Monday, June 9, 2008

Dragon Boat Festival 2008

More about DuanWu Festival
How I celebrate it last year (2007)
Video of me balancing eggs

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Read it from Minna's blog and I laughed till......................................... tears also come out!
Please, if you happen to be a Chinese, must read it sampai the end okay. If you can't read, get someone to read for you.

中國人 :今晚你有空嗎?我沒空!
馬來西亞華人 :今晚你得不得空?我不得空!

中國人 :餅干受潮了。
馬來西亞華人 :餅干'漏風'了。

中國人 :上海去蘇州要多少個小時?

中國人 :難道他不可以來嗎?

中國人 :周傑倫不喜歡穿內褲。

中國人 :我一向都是這樣的

中國人 :我的手機掉進溝渠了。

中國人 :這樣你不是很不值得嗎?
馬來西亞華人:這樣你''很不 ''?

中國人 :你真是聰明!
馬來西亞華人:你真是pan nai!(源自馬來語pandai,聰明的意思)

中國人 :你安靜!
馬來西亞華人:你 diam diam!(源自馬來語diam,安靜的意思)

中國人 :我要去銀行取款。

中國人 :為什麼?

中國人 :你很強~

中國人 :明天也叫他一起去吧!

中國人 :我很郁悶~~~

中國人 :你再說我就打你!
馬來西亞華人:你再說我就 hood 你!(有點粗俗的)

中國人 :你在說什麼?
馬來西亞華人:你在說 sommok?

中國人 :你不要令我丟臉~
馬來西亞華人:你不要'下水'(xia suey)我~

中國人 :真被你氣到。

中國人 :你別亂來~

中國人 :你很無聊

中國人 :XX你

中國人 :迫切
馬來西亞華人:bek chek

中國人 :我們一起吃這碗面~

中國人 :我們結婚吧!

中國人 :今天的天氣很熱~

中國人 :哇!

中國人 :我受不了他!
馬來西亞華人:我 behtahan 他


♥мinnα said...

Heyya nonnie! so nice of you to drop by :D yeah sure u can copy & paste haha. From your picture then I know I came across your uncle Jan Shim quite some times yesterday! haha! Saw him with another guy shooting pictures. Aw too bad didn't get to know ya and say hi :(
Linked you by the way :)

cc said...

nice photos!
The differences between China Chinese and Malaysia Chines are dead on! Haha.

Nonnie King said...

Minna : Not "MY" Uncle Jan lah, sounds like my sugar daddy like that. HHaahhaa.

Happy lah you all, at least got play water. Very "sao-sing" lah the rain.

CC : Hahahhaa! Brunei Chinese talks like that too btw.

Anonymous said...

Supposedly old folks says going to the beach and swim at 12pm is the best because it will give u good health all year round. But i guess the newer generation just went to celebrate the festival & at the same time can bring family for a weekend beach outing.

Nonnie King said...

A-Nonnie-Mous : Wah lao eh.. 12pm! So hot wor.. and come back sure become charcoal one.

Lucky we no longer need to follow that tradition liao..

Jan Shim said...

Lucky we no longer need to follow that tradition liao..

Ever occured to anyone that because we no longer follow tradition, "good health" no longer follows us? And we wonder why this is so.

Chinese community in the Brunei Capital seems to have lost this tradition to the rat race. If one day the Chinese community in Belait gives up this beach-going tradition, I shudder to think what might happen to us!

(Freelance Photog turn Uncle)

siokngi said...

Nice photos.. DSLR are so expensive..I want one too.. I have a couple friends from China and sometimes when I talk to them, I have to think carefully before spurting out the 'Malaysian Chinese'. hehe... The thing you posted is really funny.


Nonnie King said...

Uncle Jan : But if we follow that tradition sure got skin cancer later... And kana sting by jellyfish, kua?

I seriously hope this unique tradition will carry on by next generations and still feel passionate about it.

Siokngi : Ya, very very very expensive and it takes lot of practice to produce nice photographs.

A lor, when talking to people who speaks proper mandarin, they really cannot catch what we're talking with our rotten cha-pa-lang super rojak Mandarin.

Lady28 said...

James, congrats on the wedding! ahahha. nonnie mcm i salah topic oredi.out from the beach story =p

Roxine said...

中國人 :今天的天氣很熱~

this one is CLASSIC!