies and take out their organs and transplant into Aliens so they can continue survive in planet Earth.. Cilaka..

It was only till when I was in my Primary 5, seen more TV and read more books... and mum stopped the threatening (because I don't drink from milk bottle anymore obviously), I suspected what I was being told..

One day, I came up with my courage and "confront" my mum... And guess what's her reaction.

"HAHAHAHAHHA! You're still believing it! Silly girl!"

-____-" I felt so...retarded! What kind of mum is that? What if I choose to believe it till today, will wreck-up my future one you know. Serious one leh the result.


Here, I introduce you the super ganas lady driver who can one hand on the stick/wheel, one hand holding the camera and take pictures! (Yes, I drive a manual transmission car. *Proud*)

Call me number 1

I know.. stupid pose. I sucks in camwhoring what...

Steady or not? If you see the pics carefully, it's not hard to tell that most of them are taken from the angle in the car.

Talking or SMS on the phone while driving is illegal I know...
But no one tell me taking picture also will kana "saman" wor.



Iwan Sanchez said...

Wah nonnie....

Haolianing me abt ur driving skills ar? Muahahaha!! I know i am stupid to failedtwice.. Lolz!!

Anyway, yes I am SURPRISED and SHOCKED to see the mini roundabouts..

Is it available only in Brunei??

Unique Brunei ke?


UFO???? I NEVER believe in that since young..

you are so NAIVE...


Nonnie King said...

Iwan : I'm innocent leh. Where got Hao-lian?

I don't know about other places.. but these are the roundabouts that I have to come accross everyday.

And... I know I'm stupid lah, believing all that UFO thingie.. So kind of you to label it as "Naive"

Kenny Ng said...

My hometown in Penang have a smallest roundabout in Malaysia, it's only a lamp post, smaller than what u show here... haha. That really confused me last time.

jason said...

the ufo is a water tank of some kind right?

i actually posted about this before.. but your pictures are better! Roar!

but really, many people dunno how to use these roundabouts loh! that's why the sign is there.

rebelandaliberator said...

lol.. i remember calling that thing a UFO too! haha.. but no one threatened me.. :)

i love the "wrong way" of using the roundabout.. i think there's one in muara, on the way to the beach.. not as small but same concept..

Nonnie King said...

Kenny : Fwah! Lamp Post only?! I bet a lot people will kana the tiang and accident.
How can a big big car go around a small small pole leh?

Jason : Yeap. The "UFO" is a water-tangki I think?
I didn't know you ever write something about this, sorry ah. Because I always find roundabouts here unique bah.
And I agree on the fact there's a lot of mindless driver who don't know how to use a roundabout!

Rebbe : Hahahah! You also think it looks like UFO kan! At least I'm not the only naive one here.
If no one is there, can still curi-curi use the wrong way. I love the "wrong way" too. Ah.. I know which roundabout you're talking about now.

Ness said...

Eekkk!! Jerudong roundabout!! Aww..Im homesick now!

The seria round about looks like a huge drop of bird poo that someone forgot to clean up.

karen Q said...

huh? brunei got such funny roundabout... lolz~~

hey, i loves your sunglass.. lolz~ :P

Nonnie King said...

Nisah : Come back I bawa you jalan lah.

And now then you mentioned.. it does look like bird poo!


Karen : Thanks. Ah yah.. I also don't know why Brunei's roundabout looks that funny.

F¡яєвџяN said...

singapore dun have such roundabout

Nonnie King said...

Fireburn : Singapore more high-tech and developed than Brunei mah~

Plus.. my hometown still a bit kampong wor.

uglyfatchick said...

lols. really very weird. :P

Nonnie King said...

Christina : It looks weird because low budget I suppose. Hahhahaa

LuUeE said...

hahha.. Nonnie, this is the coolest roundabout.. n excuse to not see the roundabout and outrun the law.. mwhahah.. LuEe WITH another bad lesson to teach.. people

Nonnie King said...

Luuee : A bah~ Always teach bad bad things one wor this Uncle Luuee.

Next time come to Seria must go and pay attention to these mini roundabouts yah.

LuUeE said...

hahh.. I don know how many class do i need to go to remember the round away.. Mwhahaa..

Nonnie King said...

Luuee : Nevermind, I can be your tour guide. Bobby still make the wrong turn, go into the wrong simpang or can't remember the roads too.

Erm.. I call this kind of people "Direction-Idiots". hahaha. Jk~