Saturday, June 2, 2007


Sorry for the lack of blogging. I have no excuse this time because I was having a 2-days straight holiday (Thursday & Friday). I'm just plain lazy and find nothing interesting to blog....

Until, my darling Theen came back from her 3-weeks training in Singapore (together with her juicy engagement ring *OMG*) and my boo too, back in Brunei for a mini short study break. I'm loving my short break.

I am so loving her engagement ring! But she wouldn't let me post up the photos of her with her sexy, the photo on the left is the next best thing I can show how it looks to you all.

So pretty that any girl will melt seeing it. Like they said, "Diamonds are girl's best friend". (Apparently not Kelly's, because this girl doesn't even know what "carat" is for God's sake!!!)

I love it, it's just so simple and elegant. Love classic design. Don't worry, I'd bribed James to help me in guiding Bobby so that he won't end up buying me a wrong one when it's our turn.

I felt like I'm getting more excited than Theen reading all those bridal magazines and asking her about the invitation cards design, the venue for the wedding banquet, the wedding and night gown, flowers and bla bla bla. And all her answers... "I don't know."

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

We (as in Bobby and I) went up to BSB yesterday to catch POTC3 and visit Keith and Yun's new born baby.

Went to Kiulap Mall to get the tickets first and later lunched at TPH.

So, do you think we look alike? Well, maybe when he was fat but now standing beside him makes me felt like a hippo.

Even my ex-colleague thought that I gained weight when I stood beside Bobby... Upset leh. I want him FAT! So that I'll always look smaller beside him, get to call him "Fat" and pinch his tummy. I miss those days..

Everyone was shocked by his drastic weight lost and bugged me to tell them his secrets. I got so bored and actually answered this (as below)...

(MSN conversation)

Friend: Eh, Bobby really lost a lot of weight leh.. At least got 7kg.

Me: 15kg to be exact.

Friend: Wah! Tell me how he did it?

Me: He take drugs...

(Silent pause for 5 seconds...)

Friend: Really ah?

Me: Of course no la!!!

Yes, this is me giving stupid answers whenever I get sicked of people asking me the same question over and over again. Just like how I'll answer if people asked when am I getting married, "When I'm pregnant lah."

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

After the movie, we then went to Keith house to visit Baby Amber!

(Remember the bangan father who has trouble sms telling me the full story?)

Honestly for me, I think all new born babies look the SAME! So don't bother to ask me if the baby looks more like daddy or mommy, like how Keith did.

Keith: So.. So... who do you she looks like? Me or Yun?

Me: I don't know. Don't ask me. Babies all look the same.

(After 5 mins of chatting about the delivering process)

Keith: Eh, you haven't tell me my baby looks more like me or Yun?

Me: I tell you I don't know liao lor...

(After another 5 mins of child care topic)

Keith: So.. So, who do you think my baby looks like?

Me: *fed up and answered* Eyes look like yours, nose like Yun, mouth like grandma, ears like grandpa.

Keith: Liar... you never saw grandpa what.

Me: You asked me mah. I tell you lor. Now you say I'm lying. Mahuan eh you(troublesome/ fussy)...

I think he's having this over-excited-new-father syndrome.

Yes! I carried Amber! Surprisingly~ One step closer to parenthood. =D (Idiotic me). Next what I need to learn is how to bath a baby. I'm pretty sure I'm okay with feeding and changing diapers.

Somehow, it got me thinking.. Being a father really had changed this guy a lot. From a kacau-kacau, boh-lang-boh-jua (ignorant) and full-of-crap guy to a responsible and mature father (who can't stop telling me that the feeling (of being a parent) is so miraculous and sharing me information about pregnancy and the scary delivering process).

p/s: This guy here eye-witness the whole laboring process. I asked if he felt disgusted and he said no, at that moment he was only worrying about the baby and the mother's health. And no, he didn't cry because he thought it was too embarrassing to cry in front of 4 female nurses. Man and his alter ego. But I admired his courage and caring. I'm pretty sure he'll be loving his wife more knowing how hard is it for a woman to bear a child.

It's weird for me, seeing the transformation. But at least it's for a good cause.

Loving Father with daughter

Well, this uncle here got ah-pek tummy already. He carried Amber like that so that he can hide his tummy.

Oh I forgot to mention, you know what he said to Bobby when he saw him?
"Wah. You take drugs is it? So thin."

And that's not all, we're talking about my school life and Keith's mommy asked if I'm a teacher, that bloody guy said, "Yeah, she's a teacher. This girl very bad-tempered one."

Cilaka.. You say who's being mean here. Where got people introduce like that one? And it is so not true! You wait, I'll revenge one. Hmm... take away his fatherly image, he's still the same kanasai brother who loves to bully me.

One more, when he asked me to come visit, he actually requested me buying presents for him and not for his baby! Crazy one, fight for gifts with own daughter. The reason he gave was, too much people buy stuffs for his daughter and he's not getting anything, and so he wanted something from his friend, me. Asked me tapao Seria kolomee somemore. -_-"

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Okay.. I spoke too much of him and I bet you all are bored now.

