Monday, October 30, 2006

Photo Album

A lil note:
People, just a friendly reminder ya, I'm still waiting for more comments (thoughts) for my previous post. And one more thing.. 6 more days then I'm officially 23!

* * *

I've decided to name this post "Photo Album" because, there's no topic that I'm going to blog about, just some random pics that I've taken recently and captions.. Or some extra nonsense that I want to tell you all.

Went to Excapade KB (yes, we have a Excapade in KB too, Bandarians) for something like a gathering last Friday, St's Margaret 1999 batch mini reunion kua? (Luckily) We didn't get to sit in the big room, so having so much of us, we splited into two tables and chatted separately.. I don't feel pity about it, tabalik.. I was glad..

Hehee.. Sounds kinda bad I know. But, seriously.. I don't think I'll feel easy sitting on "the other table" knowing the topics that probably be brought up are:

- Motherhood (The whole process of laboring, breastfeeding and diaper's brand probably?)
- Jobs comparing, meaning comparing your salary, boss, colleagues, benefits working there and so on
- Boyfriends or husbands comparing... ("My boyfriend bla bla bla, your boyfriend bla bla bla")

Someone please tell me, why does a gathering always turn out to be nothing but a chance to "Compare" again?

I know that not all are like that, there are people who sincerely want to know how are you and cares about your life, but you got to admit..there are some people in your class who are like.. loves to show-off this and that.. I felt much more comfy sitting with people at my table.

There was something funny that SoonLung was saying..

Mabel: I want to watch "Sinking in Japan"!
SoonLung: I watched it already. I rate it 8/10.
Us: Huh? Wah seh..rate lagi. What other movies you rate so high? Must know first, sekali "Scary Movie" you also rate so high, then we understand your standard sampai where already.

Then I asked, "What is the movie about since you say is so nice?"

SoonLung: "Japan sinking lor"

Wah! I really didn't think of that leh (Sarcastically)

Chew! Steady also the answer! Who don't know "Sinking in Japan" is about "Japan sinking".. Say liao like didn't say at all..

Random pics
We're the laber-collectors

That guy above is one of my best guy friend. Very sien.. asked him to do a unique post, don't always boring boring stand like that.. still the same..

(Nevermind, he go offshore liao. Won't be reading my blog for a week at least)

Oh well, at least I got "style" standing. Hahhaa. Vain I know. Gali also I know.

* * *

Guess what I found at a shop!

Cool or not? If my bathroom's shower head is not fix on the wall.. I'll buy it for sure! Not expensive, only B$12.00!

Damn.. And I starting to like Spiderman's stuff just because I was once Spiderking?

Ai.. my nose looks like tongkeng!

Random Pic

My partner-in-being-childish, Mabel and I had fun in that many interesting stuffs and toys there. Hahaha. She was forcing us to see her demonstrating the "noisy-wheeler-bat" then goes "Kak-Kak-Kak" everytime you push it forward.

* * *

Went raya-ing this afternoon. Damn tiring leh..

Can you imagine, I woke up at 6.30am, left home at 6.50.. Finish work at 12.30, lepak in school till 2.00pm, go raya till 6.30pm baru go home.. !

(Erm yes, I only need 15mins preparation time to go work cos I don't eat breakfast at home, don't shower in the early morning because I'll catch cold and I malas wear make-up to school.. because my students ever go like,"Kenapa mata cikgu?" when I use eye-shadow)

Our dear GB, Guru Besar that is.. invited us to her open house.

The woman with green tudong is my GB.
Looks like a kind auntie kan? She is.

Gila man.. After that, we continuously visited 5 house... I was like.. wanna die liao. Low Batt lah!

How you people do that?
- You take off and wear your shoes back over and over again
- You try the same kueh (made by different people) over and over again
- You drink min. 1 glass of fizzy drinks every house you visited
- You shake hands and cium-cium everyone in the house

I once tried Raya-ing from 9.00am till 10.00pm... I felt like my legs wasn't attached to my body.
Can you people guess what's this?

