Monday, June 2, 2008

Keen on Acting?

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Hi everyone,

We are making a short film title 'Chloe' around 20 minutes to 40 minutes length time of the movie. We will start shooting the video at CCMS seria, around November 08 which is on the school holiday.

We are looking for around 10 actors and actresses at the age of 14 to 19. Everyone who are in this range of age will be qualified to apply being an actor or actress.

This short film movie will not broadcast in the future and will not sell out to other authority company to make money. This is a project of being passion, experience and fun for our main purpose. Every cast and crew members involve 'Chloe' project will have a final copy of DVD.

If you are interested to be one of our actor and actress in the movie, please email to We will choose the suitable person to act the characters in the movie of 'Chloe'.

Please submit your personal information with the following details

1) Full name
2) Age (Date of Birth)
3) Education level
4) Hobby & Interest
5) Photos

and send it to Thank you.

On 6th July 2008 @ CCMS Seria, 10am
We will held a seminar and audition about the short film of 'Chloe'. We will explain much on the 'Chloe' project and have an interview with all the applicants who send their personal information email to us. Those who has been choosen being our actor or actress will have a complete script of 'Chloe'. We will arrange the schedule and announce when we will start to shoot the video on the exact date.


The story is about Chloe, she is cute and pretty young girl at her fourteen year old, and a merry and cheerful teenager who is experiencing adolescence. Sze Ting, Chloe's mother is show as an overprotective woman. Chloe has a close friend Jess who on the other hand influences a lot and through this blooming friendship, she has picked up quite a lot from life. Chloe's life works around both her mother and Jess her closest friend indeed. As a result of Sze Ting overprotective act and her friendship with Jess, she gets a little confused about her life.

Note: I'm not involved in this project. Am just helping out a friend fulfilling his wish =)


uglyfatchick (Chicky) said...

oh. thought you're involved. hahas. I wanna act. :p

♥мinnα said...

Oh god is this going on?! Can outsiders go & have a peek? i'm ex-ccms lol

Chris said...

Hi Minna, ya, this "Chloe" project is allow outsider to join. If you are interested you may send us an email to and come on 6th July 2008 for our audtion and seminar. Thanks