Here, my newly improved key pouch I made for Bobby.

Cute? Cute? The keys will be placed nicely inside the 'car' by pulling the ribbon with the pink heart. Nice leh? And the windows upper corner are rounded so that it looks like the letter "B", stands for Bobby.

I thought that it might be too girly and funny for a big guy to carry a fluffy heart around, and so I made a car instead. And again... this time even my mum asked if I'd ever thought of making them for sale.

Posing with the key pouch
Don't you wish your girlfriend is cute + creative + pretty + caring like me?
Heh? Eh...answer me!



War186 said...


To answer your last question, I wouldn't want a gf. :P

Wah congrats you held a newborn/week-old baby. :D

I agree all newborns look the same what. Hehe. And why bother asking who the baby looks like. But then when we have babies maybe we'll think differently haha. ;P

Iwan Sanchez said...


well, maybe i tink the father too anxious bah.. dun u tink all new fathers and mums always ask this questions? lolz!!!!

anyway, no wonder u didnt blogged much cos bz doin the key pouch...

hahaha!!! the car key pouch nice and cute lah.. esp when u pull the ribbon, it will hide inside... so innovative...
ur mum is rite lah, make more and sell it,,,

i am pretty sue it will reap tons of profits.. y dun u give it a try nonnie? i can help u to sell here too!!! really!!!

for ur last question, yeah.. i wanna to have a gf like u too but such girls are like one in a million lah...

bobby damn lucky!!!


Iwan Sanchez said...

* i am pretty SURE

De Pianist said...

can't answer you.i'm a gal.hahahahah....=p.but sure,i would love to have a boyfriend with personalities like you lo..kekeke..

oooo....another key pouch..wasai...this time is car kuk,not BMW or Mercedez meh...Ferrari also can lah..ngeheheheheeh..=p!

Yalah..should try doing some handcraft business can make cards and key pouch and many sorts of things..i can be your promoter,just promise that i would have salary at the end of the month can liao..ngahahaha..

oh and the baby is oh so cute!Amber?future model i supposed..hehehe...=p!she's lucky to have such caring father..^^

cc said...

Wedding preparation can be very tiring and stressful. But still, very exciting! I'm sure you'll have lots of fun helping your friend.

All new parents have the overly excited syndrome one lah. Haha. I just pray when it's our turn, I won't get very annoying. Haha.

Sha said...

Time to hint to your Bobby for a nice ring *nudge nudge*

A friend of mine just gave birth to a baby girl, and in one of the pictures, the little one is smiling.. So sweet! I want!

uglyfatchick (Christina) said...

ah... yesh. There was once my boy lost a bit of weight and I thought I look like a balloon beside him. Now we're both balloons. hee hee hee...

You make me want to have a baby too lah. :(

Anonymous said...

15kg? thats alot.. how long did it take him to lose 15kg?

anyway, it was really nice to meet up with both you and bobby yesterday afternoon.. :) and that other girl too.. :p

Nonnie King said...

Wardah : I think all parents get over-excited for their new born baby. Whereas outsiders like us think that they're over-reacting. Just wait till it's our turn maybe it'll be different.

Iwan : Eh...Actually I did that key pouch in an hour time because it's rather easy compare to my squishy heart key pouch. Hehehe. I was just plain lazy + had nothing interesting to blog about.

Make more and sell? But... But.. I'm lazy. And I prefer to make it for free and give my friends as a gift.

Wah seh, I'm one in a million, damn happy leh~ And yes, Bobby is very very very lucky to have me. (Heard that fat guy?)

Nonnie King said...

Pauline : A boyfriend like me will sure make you vomit blood. Hahhaaa

Eh, that car is a Beetle/Cooper mah. BMW/Mercz/Ferrari I don't know how to draw bah... So can't be too fussy.

I do feel like selling some cards and crafts that I made, but.. this project just seems to delay and delay and delay... x.x

I think Amber will be a model too because her father is 185cm..

CC : Hehehe. I'm sure I'll enjoy the preparation more than her too, because I seems more excited than her bah.

I think when it's your turn, you'll create one blog for him/her and post lots and lots of cute photo of the baby.

We'll wait for that day to come.

Nonnie King said...

Sha : I didn't hint. I straight away tell him what I want. Yes, I can be very demanding and precise about what I want so that I won't end up in disappointment. hehehehe.

Bah, tell Lex to get working on the baby production process soon. *Nyek nyek*

Christina : But but.. you're too young to be a mother. Even I myself think that I'm not mature enough to have a baby yet.

I know our time will come pretty soon, in 5 years time perhaps.

Rebbe..(or I should call Yus now?) : He quit eating dinner and his lunch/breakfast are only porridge or biscuit + milo. That's why he looks so unhealthy and pale now. Mal-nutritious wah~

it's great meeting you in real person and hope to see you soon.