Friday, June 6, 2008

Love in All Around

(Sowie for the blurry picture, I'm still learning how to finger and toewhore..

Sigh, the other fail attempts of editing them looking like Cheesie's super chio nails)

I see you in my finger.... Err, Thumb,

(Yes, I know! It should be.. "I feel you in my finger", I cannot change meh?)

Okay, Fingers la!

I see you in my toes

Love is all around us,
And so the nails will grow~

I had my nails and toes done yesterday for some extra blings for a very cheap price.

*Cough* (Trying to sound like those TV ads manly voice)

Do you like Manicure and Pedicure?

Do you like it but it is so costly that you can only do it once in awhile?

Are you sick of being charged per rhinestones for the extra blings?

And you can't stick to the design you like because it will cost a bomb and have no eyes see but ask the manicure lady to simply hantam do what she likes with that one ~ two measely pieces of rhinestones?

Worry No More!!!

With B$30.00, you can do both manicure + pedicure + leg scrub regardless of the design and numbers of stones!

Yes, you can now have nails full of blings and its not going to cost you extra!

Please drop me an email at if you have any questions and I'll pass it to her and give you my friend's contact. I just don't feel right to publish her contacts in my blog.

(She's an accountant who took the course just for interest and have no intention to work in a saloon, thus she's doing this free lance... Hence the dirt cheap price.)


siokngi said...

Wa, B$30 for all that is not bad ah! :)

p/s: The first time I've heard of finger and toewhore! Hehehe..

Drifting Cloud said...


It's really cheap... I also want to get mine done... Where and how??? I will be back in Brunei midnight tonight and will be in lumut till Friday... Can get it done ah... hehehe...