Sunday, June 22, 2008

From land of Lion to the Land of Unexpected Treasures

Finally touched down Brunei's soil at 11pm last night and thanks to my fatty dearest for bringing me back to Seria all the way.

I have so many back-dated stuffs to blog such as the wedding reception and the cute erasers 48 bought for me from kangarooland. And I'm feeling hungry now. I'm missing Singapore's super convenient stalls along the roadside that 48 said,

"You close your eyes simply point also got place to eat and sure delicious one..."

To sum up my trip, I would say the beginning and end (encounters in the airports) was disastrous and we had too little time to shop, not enough money to buy and need to drink more peanut-chicken-feet soup to have powerful ostrich legs to shop from one end to the other.

Now I know why all girls in Singapore have such thin legs... My walking pace is too slow for the roads and escalators of the Lion-land. And seriously, I think the M.O.F has to educate their people well when it comes to Brunei Dollars!

Most of my BND got rejected and there's no point of telling them that the value of SGD and BND is the same. Like hello, we can even use SG coins here in Brunei leh.... Sien one, we had to walk all the way to the bank to change currencies of the same value just to beli barang.

I know there's such thing call Credit Card but tak kan I swipe card for buying a $2 mineral water kua?

Bah, enough ranting.
I need to take a quick nap then continue unpack my stuffs.

You want pictures?

And you'll have it. Just a sneak peek lah.

There're more in SL's camera and I just need to feel semangat driving all the way to his house and get those pics.

Anyway, I guess I'll blog the wedding dinner first lah.

... And I pray for my cousin.
I really hope she'll get well soon.


<:)><:)>Jason<:)><:)> said...

I see you've met Iwan. Hehe.

Well. I just wonder whether they know there is such a country called Brunei or not. Lol. I once accidentally gave Brunei dollars in Sg and the hawker accepted it. More educated I guess. Lol. But well, I guess, next time, bring one whole stack of Sg dollars to attack them. Haha.

Or else, bring the $20 bill between Brunei and Singapore. I think there's a Singapore version. As proof lah. Not to pay of course.

@lex said...

exactly what i say ! show them the $20 !
btw, i have already dl the pics. anything time can take ler..but i think you got most of it ..

kelly said...

i told you guys already that some place don accept BND, but no one believe me =( *sob sob* hahahaha
i don wana see blog punya photos, too little, i know you snapped a lot in SG! i will go over to check it out tmr after work, since mum not in to rush me for dinner *wink* muahahaha

I'm Choonie. said...

Last time I used one old note from Brunei while shopping in Singapore Zoo. Well, the cashier was reluctant to accept the note but after consulting with their superior, yup, they accepted my only B$100. Phew... if not, I dun have a single Singapore note that time. Shop too much earlier. hahaha...

Tina said...

My aunt, who works at MOF, experienced this on our holiday to Singapore. She threatened to go to the authorities and complain that they didn't accept Brunei notes when Brunei and Singapore have an agreement since forever and ever.

It works, they accepted even though it's "against their policy". A little persuasion works, I guess.

I think it's ridiculous why a number of shops there don't accept Brunei notes. Seriously.

Siok Ngi said...

Yay! You're back! :)

Hope your cousin gets well soon!

Drifting Cloud said...

Hmm... So far I have not really encounter such problem while traveling in Singapore.

Well I was told by my ex (he is a singaporean) that there is no obligation to not accept Brunei notes. I guess alot of time its because they are scared that it is fake.

My last trip there, I remember using my $BND notes paying for taxi. Also, I remembered encounter a taxi driver who eagerly wanna me to pay with our "plastic" money before they have it in SGD.

The other things I did normally is to withdraw few hundred dollars at one times so that I only pay $6 per time using the ATM PLUS function. Just got to make sure you withdraw few hundreds in once and not one hundred per time, cuz the bank will charge you $6 per withdraw. ^^

I'm Choonie. said...

New template? Nice. Teach me.