Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Last last week I played tour-guide bringing Chin Kang and his beautiful tall and thin wife , and also 48 who'd long forgotten most of the things around BSB.

Everything seemed so interesting to them, including the LEGCO.

Oh, we're at the immigration because 48 needed to pick up her new passport so that she could went down Miri and also for our Singapore trip.

And when we're chit-chatting in the car reminiscing the past, Chin Kang named a few specialties of Brunei and suddenly thought of some sort of food which only can be found in Brunei. And he himself had forgotten what's the name.

"Is it Ambuyat?", I answered...

After few minutes of conversation, I'd decided to bring the 3 of them go try out Ambuyat since none of them ever tasted it. Text Atul where's the best place for ambuyat and she recommended Aminah Arif.

The deal was, we tried ambuyat earlier (at 5pm or so) and if none of us could take it, we still could go to some other restaurant and had dinner. Wait! I'm not saying that ambuyat is not nice, just that not everyone can take it mah....

So we ordered meal for 2 pax, just to be safe.

The package is not bad, at least for $16 we're having fish, meat, veggies and "salad".

You have no idea how kasian the waiter was being asked silly questions by 4 ignorant Cina. He asked us how would we like the fish to be cooked, rebus, goreng or ampap..

And we HAD TO asked what ampap was...

Tell you one silly joke.
When I was in Secondary 5 doing my Bahasa Melayu Kertas II, there's a section asking us to 'Buat-ayat' and one of the question was "Merebuskan", if I'm not wrong.

I thought 'rebus' means "hit violently" because it does sound like it's not a good thing to me. So my sentence was something like,

"Ibu Ahmad merebuskan ia kerana dia telah mengagal ujiannya."

(I know, a lot of grammar mistake. What can you expect from someone who only get a C6 for BM? Buat ayat means simply hantam to me most of the time)

If you don't understand Malay, the sentence I constructed means...

"Ahmad's mother boiled him because he had failed his test"

Normally I would used the old trick by constructing the sentence like this...

"Siti tidak tahu maksud perkataan "Merebuskan" dan soal cikgunya"

, because.. sure correct one mah! But the thing was there's more than one word that I didn't understand so I could only use the trick once.. Hence I ching-chai buat the ayat lor...

I'm sorry Cikgu Hasnah.

The above chopstick-like bamboo thinging is called Chandas, read it from Mr. BR's post...

I'd heard a story from a friend saying that his nephew split the chandas into two thinking it's Chinese chopsticks for dimsum! Hahhaahaa.

Ulam, or.. I should say.. Salad?


" Ambuyat is made from pouring hot water into ambulung or better known as sago. Sago is derived from a tree trunk, believe it or not. "
Read more here.

Looks like glue right? Those home-made glue that our mother made from starch.
And it does taste like glue too... to me lah.

Daging Urat Tumis, Ikan Ampap and Sambal KangKong

Err.. what's Tumis by the way?

So each of us was feeling a little adventurous and wanted to try out the original flavor, meaning no cacah. It wasn't my first time eating ambuyat but I still can't get used to the texture of it. I have no idea whether I have to chew it, or terus swallow it.

Miss Mau said that she loves savoring the taste of the dip and ambuyat in her mouth by chewing. Oh oh, read here for her coverage on Ambuyat.

48 and her glue, I mean.. ambuyat

To be honest, we even had problem rolling the ambuyat with our chandas while we saw how our next table neighbour managed to roll one big blob of ambuyat on his chandas.


In the end, the 4 of us couldn't even finished the ambuyat meal thats designated for 2 person but we swept all the dishes clean la.. Only the ambuyat cannot. Sorry lah, I'm still a n00b in eating ambuyat, or I haven't realized the beauty of it.


I miss her.
(That's 48 looking silly in my oversized shades...
it was too big for her that she couldn't even use her ears to support the shade)

I miss the muo-qi we had that most of the time we could save a lot of saliva in explaining because we instantly get what each other was trying to say.

I miss our shopping session where we would pick the same thing most of the time... It could be a bad thing too, because I realized I bought more things when I'm with her, thinking that.. "Finally someone who understand and have the same taste as me!"

I miss wii-ing at her house, laughing like orang gila when watching the intros of Rayman Raving Rabbids, we love silly games. I always kalah to her when playing Wii Sports. Come lah, if we're playing the real thing I where will lose to you one.

Quick quick ah!
Come quick October so that I can see her again!

Well, getting to see her twice this year is already a bonus liao.
But, she's the only person that I won't get sien with bah even if I'm seeing her everyday.


cc said...

It really looks like glue! Are you suppose to eat it together with the dish? Like dip in them or something?

@lex said...

erm.. i think you are suppose to swallow and not chew on it...

ke said...

Does that mean that you get sien of seeing us everyday and not 48?? hahahah

Nonnie King said...

CC : Ya, we're suppose to dip it with some cacah...

But I still don't know how to eat it.

@lex : The more I chew, the harder to swallow.. But chewing food is an involuntary action wa.

Ke : WHy your name incomplete one? Hahhaa, I so long don't see her of course everyday stick with her also wont feel sien la

De Pianist said...

does it have any taste for the original one? need to roll it to eat ar? looks like one big blob of glue in the

i think i'll also split the chandas into two just like your friend's nephew leh..cuz i really thought it's chopsticks.ha.:P

nikki.szeli said...

where is that restaurant? =D

i miss eating ambuyat!

Hungryduo said...

Hey Nonnie!
Where is the restaurant ahh?

- Hunnie <3