Not that stupid thinking you don't even know what's cashew nuts lah.. I mean the strings.

Hehehe. Not onion, not potato, not chillies, not mushrooms...


*Drum Roll*


Steady leh? My GB invented them I think. And believe me.. It's damn crispy and tast very good too!

Bah, curi the idea lah. I know you'll go and tell your mum now asking her to try it too.

* * *
Ah.. another boring post..


Iwan Sanchez said...

Wah Nonnie,
I know u low batt liao.. Lolz!!

Ermm.... Same like me lei, sometimes if i have to wake up early in the morning, i took only 10 mins lei but i got shower one...


One thing i noticed, chinese brunei have to wear the malay costume kah if go rayaing? Correct me if i am wrong lah cos i didnt know the culture there cos i saw ur graduation photos and u wore the tudung... I dont know if its a compulsory... Sua ku rite?

And the crab meat skin idea is so innovative!! Kudos to your GB!!! Its the 1st time i see lei... Lolz!!!

p/s: You looked damn pretty with the picture u took with the guy!! Hahahaha!!

Killer pose ke??


rebelandaliberator said...

noooooooo! spiderking! help! cramp!

Nonnie King said...

Iwan : Ahhem.. hinting that I'm a smelly pig in the morning isit? Hahahaha!

No lah, it's not a "Must" to wear baju cara Melayu to go raya-ing, I wear like that because I went raya-ing straight away after school mah, having no chance to change first.
(I have to wear that to work)
Graduation must wear tudong lah. Cos big ceremony with crown prince there mah..

Pretty ah? Hahahaa. Thank you. Good thing my ugly pics didn't leave any deep impression in your head, you only remember the nice one.


Rebbe : Is your abs visible already? Hahhahaa

karen Q said...

hey nonnie, that S.Leong studied at Inti Sarawak, Kuching before ist? taking engineering course ist? cause he looks so familiar to ah bee's fren... lolz~ :P

too bad i dun have any Malay fren at Kuching here.. :P so, i din visit any malay house during raya~ :(

hey nonnie, i hate you la.. you always post photo of food one.. make me feel so so hungry!! hate you hate you!!!! lolz~ jk ya... :P

Atul said...

Wahhh.. got loads to comment.

1. Suk Chin! She was in my class. MOT physics. Hehe.

2. Was just thinking how annoying it is when people compare. Oh, but our angles lain. Hehe.

3. Cool showerhead! Spiderman saja? Hehe.

4. The toy Mabel was playing, I LOVED IT! I used to love it so much. Haha. Love the sounds. Mine was not even the plastic kind. Bought it at the tamu, and it was made of wood and a can if I'm not mistaken. Among other things lah.

5. Crabsticks! I guessed it. So creative your GB. Hehee.

Ah.. that's it! Hehe.

Atul said...

oh and

6. Nice pose! :)

Nonnie King said...

Karen : Yeap. That's him. In short, that's how I get to know Ah Bee lor.

I "Raya" till I phobia ah. Hahahaha. But seriously enjoy the food lah.

Hehe. I already control control not to post too many pictures of photo liao,

* * *

Atul : Cool..You know SukChin too..Seems that my blog is useful for keeping friends updated oh.
Hahaha, True true, different angles mean different things.
Got other cute one like Winnie the Pooh and other cute animals.
You bought that toy? Wah seh, cool leh.. not much "adults" like us dare to buy them already.
Smart eh you, can guess it!

Hahhaa. Thanks, I'm such a poser I know.

rebelandaliberator said...

oh man.. i have to avoid the name "spiderking" my perut and cheeks sakit ah..

and yes, that is a good pose.. haha

LuUeE said...

hahha.. Nonnie, time passes really quickly, ho.. I will be here waiting for class of 2016 when you and Bobby gonna have a daugther and my son will be standing by. mwhahaha..

