Thursday, June 19, 2008

James and Theen's Wedding Day (Part 2)

(This is a scheduled post. Time now is 11.06pm and I just finish packing... Got to wake up at 4.30am tomorrow. Sorry I can only put simple captions and few lines because I don't think I'll have enough time. )

Continue from Part 1.

The groom and his entourage

So where were we?
Ya, the groom arrived.

As usual, where got so easy open door one? Somemore the key of the main door was kept by Theen's sister who really amazed us with her negotiating skills.

She asked for an "Open Door" angpao and she'll only open it if she's happy with the figure. Err, Chinese tradition?

Even after he gave the angpao already but still we asked them to fulfill their assignments first, to please the "sisters" or bridesmaid in other words. Dear friends from other races, do you now feel lucky that you're not a Chinese? Hahahhahaaa.

Task 1
Wear the adult pampers and drink the fresh bitter gourd juice in the baby bottle!

Of course, the men were a little reluctant but what to do? Sacrifices had to be made in order to marry a beautiful and cute wife. Guys, you gotta make sure your "brother"'s wife's punya sisters are nice friendly people so you won't need to go through difficult tasks.

Bobby Lim, beware.

The front

I bought size L pampers which is 40" to 55" for the waist line I think. Sure it is big for average men but we're pretty sure it will fit the groom well. Even if its too big, we had duck tapes.


The Back

Mr. I who loves bitter gourd?

The above guy you saw did the groom a big favour.

Originally we wanted all the "brothers" to have a sip or two from the bottle and the remaining will be drank by the groom. But the kokochai (above) terus open the lid and pour it down his throat.

Wah lao eh, you know how bitter and "siap" the taste of bitter gourd or not?
I only had a drip and I couldn't stop shrugging and had my face twisted.

But we had fun.

Seeing a bunch of men in purple wearing diapers....


Oh oh, let me introduce you someone....

Saw the girl with the arrow pointed with the name "Traitor"?

Know why I called her that?

This CHLOE ah, she was suppose to be our "sister" but she told me that she had to work that day and couldn't make it. From time to time she'll discuss with me what wedding door games to play so I let my guard down.

She leaked my news out to the "brothers" and became one of them!!!
You say kanasai or not?

But its okay lah, she was the drive for the bridal car too.
So cool right? Having female to be the driver.

So after the diapers-wearing, we let the guys in for their next assignment.

Hehhehee... Ideas contributed by yours truly again.

I bought a packet of wax stripes, cut them into heart-shape and.... you know liao la, what I was going to do.

There's a Chinese idiom, 一毛不拔... which can be loosely translated as "One hair don't pluck", to describe frugality or scrooge. I asked James if he'll be generous to Theen and of course he said yes. In order to prove that, so we must make him plucked as much hairs as he could.. with his "brothers" too...

The look of their faces when I pulled off the stripe, still makes me giggle everytime when I think of it. Lucky non of the guys have hairy chest, else you peeps will see really cool a bare hear-shaped patch on a guy's chest.

Oh well, at least those men had weird naked "love" patches on their hairy legs for 4 weeks.
Thanks Veet.

(Even though I much prefer Nair)

I don't have photos of the men eating the chilipadi wasabi and drinking the vinegar water. Actually, most pictures you see in this entry weren't taken by yours truly because I was busy instructing.

Er, my girl friends was impressed when I "talked" to the guys because the guys were making so much noise acting like barbarians trying to get the bride. Thanks to the Foochowness in me, or the teacherity, granting me a very loud voice capturing attention all the time.

Finally, the groom reached his final destination, the bride's room door.

I couldn't take any decent pictures because the corridor is really narrow and those men were pushing around. Somemore they blocked the door with the body and I couldn't even take a decent photo with their heads blocking.

My view...

Thank God I had SL who managed to squeeze in and helped me to snap pictures...

Finally the newly wed united

And when I walked out the room, I saw this.

Steady, go and stick the diaper up on the wall showing it as a display...

Next, the traditional tea ceremony.

The newly wedded couple will offer tea to the elders (parents, uncles, aunties, siblings and whoever related and have higher pangkat than them) and in return, the elders will give them a token of blessings, which is usually gold or angpao.

We're joking that Theen's neck was going to sore and she might need Yoko-Yoko and when her dad heard our conversation, he turned around and said...

"My hands also soring what."

Hahahaa. Humorous uncle.

Theen's bouquet or flower and her pouch full of angpaos

I kinda hate that bouquet because it was so heavy and the grip hurt my palms.

Thanks to the chain circled around the stem.
Yes it's beautiful but, nice to see not nice to hold lor.

I love her gown

Group photo of the sisters.... plus one brother

See, when SL tilted his face a little, the face became smaller kan?

The brothers and their girlfriends

We're being rushed when we wanted to take picture with the newly wed. So in the end, the photo turned out really blurry and the only decent one was taken by the photographer (the one who seems to lean on the floor a lot remember?).

I had no choice but ps 48 and Kelly's head and put some effect on the above picture to make it look better.

The Bridal Car

With really cute "Forever Friends" teddies

And so we all followed the bridal car and kept honking around the town and caused really long queues (Sorry folks, Chinese traditions.. I'm sorry if I made anyone late for their tea break in the kopitiam or sending breakfast to your children's Chinese schools).

Next, James's house.

The living room was decorated and there were guests from the church and there was an aisle that I didn't get to see the couple walking on.

I love the setting though.

Er, us camwhoring while waiting for the ceremony to start?

Cute teddies again

Well, what do you expect? My friend goes crazy for cute stuffs.

The groom concentrating on the wedding vow,

and the wife busy posing.

I can't blog much about this part because I was a bit clueless... so yeah.
Captions only.

The program booklet

I learned new words...


And the clueless Buddhist camwhoring...

I wasn't paying much attention because I need to keep checking the time. I only took few hours off work and I need to get back by 10.30am.

Didn't get to wear heels for the whole day because of the rain

Quickly slipped into my baju kurung and carried my "ninja turtle" bag and a Cikgu I am again.

I was wearing the red dress in it.
Too lazy to remove it so I thought I might as well wear it inside to keep me warm since it was a rainy day.

But my friends stayed back and took somemore pictures.

The newly wed reading their vows

In the new room

And the forbidden bed.

It was said that no one was allow to sit on the bed until the wedding day. Something to do with "next generation"...

Theen changed into cheongsam for the lunch

Love the cheongsam!

Too bad, with my skin tone, I don't think I'm allowed to wear colours like that.
Does any bride wears black on their wedding day? I mean, people say black makes people look thinner mah...

Ignore me.
I'm sleepy. Tata.

*Check out the time*
Great, I'm left with 4 hours of sleeping time.

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CiliQueen said...

Some Malay weddings also do the 'angpao bargain' b4 the groom can come in to see the bride...

Above all, you do look sweet in baju kurung :)

Cheri said...

Keep up the good work.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for the wonderful look at the wedding! You are very nice for putting in so much work for your friend! I enjoyed it very much!