HAHHA.. I am the smeelliest Babi hutan if i don bath in the morning..

Iwan, the crab meat idea is very innovative, but it would be more if Nonnie cook it for us. =P

Kelly said...

Wahahaha, i love the soon lung ones!! by the way, someone inside that Class of 99 photo, looks so terrible, like some Tarzan from the jungle?!!! *ahem*

Where is that place with so many toys? Nanyang ha?

Oi..i wana try the fry crabsticks! what else? only put with cashew nuts, that's all?

Anneesa said...

Wah liaaooo. Miss King, sexy pose leehhhh. Only you har. Not your friend. Your friend like pose dont wanna pose. LOL.

Jangan marah fren. =D

Mabel so cute with her skirt!!

Nonnie King said...

Rebbe : Got chance to be model or not? *tsk tsk*

Luuee : Wah Seh, you so sure 2016, that is 10yrs later I'm gonna have a daughter with Bobby ah? Who knows you're the one who have daughter, then my handsome young prince go and tackle her leh? Muahhaa *evil laugh*

Warning people, if you see Luuee in the early morning, stay away from him!

Wah lao.. want me cook for you all lagi, you're learning fast from Bobby eh, always pestering me for food.

Nonnie King said...

Kelly : You saying SHSH?

It's Leong brother at SoonLee there lah, you never walked in meh?
And other than cashew nuts, she put in yam sticks too.

* * *

Nisah : Sexy pose terkarang? Hahaha! They all like always kana force to pose by me one.

Yeap, her skirt damn cute, we forced her to buy that cos it really suits her! She's fair and cute, wear this kinda skirts look best mah.

LuUeE said...

Mwahhaa.. Hai.. Nonnie, you should use my magical smelly powers. Coz, if you got bad people at your door, jus call me to go near them, they pensan liao.

YES, I am learning from Bobby, master of food. Hai.. No wonder Bobby looks so healthy and white..

And so 5 more days to go till i get to eat food. Must remember to cook one specially for me, No too much oil, not too much HAJI NAMOTO, not too much salt, not too much tomato sauce, not too hard, not to dry, not to etc.. BUT MUST BE NICE.. mwhahaha..

If i hve a daughter, surely, must make her hot then she will have power. mwhahah.. And so i will ask her to cheat all your fortune away..

Kenny Ng said...

Spiderking? Where is ur costume? LOL

rebelandaliberator said...

got chance eh.. especially the one with the spiderman shower head.. like off a home improvement cataloque.. :)

Nonnie King said...

Luuee : I can't be smelly la, later my students don't want to get close to me.

Oh.. you saying Bobby looks like Hai-Nam steam chicken! Healthy and White! Muahahhaa

Oi, 4 more days to my bday leh, at least have to greet me one I tell you, and I wont be cooking on that day one.

p/s: Are you trying to change my mind? I thinking not to have babies cos you're scary.

* * *

Kenny : SpiderKing costume is invisible one. Can only feel it.

* * *

Rebbe : Hahaha! Anyone looking for part-time model here? I don't mind making myself looking ugly, as long as the pay is good.

Atul said...

eh Nonnie.. you misunderstood me. I used to have that toy. I had it when I was maybe.. 5? Hehehe.

LuUeE said...

Nonnie, hai ya, You should tell the kids you teaching, That if they notti, you will get the smelly from me and then later go to class.

If they guai then you will smell good. mwhaha, guranteed they will be very good behaved. mwhahah..

Yes, madam, i will surely greet you if i got see you. How come you don't cook. hai.. Ya lo, Bobby looks like hai nam chicken except more tasty.. mwhahhaa.. =p

Nonnie King said...

Atul : Oops, salah faham.. Malu eh..

Luuee : Aiyah, my birthday bor, must be like a princess/ king kana served one mah..Where can spoil my own market go cook one?

Sssshhh.. Don't tell Bobby I say he looks like Hainam steam chicken oh. Later he tickle me.